Little House on the Prairie: A New Beginning

(A look back to Yesterday)

Jeb ran to the pond when he got Jenny's message. He found her sitting by the tree that had become thiers.

"Hey" He said, running a hand through his hair. "I heard about Albert" Jenny sighed.

"He's coming back tomorrow and I don't know what to say" She said. Jeb sat down next to her.

"Be his friend and Be there for him" He said. Jenny looked at Jeb.

"Do you forgive him?" She asked. Jeb nodded.

"I do" He said. "I forgave him the moment he apologized and made that speech about drugs"

"Aunt Laura's been crying alot" Jenny said. "She said that out of all her siblings, She was closest to Aunt Mary and Uncle Albert" She looked down at the grass. "I guess it's because they are closer to her age that her other brother and sisters" Jeb put an arm around her.

"Mrs. Wilder is going to need a lot of support" He said. "It's hard knowing that someone is going to die" Jenny was silent for a moment.

"Do you think that's why Papa didn't tell me he was going to die?" She asked. "He didn't want me crying all the time?" Jeb nodded.

"That is a good possibility" he said.

Jenny felt tears pricking her eyes as Albert spoke to the class about dying. She wanted to smack Nancy for asking that question. Albert touched her cheek, and tears slid down her face. He smiled at her as he spoke. After class, Jenny remained in her seat. Jeb noticed this and sat next to her.

"You okay?" He asked. Jenny nodded.

"I will be" She said quietly.

As they students stood in a circle with Laura and Albert standing in the middle, Jeb and Jenny saw Jason kissing the girl he liked quickly on the lips. Jeb decided to follow his brother's lead and turned to Jenny, who was standing to his left. He kissed her quickly and she blushed and smiled at him and he smiled back. He knew that they were a bit young to be courting, but he also knew that he wanted Jenny to be his forever.