Chapter 3: Common Sense

I open my eyes and find me in our makeshift hospital, just a cave with sum twigs and moss covering parts of it. I see Dawnlite, Ichigoluv, Galbelmz, and Luckyjustin tied to the walls. They were struggling ferociously and strangely, they didn't tie up their mouths.

They extended their claws, and with our luck, Luckyjustin was wearing a brass knuckle. He unlatched his chains and roared with anger. The mice scurried around struggling to hold him back. Galbelmz also broke free (but I don't know how, I wasn't watching) and threw all the mice back from Luckyjustin.

The two freed the other two and together they advanced toward us, at amazing speed. Fifty yards. 30 yards. 10 yards…five, four, three, two, one. Luckyjustin lashed out at me again, fury in his eyes. I said one thing that reminded me of Galbelmz and my little talk. I simply said two words, "The Past."

He snapped out of his daze and quickly leapt at Luckyjustin, knocking him to the ground. Justin thrashed around, making an alien type signal noise. Dawnlite and Ichigoluv retreated from bashing around the tribe mice and jumped on top of Galbelmz.

He was stuck under the thrashing mice, but amazingly, managed to break free. The alien noise got louder, and with just our luck, we were on top of graves. Great. Zombies burst from the ground, but we quickly knocked them out.

Galbelmz was fighting Luckyjustin in hand-to-hand combat and Dawnlite and Ichigoluv were quickly rushing toward him. I fought them with my kwon do (get it? MY Tai kwon do) and managed to make them recoil as if I were a poisonous snake.

I wondered how Galbelmz learned to fight so well, considering he seemed like a loner. Then, a sparkle flashed from him. What was that? I studied closer and it was a badge that said:


SO technically, he was in a tribe…odd. Guess he left ours then. Anyways, Luckyjustin aimed a punch at his head, but missing him. We all stared in awe (except the mice trying to tie up Dawnlite and Ichigoluv) at their fighting skills. After the punch, Luckyjustin slowed down, and Galbelmz spun around, sticking out his leg, tripping him.

He reigned triumphant, but it didn't last. Luckyjustin rose with incredible force, transforming before our eyes. He was ….he was…..NARUTO! Then Galbelmz kicked him in the butt like Mario would and he collapsed. The end. (Jk)

As Luckyjustin was being dragged away to be tied with Dawnlite and Ichigoluv (who were still sstruggling) all the tribe mice went up to him asking him to sign their foreheads or paws like wee little Justin Beiber fan girls. Humph. That guy got lucky, I'm telling you.

After he made it out of the crowd, an angel descended from the heavens. Her name was Calistia (not TFM username so don't bother) and she gave us all a blessing for luck, then said she would always be with us.

Wonder what that was all about. We went out of the room; the other three mind control thingies were back to normal. We enjoyed a party at our tribe house, full of orange soda and turkey (weird how the mice are bigger…O.O) and then watching some AWESOME nigahiga and smosh videos on our giant 1000" plasma TV, with surround sound in every corner.

I stumbled into the kitchen (Still haven't got me land legs! LOL) and I saw something weird…a tiny little fly carrying a huge cookie on its back…okay..? I grab the cookie (with the fly on it) and throw it in the trash. What a waste.

Galbelmz, for the first time ever, looks to be enjoying himself. He dances and mingles, complimenting people on everything. Clothes, jewels, hair, fur color, etc. I hurry over to the dance floor and do some flips (I can do this in real life…not to brag…but xD) and did a full split in the air (this too…), leaving the crowd amazed.

I find my friends staring also, in a mixture of admiration and jealousy. I give a quick look at them, meaning I couldn't help myself, and then I go back to dancing on the floor. My front flip already left people amazed, so why not back flip?

I flipped, but landed hard, thumping my head into a table with someone's sword (Seriously?). The sword missed me when it fell, but the gummy bear on it hit me, knocking me out.

*/italicized= my illusion/dream

*I looked around and I saw Artelemisia and Dawnlite chatting merrily while Ichigoluv and Dawnlite played bowling. Choopymouse, Ethonatron, and the Kizanakans were just on the dance floor, showing off their moves.

Galbelmz helped me up, saying that I was the clumsiest person he had ever met. I sighed, realizing indeed it was true. We walked around together, toward the kitchen, upstairs to the bathroom, and finally our bounce house. We bounced around for a little while, then went to the pool, I splashed and swam, leaving Galbelmz to swallow the water (Like 'eating my dust' or whatever).

Everything after was blurry. I remember a duck and elephant arriving, with some donuts for everyone. I took a bit into the thick, creamy glaze of Krispy Kreme and I jolted awake.

BANG! I slapped my face on the cymbal, leaving my head dizzy and confused. I walked over to where Cutehatesyou was handing out cookies to everyone and I took one for sweet relief. I looked over it carefully- chocolate chip with sprinkles of M&Ms over it. I took a bite, leaving a sweet taste of…sugar? No…what was that taste?

I took another bite, still confused about the odd taste. An old voice sounded in my mind, and I was sucked into a flashback. *My father and I headed out to the cool salty air at the beach. He said to me, "Realize what is there. Live in the present. Don't forget what is true and what isn't. Use common sense. "

I got sucked back to reality where other mice were just reaching for more cookies. I dropped mine on the floor and my eyes widened. The hooded figure wasn't our main enemy. Cute was.

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