Follow Your Dreams

They say I'm a dreamer and my dreams are too big. That never stopped anyone from trying. My dream just happens to be a little brighter than the usual dreams of having money and fame. It's not about how many women or men can throw themselves at my feet or how many parties I can get invites to. It's not about being loved all over the world and signing people's autographs. It's about respect and dignity and keeping a hold of me. All the rest of that stuff is just icing on the cake.

For years I've been going around the Independent Wrestling Circuit. I've seen superstars made out of nobodies left and right. I know that hard work and determination pay off in great strides. You've heard of some of the names I've seen. Kofi Kingston had some unpronounceable name when I first saw him wrestle. I used to work out with Daniel Bryan before he tried out for NXT. I even remember this obnoxious, loud mouthed, spikey blonde haired twerp with tattoos all over his body and piercings that was beating up Colt Cabana at the time. There's just one thing missing from all this the Divas point of view.

Well, I'm here to tell you what my Diva experience has been since high school and well into college. I am 27 years old and I've got skills. I've been around Ring of Honor and winning titles left and right. That spikey, blonde haired big mouth I was telling you about that I used to watch Punk people in the audience and loud talk about how he was "the best on the mic. The best in the ring" and how "the mic was a pipe bomb in his hand" trained me a bit. Of course, he wasn't the same young, loud mouthed Punk from Ring of Honor that I had seen wrestle with the best of them. He was now WWE Superstar CM Punk and he looked damn good. He let the blonde hair grow out and last time I saw him, it was dark almost black and slicked back on his head. He had facial hair and lost all but one of the piercings. His lip is still pierced. He stopped wearing the dark nail polish and the guy liner. The tattoos grew all over his arms and he had them on his hands and fingers as well. I always thought that was so damn ghetto to do, but, as always, somehow Punk made it look good. It wasn't ghetto on him.

I bring you to the present day now. I've been thinking a lot about how Punk tried to help me train now that I have my 9th Championship belt in my case at home. I also wonder what ever became of that kid he was damn near killing in training. He trained this poor dude until he was puking and he still came back to Punk and asked for tips. He totally respected where Punk was coming from because his trainer did the same to him when he was coming up. I also remember the reason why Punk and I stopped talking over the years.

Maybe you all have heard of a weasel named Paul Hayman. That's right. I called him a weasel. The man is a complete and utter douche with no parts missing. He has no respect for women and zero business sense. What you see on Monday Night Raw when he comes out there with Punk kissing his ass and telling him how he's the best in the world. That's all a big show and act. He doesn't give a shit about anyone other than himself. You see, Punk had this brilliant idea back in our Ring of Honor days to have Paul Hayman represent me because he thinks of Paul as a father and he's always been good to him and helped him come up from nothing. So, he owes him respect and gives it to him even when he doesn't deserve it and is obviously lying about things.

So, here's the deal. Paul Hayman sees a hot, red head with an athletic body and a strong mind and decides to take her on as a client. Of course, I'm happy as hell because I finally see my dreams coming true and I see how good Punk is doing and he's getting everything he deserves finally after all those years of working so hard. I notice most of his clients are men and there aren't very many women clients on his roster. OK, no big deal. Wrestling is a big man's sport anyway. I'm used to being one in maybe 20 women in a room full of 50 men and most of the time, the men are respectful because they know just because you're a woman and your small it doesn't mean you can't kick they're assess 50 ways to Sunday and back. So, Hayman takes me under his wing and molds me into this perfect little Diva fluttering around and taking out opponents left and right.

We start talking business and growing close. After about a year or two, I start to notice that my gigs are growing and the fans are growing watching me, but I'm not seeing any royalties coming my way and what I am getting doesn't add up for the work I put out. You see, I'm a business major so I know all about the inner workings of the business end of wrestling. I know how much money goes into the venues and how much goes into tickets and seating. Hell, I even know how much is made at the concession stands and how much of that goes to the venue. I could tell you how much profit each WWE Superstar makes off their merchandise and what I should be getting off mine. Paul wasn't depending on that part. He was hoping I was just some stupid ass bitch who could give a damn less about the business part of the industry. He thought he could just stroke my ego and tell me how talented I am and how beautiful I am and I was just going to bat my eyes and love it. I'm nobody's bitch.

I got wise real quick to Paul's game and how he was screwing me for money and keeping it for himself. I never told Punk what happened with Paul and I and I think he feels like I blame him for everything that goes on with Paul. I don't blame him. Punk has nothing to do with why Paul is a douche, but he supports him and he is in his corner and that doesn't sit well with me. Punk and I have been friends for years and I feel like he should have my back.

So, that being said, I'm in the gym in New Orleans running on the treadmill with my IPOD blasting Halestorm in my ear. I have my POD in its trademark Walking Dead case with zombie blood on it and a hand print that lights up when you look at the playlist and looks like it's been grabbed. I have on my black work out pants and a Walking Dead T-Shirt. My pink Skull Candy ear buds are showing. I never even heard Seth Rollins and CM Punk come into the gym.

Seth: "Oh my God. Dude, I totally know that chick on the treadmill."

CM Punk: "That's a good pick up line, Seth. "Hey, I know you. Can we talk?"

Seth: "I'm serious. We were in Ring of Honor together. That's Madison Gilbert."

CM Punk: "Madison Gilbert. That name sounds so familiar."

Seth: "It should be familiar. She was working the Independent Circuit when you and I were coming up and now she's finally got 9 championships."

