Your name is the HETALIA FANDOM and it's been a while hasn't it? A while means two years, three months, ten days and seven hours exactly. You left for…important reasons. Okay, you lied; you've been taken away to special places because you ARE a world-wide fandom after all.

Homestuck is world-wide too, but he is not exactly as spreading as you. You wait until the door breaks open with a snap. Homestuck bursts through, his one wing fluttering out behind him.

"Hetalia!" You are pounced on by the over-exuberant fandom and tackle hugged. You hug him fiercely as he embraces and the door opens again with more figures approaching. Your morial clings to your side desperately as people begin to surge around you. His face is muffled in your shirt.

"You said you'd be gone only a little while."

"Is two years not a little while?" You whisper, ruffling his hair roughly. His groan is loud, but not enough against the chatter of entering fandoms. Doctor Who waves excitedly while dragging a sluggish looking Sherlock behind him.

"Hey mate, how you been?" He's missing his fez, which, as Homestuck told you over texts while away, Supernatural set it on fire with his lighter in the apartment. And the sprinklers didn't go off so half of his place is charred still.

"Fine, good, I guess-"

"He couldn't have been without me!" Homestuck replies swiftly, his arms coming up around your neck and holding tightly. You chuckle as he puts a party hat on your head. After the whole fiasco with you and Homestuck, he seems to have cheered up tremendously.

Everyone has gathered, most of them are the fandoms that were your friends. You didn't want to leave, but it helped you dramatically as your spread your show-webcomic. Sherlock begins to speak, but a pink-haired fandom grabs him and starts to pull him away from your group. His protests are cut off as he disappears with her. She's trying to kiss him and Doctor Who rushes away to help him, who by this point is wailing, "Doctor, help me!"

Homestuck leans over when before he kisses you ever so slightly on the mouth. You don't resist.

"You lied." His words are muffled as he sinks into your chest.

"I know."


"Love you."

He pauses to stare up at you, neon eyes searching yours. All you can see is that you care for him. It was long ago when you first met him. It was long ago when you fell for him. It was fairly recent when you kissed him. It was new when you began dating.

"Love you too."

And you both mean it with all your heart.


"Well…fine." You look up to the peculiar face of your best friend. He sighs, his gray hand going towards yours and holding it. Your spirits lift as he guides you through the darkness of the halls and leads you through unknown area. It is hard to see and you cling to him like a lifesaver in an ocean. His eyes stand out like headlights of a car in the shadows, glowing faintly.

"So Homestuck,"


"How come you don't like me?"

His head snaps around to meet your silent gaze. His snarl turns into a sad, placid stare, scanning you deeply. A sigh escapes his lips as you pauses to turn to you.

"I don't hate you-"

"Then what's wrong?" You whisper, trying to encourage him. You aren't expecting him to spill his story so easily, it will take time. Homestuck's looks aren't happy, he looks tired and stressed. He's a fandom that's been through too much. Go on Hetalia, make friends with him! You can do it…

You bend forward and wrap your arms around him. He stiffens as you hug him.

"What are you-"

"I'm hugging you. Because you need one." You coax him into it, and his skinny arms go around your sides too. Your statement is one hundred percent true because he looks as if he hasn't had anything nice said to him before. You can't blame him for your sudden affection, but truthfully, you've been stalking noticing him for a little while. You two both share some similarities.

He is quiet before replying, "Yeah…I guess I do." When you remove your face from his shoulder he's smiling, something you have never seen before. Then he begins to chuckle at your bewildered expression.

"Ve~?" Your voice trembled a little at the end like it does when surprised, fearful or anxious. You can't keep the accent from your words.

"Oh shut up." He kisses you on the forehead before dragging you along with him down the corridor, both of you laughing for no reason. If there is one, you didn't know what it was. You hope he can't see the spreading blush across your cheeks. For once in your chaotic life, you feel at ease, because you are with the fandom you've fallen in love with.

Secretly, of course. You wonder if he ever will like you in the future…



Alright so, this is the end of this story, but if you liked my Fandomstuck writing, don't worry because there is plenty more I am working on currently! I hope you enjoyed and comments and reviews are really appreciated!

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