Most people believe death is the end. The end of the story, the end of your life. But, truly, death is the start to a new beginning. No longer do I live in grueling poverty in District 5, nor do I take place in the Hunger Games. I have left and can finally be with the one I now know that I love: Inigo.

I do not know where exactly I am, but I do know that it is a place of laughter, one of joy and love. We have no evil dictator, no Peacekeepers, or Gamemakers. This is how life is supposed to be, not death, but it is better to live forever in sweet death, than live rather shortly in wicked life.

Wherever I am, it is up high. I have watched over Tally for a while. She still lives in poverty and despair. She has roamed the district, in utmost grief, because of my death. I can not go down to comfort her, but can only cast the beautiful bracelet she had given me back to her.

As for the victors of the 74th annual Hunger Games, they have many struggles ahead of them. But they will be the spark of a revolution, a revolution that will burn all throughout Panem, taking down this pathetic thing that they call a government. And the districts shall rip out of the bonds of Snow, into freedom, District 5, led by my parents and Inigo's family. We shall cheer them on from above until justice reins. There shall be a great cry in the Capitol, but not one of suffrage. It will be one of rejoicing; the rejoicing of the Free.

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