Angel and Dracula

Angel wasn't particularly suprised that Dracula was a client of Wolfram and Hart. Dracula was evil and wealthy, two things the firm often looked for in clients. Angel knew that Dracula had tried to kill his beloved Buffy a few years back, he would have to get used to these things now that he ran Wolfram and Hart. Dracula was here on business. His home in Sunnydale was destroyed with the town a few months ago. Wolfram and Hart would help him recover at least some of his financial losses. He was suprised that the legendary hero Angel was in charge. They began talking.

"I admit to being suprised. I thought you were a champion of good."

"It's complicated. I needed something from them and they gave it to me, with strings attatched."

" Did you really think the devil would give you a gift, and expect nothing in return?"

" I knew what I was getting into."

" I made a similar deal with certain spirits when I was human."

" As I recall, you were one of the most bloodthirsty and brutal tyrants in human history, when you were human."

" People today disaprove of my methods. But I did not kill for pleasure. My goal was alway to free my people from the Ottoman empire. I killed many Turks in battle. I killed my own people who collaberated with them. I was willing to betray my allies to the Sultan in exchange for leaving Wallacia forever. In the end I made this deal, to become an indetructible vampire and serve evil."

" In my experience demons who claim to be indestructible always have a weakness."

" Perhaps. But even your beloved slayer, who killed the Master himself, was unable to slay me. It certainly wasn't for lack of trying. I worked behind the scenes for centuries to help liberate Romania and destroy the Ottoman empire."

" Was it worth it?"

"I paid a heavy price. All those I once loved I've seen die over the years. I saw my own son assasinated by traitorous nobles, while attending church no less. But Romania is a free country, and the Ottoman empire has long since dissapeared. Take care Angel. Examine your goals, ask yourself if they are worth the price you will pay. And make no mistake, there will be a price to pay."

Angel thought about what Dracula said. His deal with Wolfram and Hart gave Conner a better life. The normal life that Angel never could've given him. It was worth it to Angel. But he knew Dracula was right, he would have to pay for this someday. The devil never gives a gift without expecting something in return.