All right, first off, let me just say that I, of course, own nothing related to GTA 3. Nope, not a thing. Wish I did though, however, that is another story. This work I am doing right now, is my version of Spoon River Anthology, which I also have nothing to do with, Grand Theft Auto style. It is actually a decent book.but again, not the point. Anyways, let us begin.

Pike Creek Anthology

Yo, dawg, here I lie.

'Neath this cold ground

what's left of my body is rotting.

Wasn't always this way though.

Used to run a bunch a explosive shops all 'round Liberty City.

If ya had the money I could get ya whatever ya wanted.

C4, dynamite, plastique, ya name it, dawg, ya got it.

Heh, course that was till I started drinkin'.

One day I kicked back a couple a 40's before I started

Messing with some dynamite.

Last thing I heard was a big "boom" and then it was all over.

No more partying at Luigi's,

No more selling,

No more dealing,

No more nothing,

'cept pieces of me rainin' down on my shop floor.