I start laughing and Punk gets this stupid grin on his face. I know Punk trained Seth and I know he did a good job. I just think it's stupid that he refers to himself as "Best in the World" all the time. I've always busted Punk's balls.

Seth: "Do you really believe I'm part of the muscles of the group?"

Madison: "Yeah I do. You can prove it to me."

I grab my bag with my gear in it and start taping up my wrists and hands.

Seth: "What are you doing?"

Madison: "I'm writing a Christmas List. What does it look like, genius? Come on, there's a ring in the aerobics room. Show me what you have."

Seth: "You want me to wrestle with you in there."

He points to the other room and I start laughing at the innocent boy look on his face. You would think he'd never had to wrestle with a girl before the way he was acting like I was going to break if he touched me.

Madison: "Yes Seth I want you to wrestle with me in that room and in that ring. Just you and I like two professionals that we are. Don't hold back because I have boobs either. I can kick your ass 10 ways to Sunday and I can take a Shield bomb from you."

Seth: "I'm sure you can. It's only a Shield Bomb if all three of us get involved in it."

Madison: "Well, you're not hoisting me up on Roman's shoulders and throwing me anywhere. I promise you that."

I have my boots laced up and my wrists and hands taped up. I am ready to wrestle. I start stretching and Seth starts stretching along the side of me finally realizing I'm serious. I don't care that men and women aren't supposed to wrestle each other legally. Some of those women fight like they are men. What's the difference? I'm not going to run and cry sexual harassment because a guy grabs something in the ring. I'll grab something right back. I put on my "Main Street" Madison hoodie that I usually wrestle in and my shorts. Now I feel more like the woman who steps into the ring with full intension of kicking ass. Seth gets up finished with his stretching and starts bouncing around hyping himself up to jump into the ring. He pulls back his crazy ass curly two-toned hair and dons his Shield gear. Punk jumps in the ring to play referee between us.

CM Punk: "Should I do the introduction even though nobody is in here?"

Seth: "Sure. Go right on ahead, dude. It'll make us get pumped."

He clears his throat and does his best ring side announcer voice.

CM Punk: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to New Orléans, Louisiana. Tonight's event is a mixed singles match and it is set for pin fall or submission. Making his way down to the ring from Davenport, Iowa and weighing in at 209 pounds. He is one-third of The Shield and the most decorated FCW Champion Seth Rollins."

He makes an entrance into the ring and stands on the ropes like he would in an actual match.

CM Punk: "And his opponent from the beautiful city of New Orléans, Louisiana and weighing in at 115 pounds. She is the most decorated Ring of Honor Divas Champion with 9 Ring of Honor championships. Give a warm welcome for our hometown hero "Main Street" Madison Gilbert."

I make my usual entrance and stand up on the ropes and give my own Straight Edge crossing of my arms pose before jumping down and sizing Seth up. Punk makes a gesture like he's signaling for the bell to ring. Before an actual sound of a bell ringing goes off from his IPHONE. Seth and I lock up. Seth looks surprised that such a small woman had so much power in her arms. I'm only 5'7" and he's 6'1" and out weighs me by a hundred pounds. I get him down to his knees and we start grappling on the mat. I get him pinned down under me and Punk checks to see if Seth has his shoulders down. He's holding his own pretty good against me and now realizes I have power like he does and he can push me around and not hurt me or bruise me any. He tries to power out of my pin and I get him in my version of the Anaconda Vice grip. Punk is watching us and smiling proudly as his two students are showing up the teacher with some of their best moves. Finally, I get Seth to tap out and the sound of applause around us gets my attention. Punk looks up and Dean and Roman are applauding our efforts.

Dean: "Isn't this cute. Seth is fighting girls now."

Seth goes to get to his feet and flips Dean off as he half stumbles drunk from the Anaconda Vice.

Roman: "What injustice could this beautiful woman possibly have committed against you?"

CM Punk: "Nice of you two to join us. Did you catch the match or just the part where your boy got pinned by a kick ass chick?"

He puts a loving arm around me and squeezes me like I'm his prized possession and he wanted the world to see me. It's funny how he turns into Mr. Proud Peacock around his boys.

Roman: "We saw the whole thing. Very impressive "Main Street" Madison."

Madison: "Thank you very much. I'm impressed by your Shield of justice work too. I got someone I'd like to have made an example out of in the WWE. He's done me a great injustice and it's not your boy either."

