Dora must die 2

I don't own Dora the explorer, if I did she'd be cancelled by now.

Apparently my work isn't done. Some computer hacker in his garage in Oregon did a little magic and brought her back to life. Dora's now scheduled for a new season. She must be punished.

I opened the portal into her world and went in. I came back with her, her friends, and everyone she knows. I took them to a remote island in the Atlantic and with my assistant Robert, we came up with a little test for them.

"Welcome my prisoners, who's ready to play a game?" I asked to everyone who was now waking up

"Who are you? Where are we?" Dora asked

I appeared on a giant TV screen and told them who I was

"My name is Brandon Martinez, but you may call me by my other name, Agent BM"

"Where are we?" she asked again

"You're on a remote island in the Atlantic, 100 miles from civilization. So who's ready for a fun game?" I asked them

"What kind of game, and do we get a trophy if we win?" asked Boots

"You're a funny monkey, monkey man, I like you. That's why I'm going to kill you last"

"Kill us" said Boots

"That's right, I took you here for a fun little hunt, I'm going to hunt every single one of you and mount your heads over my TV. But I wouldn't suggest you all stay together, that would make this game too easy"

"You're gonna hunt us?" asked Benny

"That's right blue bull. I want you all to take one last look at the people you came here with. Because the person on your left, will die. The person on the right of you, will die. The person in-between the person on your left and the person on the right, will die" I shouted "But whoever can make it to the beach will go free and win a SPECIAL prize, but it isn't easy, I've set up traps all over the island. You get a 30 minute head start, GOOOO"

And with that, they all scattered in different directions while I suited up for my long hunt

(A half hour later)

I was all suited up, weapons in hand and covered in camo

"Robert, watch the monitors while I'm gone, I need to know where they all went" I told my assistant

"Alright, but I think I'm gonna make a sandwich first. You want one before you embark?" asked Robert

"NO, I don't want a sandwich" I shouted

"You sure? I got the last of the tuna fish" said Robert

"I DON'T LIKE TUNA FISH" I shouted "Too fishy"

And with those last words I headed out into the jungle to hunt Dora and her friends. Their heads were mine

So the hunt begins, I will kill Dora and her friends before her new season comes. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the carnage and violence that will follow.