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Whenever Sokka couldn't see where he was going in his life, he found himself heading straight to his best friend. She was unchanging, his rock in a world that was shifting so fast. He probably would have thought nothing more of it, excepting that was merely what he did, if not for the fact one of those weeks he'd come hide out at her school, she said with a chuckle,

"You never change Sokka. I can always rely on you to return. Like a boomerang."

"Hmm," he replied, but this stuck in his brain.

When he left, it nagged him. Why, he didn't know. It was just important in some way, tangling with his own perception.

A month later when Toph showed up for Iroh's birthday, Sokka met her at the gates and blurted without a thought, "Will you be my rock if I be your boomerang?"

Toph blushed in surprise, but a grin quickly raced to follow. "You got yourself a deal," was her answer, as she held her hand out for a shake. Callused hands clasped in a promise that was never to be broken.

Their first kiss was snuck on the balcony of the tea-shop that evening, sun setting in the distance.