Your name is the HETALIA FANDOM and you've been really stressed out today. Not only have you had your morial, Homestuck, been freaking out about who knows what, but you've been trying to deal with all the attention his 'sickness' has brought him. You hope he'll get better from it, but he didn't get into the details, maybe for your sake, maybe for his, you don't know. Apparently he has been sick for a while now, and that's why he looks like he's woken up on the wrong side of the bed every day. He's the best friend you could have ever hoped for, and it hurts you to see him in such a bad state, but even not sick, he's a handful. You don't mind. But yet you are so angry about all the sudden attention that he's getting from the other fandoms. They didn't care. Did they stay up for late-night phone-calls about the recent update? Did they have pasta and movie palemate-dates? Did they stop him from his multiple panics, outbursts and rage modes? Did they ever crush so hard that it's really tricky to not blush while he's around- wait, you didn't mean to say that. But anyway, NO they didn't. You and Homestuck were two fandoms that never caught much attention, but when you did, it was when you died and when he is sick.

Now that's just stupid. When you died, Homestuck lost it, and yet again, you didn't want to get into the details of what happened when you died. All you know is that he flipped out. Badly. And that there are a few less fandoms than there were. Homestuck has never been the same since you left. And right now you are trying to find him, which isn't really that hard since the alarms in the Update room just went off. Shit.

When you enter, you didn't expect what you found, but your morial is wailing loudly while smashing his own Update box with some kind of colorful hammer. That box should have held the recent news for his comic. This couldn't be good if he was like this. It seems that fandoms Sherlock and are trying to calm him, but to no avail, and narrowly avoid a hammer to the skull. But when you approach, you realize you have another thing coming. You've never seen him like this before, and you don't know if a thousand shoosh-paps could stop this.

He's glowing spookily, a flashing-like cue-ball in place his eyes, which is very unnerving. Tendrils of black seem to engulfing his body, matching his blood that runs down his cheeks from his eye sockets. His horns have changed from their normal sharp tipped to curved goat-like ones, but his snarling matches a grizzly bear's.

"Homestuck!" You cry out, moving forward, but are stopped.

Sherlock whips over to you and grabs your wrist and you are thrown to the ground, missing a shock of energy that seems to be radiating from your destructive morial. Wind is pulsing out in a miniature tornado like fashion and you can't hear, but Who seems to be yelling at Homestuck. Holy shit, this is chaotic. If this is what he did when you died, you swear not to EVER die again.

"What the fuck happened?" Your question is nearly lost to the sounds of battle.

"Your morial flipping his shit, that's what happened!" You hate it when he's sarcastic, which is a lot.

"Was it the update?" His eyebrows come down with a 'are you kidding me' look.

"Well yeah, what does it look like he's beating the shit out of?"

The Update box for Homestuck has nearly reduced to pieces and shards of metal, yet you can still make out the house symbol that matches Homestuck's shirt. If either Who or Homestuck was getting tired, they didn't show it because it was now a battlefield of sparks and power.

"I need to get to him." You growl, starting an army crawl over to him. Sherlock grabs you again and tries to tug you back, but you're not that light. And you are not going to continue watching this. Homestuck NEEDS you.

"You're insane."

"You don't think I haven't realized that by now?" You retort as you get away from him and to your morial. Homestuck's incoherent screeching is now fitted with multiple words.





The rest sounds like static and screaming. is trying to talk some sense into him, but using his powers to dodge Homestuck's shocks is his main priority. Hadn't Homestuck mentioned this to you before? Wasn't it called grim…something…you can't remember. You stand, nearly knocked over again, but able to approach him on your feet. You must be insane. But he's your morial, you can't let this happen. You're nearly there, and-

Oh holy shit. You're blasted back by unbearable pain. This is worse than anything you've ever imagined, like you're being beaten to death, thrown off a cliff, and shot through the stomach while stabbed through the back a thousand times. You can't make out any words but you certainly can scream. Sherlock yells out to you, and Who nearly drops when you stagger and almost fall. But then Homestuck turns around to look at you with those cue-ball rainbow eyes. And he just stops. Everything.

The black around him extinguishes like a dead fire and his eyes blink and glow a few times before they are back to a regular black pupil. His horns are now smaller, like normal, and he no longer is floating or screaming. The winds stop abruptly, the objects it was picking up fall down due to gravity's force. He doesn't look angry, or irritated or sad. He looks downright HORRIFIED. Horrified for hurting his morial. Horrified for what he just did. The world is spinning now. He's rushing to you, with green tears rolling down his face, and shrieking your name with a hoarse voice. He manages to be at your side just before you pass out.

Oh no. Where are you? You didn't die again did you, because you don't want to have that happen ever. Plus you promised yourself you wouldn't. Then you sit up a little and your head bangs with the worst headache you've ever experienced, and that's saying a lot from the morial of Homestuck. You see that any wounds that you have are mostly gone, just some scars, other than the wrap around your abdomen which has a little red seeping through it. You don't want to look, but you weren't lying when you felt you got shot. And it probably is that bad too.

You're in living quarters on a couch lined with blankets and pillows. Nobody is around…how long have you been out cold? Oh no, what if this is some alternate universe like Homestuck described? Or maybe in the future like Who's time-travel stuff. Oh no. Oh god. This is not good.

"What year is it?!" You shriek loudly and shoot forward, before regretting that decision. Pain fires from your toes and up your spine. This results in making you fall off the couch with a yelp-scream and face-plant because you are so wrapped up in blanket you can't free your hands in time. Someone approaches from behind.

"Hetalia!" You're lifted up by your morial, who is looking shocked and freaked-out by your graceful awakening.

"Oh hi." He rolls his eyes and sits you on his lap. Oh man, you hope you aren't blushing. Then he starts to flip out, looking at you with the worry of a mother to her child. Or wriggler to a…you don't now this alien shit. As he holds grips you, you wince and squeak from your headache throbbing madly. Homestuck begins his panic.

"Oh shit, did I hit a wound or something, fuck, this is my entire fault, and Sherlock's been on my case for the last day about this, I am such an idiot. If I hadn't-"

You lean forward and curl up to his chest while winding your lanky arms around him in an embrace.

"Shut up Homestuck." You whisper and nudge his chin, which causes him to smile and put a hand around you.

"Pale for you."

"Pale for you too."

You don't have the best life, and you don't have the best home or anything that would make you memorable throughout the years like other fandoms. But you have Homestuck, and that's all you really want…