Setting: End of YJ Comic #25
Word Count
: 626
: Dickbabs || Execute
: He's not quite sure if she'll show up this time around, so he's half-surprised to find her waiting at the bottom of the staircase.
Notes: Just my little spin on the ending of the newest comic. After going through my dash and seeing a lot of comments that were similar to my thoughts, I was super tempted to write this fic out. And so, here it is! Dedicated to all you Dickbabs shippers out there. IT'S CANON 333

He makes his way back to his loft with a heavy heart. Some birthday is right. Compared to the nearly catastrophic events that took place just hours ago, the half empty streets of Bludhaven seem like a cake walk to one Dick Grayson. He's officially 18, and yet, there's something missing. It's not really a birthday unless he celebrates it with his best friend. Sighing, he looks around for any sign of trouble, as there's always something to watch out for in his new home.

However, as his eyes scan past the bottom of the staircase, a familiar redhead makes his breath catch in his throat. "You're here," is all he can make out, walking up to her as his eyes widen at the sight of Miss Barbara Gordon.

"I'm here." And she's already standing up, making her way over to him with a soft smile on her face. She's beautiful when she smiles, but it's the small ones that make his heart race.

It's instinctual. He can't help himself when he's around her, and so, the moment she reaches him, he drops his duffle, wrapping his arms around her so he can lean down and kiss her. He needs to know she's safe and the fact that she kisses him back gives him so much relief that he's at a loss for words. He breathes her in and he wonders how it's so easy for the mere presence of Babs to both quicken and calm his heartbeat. This girl, this unbelievable redhead holds the key to his heart and he knows that if she were to ever disappear, he could very well lose it all.

The kiss ends, and he looks down at her, unsure of what to say. His brows furrow and he looks off to the side for a split second, hands tightening around her waist minutely. He didn't even think she would come considering the battle that had just occurred. I'm worried about you, how was Match, any bruises, are you hurt, I wish I could've been there for you —

And she knows. She knows because she lifts up a hand and brings his face back to hers. "Hey," she whispers, "I'm okay. And I couldn't pass up tradition, now could I?"

He chuckles and nods, leaning down to press his forehead against hers. In his line of work, no one should be able to read his thoughts like she can, but he can't bring himself to do anything about it. They're dynamic, and it's times like these when he wishes for more. "You know I love you, Babs." It's clear and concise, as if he's said it so many times before. In order to lighten the mood, he quips, "Remind me again why we're not together?" even though he already knows the answer.

"Because," her hand reaches up, brushing a few stray pieces of hair out of his face, "you're just not ready for me yet."

It's the same answer as always and he sighs, tilting his head back to look at her, at all of her. "Then why come tonight?"

"It's your birthday, hero." She says it simply and it's all the answer he needs as he leads her towards the staircase, an arm still wrapped around her waist. "Or it was when I got here. Like I said, it's tradition. Let's just spend a little time together, all right boy blunder?" She nudges him in the arm playfully and he laughs, fishing out his keys from his pocket.

"I'll make the popcorn if you get the movie," he winks back at her right as he opens the door.

She enters through the threshold with a smirk on her face. "It's a deal, Grayson."

And the door clicks shut.