A/N: by the grace of the Tumblr gods, some wonderful anon's have started giving me prompts and unfinished situations for Rizzles ficlets. I began posting them on my blog last week, but a genius follower pointed out that I should be posting them here to keep track and to share them with everyone else. So here we go with the "Ficlet Series"

Anon: [Unfinished Situation] Angela doesn't know about Jane & Maura being in a relationship. They are keeping it a secret, to have time to just be a couple without anyone butting in. Angela walks in and catches Jane & Maura making love as she picks up Jane's disregarded clothes...

Jane is on the precipice. She can feel it building in her body, spreading warmth to every inch of her.

She is going supernova. She closes her eyes tight, and grips Maura's hair. Something, anything to keep herself from floating away. Her back arches and she is there. She is there this is what seeing the other side is. This is string theory and event horizon's and this the understanding of everything. It's molecular and goddamnit; it's amazing. It's.. "OH MY GOD."

Jane's eyes shoot open and in this moment; this beautiful, life affirming moment, her mother is standing in the doorway, her face buried in the pile of clothes in her arms.

Jane is frozen. There is no warm body on hers, and a cold grip has taken place in her stomach. And in a tiny moment of realization she vaguely aware that Maura is no longer on the bed, and neither are the sheets, because Maura Isles is wrapped up tightly and laying on the floor beside the bed.

Jane quickly grabs the pillow beside her in an attempt to cover herself. She opens her mouth to speak but no words fall out.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Angela raises her head, but keeps her eyes shut and backs out of the room quickly, shutting the door behind her.

Maura's head slowly rises, and she rests her chin on the mattress; looking at a very shocked Jane Rizzoli. Jane grips the pillow to her chest hard and falls over on the bed and beside her, letting out a guttural moan and she nuzzles her forehead against Maura's cheek; "Kill me."