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Making his way down one of the many crowded sidewalks in Republic City, Sokka's mind was focused on other things. It probably should have been puzzling over how to handle whatever out there topic the newly elected Earth Kingdom delegate might bring to the table next. Or figuring out how he might surprise his youngest nephew at his fast approaching coming of age celebration.

But instead he was stuck on the fact he was going home to an empty house. Lin had moved out on her own a year before, so he was mostly accustomed to the lack of his daughter's presence. It was really the fact that his wife was currently off on some mission with Suki and Mai. Toph had informed him while she was packing that it was for the good of the Republic and all, that Aang and Zuko had requested a discreet resolve, that she would be back home before he noticed, not to be such a worry wart, all her usual. But he couldn't help but, if not worry, than miss her each moment that went by. Not to mention that, though he had the utmost faith in her abilities, the worry had kicked in as she had been gone going on two weeks.

Dodging around an elderly merchant selling cabbages, Sokka made it to the front of the beautiful stone home he shared with Toph. Walking in a slow, reluctant manner up the steps, trying to postpone the inevitable, he spoke aloud to himself, "Maybe I could pop in on Katara..." But as he reached the intricately crafted metal door latch, he found it unlocked.

Warrior senses coming alert, he opened the door as quietly as he could, listening for movement within. He nearly jumped when a shout resounded from the upper floor.

"Sokka, you meathead, it's me!" Toph was trying to sound angry, but her amusement at her husband's antics shown through.

As she made her way down the stairs, she felt his whole being relax. Before her feet could touch the floor, she was swept up into his arms, his smiling face pressed into her neck. She felt her face reciprocating as her arms wrapped around his shoulders. "You better stop before I think you missed me," she chuckled into his ear.

"Shut up," he muttered, goatee tickling her chin as his lips found her's.