Crystal Tokyo Shorts: The Love Triangle of Venus

Chapter Four – By Invitation Only

Characters - K&A

by Vchanny

General disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story.

Much like back in the time of the Silver Millennium, the current Queen Serenity loved to throw parties. Outrageously expensive, lavish get togethers were her thing. And they were her thing at least once a month. Some might say it was because life was boring in a time of peace. Others would say, that she couldn't resist the food.

Either way, she loved to throw parties.

And like any good party, there was an air of exclusivity. One did not make it inside without presenting their invitation.

Tonight, since he had a distaste for this sort of thing to begin with, Kunzite stationed himself near the entrance. Not to check guests, but to be that haunting, stern face that kept them in line all night. He watched guest arrive, some of which he'd thrown out before due to excessive drinking, or some lewd behavior. They would nod nervously in his direction, remembering exactly who he was, and continue down the hall, backs straight. This always left Kunzite pleased.

After a while, most of the guests had arrived, and Kunzite was getting ready to go check for drunks, when a young man caught his attention. "Stop," he bellowed across the hall.

The lady checking invitations froze and turned to the silver-haired General. "Sir?"

Kunzite strode over and plucked the invitation from her hand before looking the man over. "What are you doing here?" He looked down to the invitation, checking it over, not waiting for a response. "This must be a fake."

The younger man ran his hand through his platinum hair and chuckled, his cat green eyes sparkling. "Door duty, for the great Shitennou?" He reached over and snatched the invitation back. "And no, it's not fake. It's quite real."

Kunzite took a step in his direction, and towered over him. "What are we going by these days? Danburite? Adonis? Don't tell me you're still using that horrible alias 'Ace'."

The attendant cleared her throat, hoping to break them up, but soon realized the staring contest going on beside her was not the least bit over. So, she simple averted her eyes, and clasped her hands behind her back. Waiting.

"It's Ace, actually." He produced a card from his breast pocket and presented it to Kunzite, who didn't advert his stare. "Back in the entertainment business, actually. Decided to use the old moniker."

"I see. So who did you steal this from, Ace? I don't recall seeing your name on the master list."

Ace smirked. "Oh? Hand delivered just yesterday. From a mutual acquaintance of ours." He paused, only to see if his suggestive words had stuck a chord. "I'm sorry they didn't bother to tell you." He slid the business card into Kunzite's hand, took a step back, and bowed to the attendant, presenting her his invitation. "Sorry for that, my dear. He's my invitation, once more." He looked back over to Kunzite before walking ahead, with a smirk on his face. "Enjoy your evening."

Paper crumpled in Kunzite's hand, and as it fell to the floor, he exited the hall.

AN: Well, that clears up the name thing!
I hope I'm keeping these two in relatively correct character. It's hard, because they don't really have much of a role in the story to go off of, especially not in their less-than-evil sides. And to be honest, I haven't read my Codename Wa Sailor V since I got my hands on it last year. . So, feeling kinda rusty.
I always envision Kunzite as, well, basically a type of quiet drill sergeant. Very meticulous, stern, unemotional, not much of a softy in public. Ace I always see as kind of a playboy thief. Neil off of White Collar comes to mind (if you don't watch this show, you really should).
I also want to throw in a quick apology to those who may feel like these are rushed. Well, because they kind of are. I never intended to primp and polish these. Have and idea. Type it up. Check for spelling. Post. That's how I'm rollin' this time. I'm not going for any awards. There are a lot of really great descriptive writers here on , and lots of wonderful writers that are great with dialogue. Some of which who are naturals, and pump out one story after the next, and keep me completely captivated with minimal effort.
I am not one of them, haha. I admit it, and I'm not sorry for it. :)
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