CM Punk: "Holy shit. That's good for how young she is."

Seth: "Yeah. I called her a little ass kicker when I met her. She's fucking awesome in the ring. She doesn't have her trademark blue and purple braids in."

CM Punk: "I trained her back in the day. You said blue and purple braids and it clicked. She and I bonded over The Walking Dead comics. Damn, she's grown up and looks good now. I'm going to go over and say "hi" to her."

Seth: "You better make sure she makes eye contact with you. She's not focused on her surroundings right now and she may deck you if you surprise her."

CM Punk: "I know how to approach her. I do the same thing in the gym."

I can't hear a word either one of them are saying. I just know two dudes are standing at the weights talking. They could be exchanging numbers for all I know. I stop the treadmill and check my playlist for the next group of songs I'm going to work out to. I glance up and notice a red pair of Nike shoes standing in front of my treadmill attached to two obviously male, legs with a tattoo on each. He's making no attempt to get my attention just yet. So, I assume he's not waiting for the machine. I follow the familiar legs up to the black shorts and the black hoodie with stars on the sleeve. Someone is wearing CM Punk's gear. He'd be proud. I still haven't looked at the face or the eyes yet. Suddenly, his hand reaches out and touches my hand and I notice the distinguished "No Gimmicks needed" rose tattoo on the back of it and the letters on his fingers and knuckles. I take out the buds and finally look right into the hazel eyes of CM Punk himself.

Madison: "Holy fucking shit. I can't believe what I am seeing."

I throw my arms around him and give him the biggest hug I can possibly muster up. He hugs back just as enthusiastic and just as happy to finally see me too. It's been years.

CM Punk: "You're looking good, Madison. It's been, what 5 years or so?"

Madison: "Something like that. I wasn't really counting down the days. Where's your weasel?"

He looks at me with that crinkled sideways glance trying to figure out with "weasel" was supposed to be.

CM Punk: "I don't make a habit of working out with weasels. Can you be more specific?"

Madison: "You're personal ass licker. I'm sorry the WWE calls him walrus or Twinkie Tits now."

CM Punk: "You mean Hayman. Oh, he's at home with his wife. We don't hang out outside of WWE."

Madison: "Oh, that's too bad. You may learn that he's a snake in the grass if you hung out with him outside of where he's kissing up to you 24/7."

Seth can see that this reunion is getting heated and takes this opportunity to come over to us.

Seth: "Hey you. I thought I recognized that feisty tone of voice. How the hell have you been?"

He squeezes me in a tight hug and I squeeze back. Seth and I were really close friends before he took off to be on TNA back in the day. Now he's a part of The Shield on RAW.

Madison: "I see you're still rocking the two-toned hair do."

I ruffle my hand through his naturally crazy curly hair.

Seth: "Yeah. I still am rocking the two-toned hair. Damn, I haven't seen you since Ring of Honor. You've been kicking asses and taking names here lately."

Madison: "Damn straight I am. I have 9 Ring of Honor Championships under my belt."

Seth: "What's happening with your P.R? You should be like on TNA or in the WWE by now."

Madison: "Ask Paul Hayman about my screw job."

Seth: "Paul Hayman as in Punk's lawyer."

Madison: "Paul Hayman as in king scam artist. He is nobody's lawyer or P.R rep. He's an asshole out for money and if you're not stupid as dirt, he's not interested in you. I caught on to that real quick. He talks a good game and pumps up how good of an entertainment promoter he is and he quickly becomes your best friend and pulls you in real close. Then he starts checking out the next younger better thing. With the women, it's perfect size 6 bodies with perfect boobs and perfect looks. If you step out of that little box and become your own woman, you're suddenly an outcast and nobody wants anything to do with you. God forbid you use your brain and try to stand up for yourself. He hated me because I have a business education and I wanted to know where all my money was going at all times. I signed my checks and I made sure all of it came to me not him. He didn't like me second guessing his decisions."

Seth: "Wow. That's fucked up. How the hell did he run ECW?"

Madison: "I have no idea, but I assume that's how its demise happened."

CM Punk: "I am so sorry that happened to you. I trust that man like a father and to hear that he treated you that way makes me want to hurt him."

Madison: "Oh I hurt him already. I took his meal ticket away. I fired his weasel ass. I have new representation now and she is someone who respects women and respects my brain and treats me like I know how to use my brain."

CM Punk: "I had no idea he would try to screw you like that. I thought I was leaving you in the hands of a trusted man who was going to take you places and make your dreams come true not kill them before they even started."

I roll my eyes at the wide eyed innocent act Punk is trying to sell me. I don't see him wising up to the weasel any time soon. He's blinded by the fact that Hayman helped him out when he was a young nothing and took him under his wing.

Madison: "So, Seth are you still hanging with The Shield?"

Seth: "Yeah. I'm still hanging out with The Shield."

Madison: "You guys really need to get rid of Dean Ambrose. He is the most over dramatic bad actor out of all of you guys. He over pronounces his words and when he gets knocked down. He makes the most stupid over dramatic faces I've ever seen in my life."

Seth starts laughing.

Seth: "That's how he was taught to react. So, I guess whoever trained him must've been a bad actor too."

Madison: "You'd do better in singles matches anyway. You and Roman are the muscles of the group."

Seth: "I was trained by the best."

I start laughing and Punk gets this stupid grin on his face. I know Punk trained Seth and I know he did a good job. I just think it's stupid that he refers to himself as "Best In The World" all the time.