Summary: Bella and Edward have just recently moved in together. Follow their adventures as they discover each other in every way possible.

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Chapter One

Edward and I have been together for two years-well a year and a half if your not counting the time we were just friends—two wonderful, happy, love filled years. We met in our senior year of high school when I moved to Forks, Washington to live with my dad. To say we hit it off pretty fast is an understatement.

Of course we didn't actually become official until 6 months after we met. I had been too shy to ask Edward to be my boyfriend and Edward didn't want to ruin the amazing friendship that we already had. Finally senior prom rolled around and Edward asked me to go with him. After that magical, romantic night Edward finally asked me to be his girlfriend, and of course I said yes.

Ever since that night we have been completely inseparable. We ended up getting into the same college and moved into an apartment together not to far from campus. We have lived together for over three months but our relationship is and always has been incredibly chaste. Sure we have make out session that sometimes lead to some heavy petting, but we have never had sex, or even gone as far as seeing each other naked—except for the two 'accidental' boobie flashes. Even though Edward and I share an apartment and even share the same bed, we have been stuck on second base.

It wasn't until Edward had come home early one day to find me masturbating on the couch that I finally realized that it's time for Edward and I to move forward…

I am horny.

That is the only way to describe how I'm feeling right now. Living with Edward for the last couple months has been amazingly torturous. Sleeping beside him every night took some getting used to, it's not like I could just rub one out right beside him.

What made it even worse was the fact that he insisted on not wearing a shirt to bed and even around the house. He claims that he feels more comfortable shirtless, but I think he is doing it just to torture me.

This morning we woke up entangled in each other's arms, which is the norm. The only difference was his leg was over my thigh and I could feel his morning wood against my stomach, and from what I could feel, he was huge. I so desperately wanted to reach down and grab him, but my shyness got the better of me.

I lay in that bed with Edwards hard on pressed against me for almost an hour and I couldn't do anything about it. If I moved he would wake up and I knew he needed his sleep.

Finally he woke up and rolled off of me. Immediately I rolled onto my side facing away from him so he wouldn't see the blush that was coloring my cheeks a bright red.

"Morning beautiful." He said, kissing my shoulder.

"Morning." How can someone be so fucking hot in the morning? His messy bed hair and his groggy voice was making me wetter and wetter.

"Was I crushing you?" He asked wrapping his arm over my waist and moving up against my curled body to spoon me. There it was again. This time I felt it against my bottom pushing against my ass.

"No." I replied, closing my eyes again. This man would be the death of me.

"Mmm, your so beautiful Bella. I love waking up to you every morning." He placed wet kisses down my arm and back up again. "Are you hungry? I could make some pancakes." It was Sunday morning, which means breakfast in bed. Edward and I usually set aside Sundays as our day to spend time together. With out hectic schedules with school and work we could go days without having an actual conversation during the week. I didn't want to leave this bed quite yet. I felt my burning up face start to cool down, and a new feeling was replacing my embarrassment. I felt completely turned on as Edward kissed my skin.

"Not really hungry, lets cuddle a bit longer." I turned around to plant a kiss on his lips

"Love you, Bella." He whispered against my lips. One thing I noticed about Edward was he never has bad morning breath, he has said the same thing about me too.

He kissed me back deepening the kiss. He placed a hand on the side of my face and ran it through my long hair. I draped an arm around his neck as we broke apart and touched foreheads. I looked up at him through my eyelashes and looked deep into his eyes.

"I love you so much baby." I whispered. I could feel Edwards erection against my stomach again, and wondered if he was aware that it was pressing against me.

I gave him another kiss on the lips and rolled over so that I was on top of him. He looked a little surprised but smiled as I leaned down and kissed him passionately. His tongue licked across my bottom lip and opened my mouth to take his tongue in. We lay there for a while our tongues intertwining. Our breathing was getting heavier and heavier as we kissed.

And then the phone rang.

I moved back and Edward smiled in apology.

"Fucking bad timing" I groaned as I shifted off Edward allowing him to reach for his phone. I leaned against the headboard waiting patiently

"Hello…nope, I was already awake…It's due on Monday? I thought it was due on Wednesday…Fuck I haven't even started, anyways thanks for letting me know…bye." He hung up the phone and turned to me sheepily.

"Who was that?" I asked, already knowing that I would hear some bad news.

"James, he was just telling me that our essay is due tomorrow." He explained. "I'm sorry Bella, I know Sunday is our day, but I really have to work on this."

"It's okay." I said moving forward to kiss him. "Go work on your paper, we'll hang out tonight."

"Okay, I love you."

Edward climbed out of bed and I could see his erection had gone down in his pajama bottoms. I sighed and lay back down feeling disappointed and horny.

Edward got showered and dressed and headed to the library to try and finish his paper. Ten minutes after he walked out the door I stripped down to my tank top and panties, feeling an urgent need to relieve some of the tension that being around my boyfriend regularly had caused. Masturbating is something I have only done a handful of times, and I have only orgasmed once or twice in my life. The first time was when I was 15 years old. My best friend Jessica had been telling me about what her boyfriend at the time had done to her the night before. She explained in graphic detail that he used his fingers to make her orgasm. Being so young and naïve I had never even explored my…area, so I didn't know that was possible. That night I touched my body in a way that I never had before…sexually.

I performed some self-loving and after about two hours I managed to orgasm. The second time I made myself orgasm was after I first met Edward. I was at a constant state of arousal because of his amazingly good looks. I rubbed one out in my room and managed to cum just before Charlie came into my room to check on me. Ever since them I have been too afraid to even touch myself down there while Charlie was in the house mainly cause I was afraid of being caught in the act.

Everything about Edward made him the perfect boyfriend. The fact that he was so gorgeous, and sweet, and gentle and loving. His green eyes that I could look into for hours, his fit body that he was not afraid of showing off around the house, the playful way he had about him, from his sense of humor to his relaxed personality. Unfortunately all these things pushed all the right buttons in me. Often.

I removed my bra and sat cross-legged on the couch. Just as I was really starting to get into it—one hand inside my panties and the other cupping my breast—Edward barged into the apartment rambling about having forgotten something. He stopped mid-sentence and stared. His mouth opened and closed.

I recovered from my shock first and screamed, "Oh my God, Oh, me God! Get out! Close your eyes! Stay there! Shit. Just Go!" I scrambled to pull on my top and clamped my legs together, throwing the remote at Edward as a distraction while I sprinted from the room.

Embarrassment swept over me as I sat on the floor of the bathroom hugging my knees to my chest.

I heard a knock at the door, but didn't answer. There was no way I was facing Edward right now. The rest of my clothes were still out there.

"Um…I had to come back for my textbook…I'll be back later tonight ok?" He said. I still didn't answer. I heard his footsteps as he walked away from the door, and a couple seconds later I heard the door open then close.

Fuck. My. Life.

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