Crystal Tokyo Shorts: The Love Triangle of Venus

Chapter Six – Crumpled Papers

Characters – K

by Vchanny

"Hey, where's Kunzite?" the shaggy blonde man asked as he peered into the lounge space.

The much larger built brunette looked up from his magazine. "Kunzite?"

"Yeah," came the curt response.

A smirk crossed his face as he looked back to his magazine.

"Neph!" the blonde strode into the room and snatched the magazine from his hand. "Seriously, don't be a dick. Endymoin asked me to go get him. He's not answering his comm."

"He's in his office," Nephrite responded matter-of-factually. "Where else would he be? He wasn't at the training grounds with you, and you know he doesn't take a break," he looked down to his watch briefly, "For another hour and twenty-two minutes. So, where else would he be?"

Jadeite, for the first time in a long while, was at a loss for words. Neph was right. Kunzite ran like clockwork, and nothing ever threw him off. It still didn't explain why he wasn't answering his comm, but he'd find that out for himself. "Ass."

Nephrite chuckled.

After throwing the magazine back at his colleague, Jadeite walked out the doorway, calling out "later" as he exited. Several moments later, he found himself at the door to Kunzite's office. He always found it odd that Kunzite chose an office so near the ground floor of the central pillar, rather than near the top where everyone else seemed to operate out of, but he never questioned it. And, right now it meant less walking, so he didn't care. Rather than knocking, he simply let himself in. A wadded up piece of paper flew by his face as he peeked in. "Whoa!"

"Heard of knocking?" came the apathetic response.

Jadeite shrugged and bent over to pick up the paper ball so he could toss it into the trash, but then he noticed the can was full-overfilling with paper, actually. His curiosity peaked. What could he be working on, that he was having such a hard time getting right? Kunzite wasn't the type to make mistakes, and definitely not repeated mistakes. "I take it this is why your comm is off. Something on your mind?"

Kunzite flipped the paper he had starting writing on over, and placed his pen back in it's holder. "That's really none of your concern. What do you want?"

Jadeite, still curious, began to un-crumble the paper in this hand. As he did, he noticed Kunzite stiffen in his chair, before he quickly rose to his feet. So, he began walking to another part of the room to avoid him. Whatever was on this paper was going to be good. "My dearest Venus-"

"Give me that!" Kunzite lunged in Jadeite's direction, trying to snatch it from his hand, but Jadeite vaulted over a chair and kept the distance between them. "If you keep reading that, you will wish Serenity had never thought of reviving you."

"What the hell is this, man? You are the most beautiful creature to grace this planet, my Morning Star. Morning Star? What is that? Some sort of cheesy play off her guardian planet?" He chuckled, but didn't make it another line before Kunzite launched himself at him, and they both tumbled to the ground with a loud thump.

Kunzite ripped the paper from his hand and stood, glaring down at the younger man. "One word, to anyone, and I will kill you."

Jadeite rolled over, laughing. He laughed so hard his eyes began to water. He fought to breathe as he got himself up from the ground. "Kunzite. The poet."

Kunzite glared, and grabbed Jadeite by the collar of his shirt. "One. Word."

He fought to stifle his laughter, but relented after a moment and raised his palms up. "Alright, alright. I swear."

"Good." Kunzite turned away, adjusting his suit, and walked over to the trash bin to collect all the paper. "So, what did you want? You did come here for a reason, I assume."

"Oh no. Don't think so, pal." Jadeite waltzed over to a chair, took a seat, and made himself comfortable. "We're talking about this."

Kunzite pulled the bag from the bin and tied it closed, all the incriminating paper inside. "No. We are not."

Jadeite grinned. "I won't be able to keep my mouth shut if I'm trying to figure out the details. It simply just won't happen. I will have to share, so someone can help me figure it out. It's my nature."

Kunzite dropped the bag on top of the bin and strode back to his desk. He took a seat and leaned back into the chair. "So that's how it's going to be?"

Jadeite nodded, still grinning. It wasn't often he had something to hold over Kunzite's head. He intended to enjoy this to the fullest.

Kunzite sighed. "Trying a different approach. That's all."

"Trying to scare her away with God awful poetry? Awesome plan!" He delivered the last line with a roll of the eyes.

Kunzite didn't reply. He just hardened his glare.

"Seriously. What made you think that," he gestured to the trash, "Was a good idea?"

Suddenly, Kunzite appeared to be uncomfortable and shifted around in his seat.

Jadeite gestured with his hand for Kunzite to hurry. "Spit it out! C'mon, now. I don't have all day."

He cleared his throat. "I've heard, from mutual acquaintances, that she thinks I'm not romantic, and that I'm cold."

Jadeite shrugged. "Well, you aren't." If Kunzite had an aghast expression, Jadeite thought he would have shown it now. However, he just groaned at the statement and kept the very serious, stern look on his face that always seemed to be there. He didn't throw anything at him, though, and that was a plus. He'd readied himself to dodge something when the words passed his lips. "Look," he sat up in his seat and leaned forward, hands clasped together. "You aren't the romantic type. You just aren't. You're Kunzite. You can't play into a strength you don't have. This," he looked over to the waste bin again, "is that kid's zone. You have to work with what you have, not try to be something you're not."

Kunzite nodded, taking in the wise words from someone he didn't always think was that wise.

"So, you figure out what this kid's weakness is, and you go for it. Just take him out like any other opponent."

"If it were only so easy." He turned into his chair and looked out the tiny window. After a moment, he continued, his voice as calm as ever. "She invited him to last month's ball, you know."

"No she didn't," came back the quick response.

Kunzite spun around in his chair. "What?"

Jadeite shook his head and leaned back. "Don't know where you got your intel, man, but that is false."

Over the next few minutes, Jadeite explained to the other man how Serenity had sent Mercury and Mars out to deliver a few last minute invitations after she had gotten some cancellations. Ace being one of them. A little prodding, and Jadeite got Kunzite to reveal that Ace had insinuated that Venus had hand delivered the invitation herself to get under his skin. Jadeite smirked, thinking the move was brilliant, but hushed when Kunzite's glare turned lethal looking. He was not happy to hear that he had been had. Especially, since he'd been carrying the hard feelings around for weeks, and had been reading into any little thing that Venus was no longer interested in him. Which had lead him to where he had been an hour ago, which was trying to force out some declaration of love and admiration.

"You're going to have to get that kid back."

"Oh, I will."

Jadeite stood from his seat. "Alright, but after we go see the King. He sent me up here to get you."

"We have been talking—wasting time—for almost twenty minutes. You just now tell me that Endymoin needs to speak with me?"

Another goofy shrug. "I wouldn't call it a waste."

AN: Augh, I really wanted to write this in a fashion that was more of a 100 drabbles sort of way, but I'm having a much harder time than I anticipated. ^^;; Seems you can't take the order out of the orderly. Maybe I'll keep it pretty linear, with some tidbits here or there. It may be be an easier formula for me to follow.

Hope the guys seem pretty guy-ish, without being too stereotypical. I mean, yes, I'm married, and my husband has his friends over. I even grew up in a house surrounded by boys. But, I know guys act different when we ladies aren't around. I tried my best!

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