Little House on the Prairie: A New Beginning

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Jenny: 16

Jeb: 16

Jason: 12

Rose: 4

"Hey Jenny, are you going to the dance tomorrow?" Oliver Wilkins asked. Jenny nodded.

"I think so. Aunt Laura is making my dress" She said.

"Are you going with anyone?" He asked.

"Yes" Jenny said, smiling. "Jeb asked me two days ago" She stood up and brushed off her skirt. "I have to go" Oliver watched her leave and sighed. He was the richest boy in town. What did Jeb Carter have that he didn't.

"Aunt Laura, I'm home" Jenny called, entering the large house. Her aunt came out of the kitchen. In New York there were two schools. One for younger students, and one for older. Laura taught the younger students and her school got out before Jenny and Jeb did.

"Hi Jenny. I just finished baking a batch of cookies. Would you like to take some over to the Carters?"

"Yes, I would" Jenny said. Laura handed her a basket. As she left, she missed the knowing smile Laura gave her. Jenny knocked on the door of the Carter home and it was opened by Sarah.

"Jenny come in" She said.

"I brought cookies" Jenny said. "Is Jeb here?"

"He's in the living room" Sarah replied. Jenny walked into the living room and saw John, Jeb and Almanzo.

"Uncle Manzo, what are you doing here?" She asked.

"Well, Jeb here wanted to ask me something" Almanzo said. Jenny's eyes widened as she looked from Jeb who looked nervous and Almanzo who was grinning. The basket slipped from her fingers and cookies went all over the floor. Jenny cleared her throat.

"What did he want to ask you?" Almanzo gestured to Jeb who stood up and walked over to her.

"Well..I..that're uncle has..." He stammered.

"I've given him permission to marry you" Almanzo cut in. Jenny gasped as Jeb smiled sheepishly and pulled a ring out of his pocket. She smiled, tears in her eyes as he slipped the ring on to her finger.

"I love you Jenny Wilder" He said.

"I love you Jeb Carter" She replied.

Jeb and Jenny were married in Burr Oak, Iowa, so that the whole family could attend the wedding. The Carters and Kendells traveled with the Wilders. Jason was Jeb's best man, even though he was a bit young. Jenny asked Carrie, Grace and Cassandra to be her bridesmaides and they were very happy to do so. After the wedding, Jeb and Jenny Carter moved to Minneapolis, MN. Jeb attended the University and became a doctor, while Jenny became a teacher like her aunt. They had two children, Royal and Albert Carter.