Roman: "Someone in the WWE dared to disrespect a proud Diva with your talents."

I felt an instant chill go down my back at Roman's deep, authoritative tone of voice. I wondered if he had that same take charge authoritative attitude in the bedroom. That could be very hot. I wanted to smile and flirt with him, but this was not the time to do that. Dean goes and puts a friendly arm around Seth's shoulders.

Dean: "It's all right, dude. You'll get her next time."

Seth: "I appreciate your support and I really appreciate your encouragement, but could you not put your arm around me like that? It's a bit gay for me."

Dean takes his arm from him and steps back. The last thing he wanted was for Seth to think he was gay and trying to hit on him. That would take away all the credibility he had tried so hard to earn in the WWE.

Seth: "So, what brings you two in here?"

Dean: "We heard a commotion and stuck our heads in to see what was going on. It sounded like it was intense. We were ready to get your back."

Seth: "My back? Dude, I can defend myself. I am the most decorated FCW champion in the history of FCW. I don't always sneak in from the shadows and jump my opponents like I do with you guys. I can hold my own by myself in singles matches."

Dean: "No disrespect intended. We were getting ready to help you with the dude until we saw it wasn't a dude and she had you down."

Madison: "I dare your over-dramatic, over pronouncing ass to even try to jump me from behind. I will take you down to your knees with one simple swift kick to the back of your skull."

I got a very serious look on my face as I gave Dean my best icy cold stare. I hoped my green eyes were burning into his skull because I was very serious about wanting to kick him in the head. There was something about Dean and his personality that just got on my nerves.

Roman: "Back down, Dean. This is not the WWE ring and that is not John Cena or any of the other corporate faces."

Dean: "I'm good."

He stands back in an "I give up" stance with his hands up. I start smiling at him. I'm very effective when I want to be.

Madison: "That's what I thought."

Punk starts to rub my shoulders as I am standing there in a calming effort. He was afraid I was getting worked up and ready to jump on Dean even though I had no idea what he was about outside of the ring. He could be the most awesome person in the world and all I knew was his douche bag ring personality and his over dramatic facial expressions. Here lately, he was holding his mouth like someone had just punched him in the jaw when he'd speak. But, as we were standing here like adults, he wasn't doing any of that over dramatic facial expression stuff and he was speaking just like a normal person would. The only one who sounded the same as he did in the ring was Roman because he has a naturally deep, sexy as hell voice. Damn, I wanted that man something fierce. I don't even think he has a clue. It's all good. I have my buddy Seth back.

CM Punk: "All right Madison, I think you've had enough fighting with guys for the time being."

Madison: "Yeah. I have. I'm ready to go out on the town. You guys realize we're in the middle of Mardi Gras right?"

Roman: "Mardi Gras, eh?"

Madison: "Yes. It's basically a huge celebration we have here in New Orléans. If you've never experienced this, it's crazy as hell. Women are flashing their boobs for beads and guys are also flashing for beads. There's a ton of people all over the streets drinking and partying and having a good time. You have to know how to handle yourself out there. It's the same as getting caught up in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve."

Seth: "That sounds like an awesome time."

Madison: "Oh it is. It's an awesome good time. What's your schedule look like for this week?"

Seth: "Hmmm, well we have the Royal Rumble event tomorrow night. The rest of the week is looking good."

Madison: "Well, I plan on being at the Royal Rumble event. Why don't we hit the town after the event and let off some steam?"

Seth: "That sounds awesome. I'm in."

Madison: "How about the rest of you?"

I smile at Roman with my best inviting smile I can muster up. He looks me in the eye and I know now, he wears those blue contacts over his eyes because his eyes are brown. He smiles back.

Roman: ""I would love to go to Mardi Gras with you."

Dean: "I'm going to have to pass. I'm picking up on some serious hostility between us and I'm afraid alcohol may get dangerous between us."

Madison: "Oh. It's cool. If you want to come with us, there is a big group of people going. It's not like I'm going out on a date with anyone. I was giving you my game face earlier. I'm sure that douche bag you play in the ring is an act. Just like I know Punk's douche bag, "I am God" attitude is only in the ring. Phil is nothing like that in life."

Dean: "Are you sure? You're not going to get a Hand grenade in you and start wanting to beat the shit out of me."