Ch. 2

I crept through the jungle looking for my targets. I could hear crying in the distance. I went around a tree and I could see boots crying. He had his leg stuck in a bear trap. I aimed a gun at him, but he was too good for that. I walked up to him.

"Hello monkey man"

"Just kill me and put me out of my misery" said Boots

"No, I'll make you a deal, you tell me where Dora is, and I'll heal you and set you free"

"I don't know, I can't rat her out" said Boots

"Fine, have it your way" I said as I started to walk away

"No wait, fine, she's in the cave by the waterfall hiding with the others. I was sent to find food. Now that I've told you everything, now will you help me?" asked Boots

"Sure, I'll help you" I said as I took the trap off. I grabbed his good leg and took him towards a nearby cliff

"Wait, what are you doing? You said you'd let me go" said Boots a little scared now

"Remember Boots when I said I was going to kill you last?" I asked him

"Yes I do remember that" said Boots

"I Lied"

I let go of his leg and he screamed as he fell down into a canyon of rocks. He crashed into the rocks but he was still moving

"I'm still alive, it's a miracle" he screamed

I grabbed a sniper rifle and shot him in the head. I went into the canyon and cut his head off.

I came back up the canyon and called my assistant

"Robert, is everyone still in the cave?" I asked my assistant through a radio

"Yes, but they saw what you did and are packing up" said Robert

"Then I must hurry"