Little House on the Prairie: A New Beginning

Summary: I was a bit bummed out that they didn't have a relationship blossom between Jeb and Jenny, except for the way he acted around her in the first episode of this season. He saved her from drowning twice, and nothing came from that. So this is a series of one shots set during the final season and beyond about Jeb and Jenny. Some of them will take place during episodes, so you'll have to watch the episode to get the whole picture. I do not own Little House. Some one shots will be shorter than others.

(Season 9 episode 2)

"The other kids, they don't know" Jeb said quietly. Jenny smiled slightly.

"Thanks" She said. She gestured with her hand. "Walk with me" Jeb nodded and the two of them began walking in the direction of the pond. Jenny finally said what was on her mind. "Why'd you come after me Jeb?" She asked. Jeb looked at her in surprise.

"You're my friend. When I saw the note, I was scared. I knew I had to get to you beforeā€¦" He trailed off. Jenny shook her head.

"That's not what I meant" She said. "You knew I'd head to the pond, but instead of going to get help you ran to the pond. Aunt Laura told me you couldn't swim. She said I almost made you drown too" Tears welled up in her eyes and Jeb stopped in his tracks. He turned to face her, placing both hands on her shoulders.

"Hey now," He said, "It was my choice to jump in the water. You didn't know I was there or that I didn't know how to swim. You wanted to be with your Pa, and I can understand that. I'm not blaming you. Besides, I didn't drown did I? I pulled you out, didn't I?" Jenny nodded and wiped her eyes. "I just want you to promise me that you will never do anything like that again.

"I promise" Jenny replied. "But, if you didn't know how to swim, how did you pull me out?" She asked.

"I don't know really" Jeb said. He shrugged his shoulders. "I guess, I was so concerned about you and not myself, that I just did it" They reached the pond, where the others were splashing around. Nancy began taunting Jeb again, chanting about how he couldn't swim. This made Jenny angry.

"You leave him alone" She said. "You've never seen him swim, so how would you know if he can or can't?"

"Well, why doesn't he jump in then?" Nancy asked. "I know he fell out of that tree on purpose" Jenny turned to Jeb and smiled.

"Want to swim?" She asked. Jeb grinned and pulled off his shirt. He and Jenny locked hands and jumped into the pond together. After they were done swimming, Jeb and Jenny stayed by the pond while the other kids went home. "I understand what my Aunt Laura meant, now" She said.

"What do you mean?" Jeb asked.

"She said I was being selfish, only thinking about myself and not what my parents wanted for me" Jenny replied.

"selfish?" Jeb asked.

"Aunt Laura said that I would be hurting a lot of people if I died, even my parents" Jenny explained. She looked at Jeb. "Would it have hurt you?" She asked with such innocence that Jeb couldn't help but smile.

"Yes" He replied truthfully. Jenny smiled and then leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. Jeb blushed a brilliant shade of red.

"I better go" Jenny said. "Aunt Laura and Uncle Manzo will wonder where I am" She stood up and brushed her dress off. "I still have you're pigeon. Do you want him back?" Jeb shook his head.

"Keep him" He said. "I have another one. If I train it to go to your house, we can send messages to each other" Jenny smiled shyly.

"Okay" She said.