Hi guys! This is my first fanfic so bear with me. The main thing to note: Fin is not evil! Fin is good! Sorry I still can't deal with the fact that innocent little Fin was bad. *Shudder*. Also to save possible confusion at the beginning, Chiaki does not know who Jeanne's real identity is. He's trying to figure it out.

The story still follows the main Kaitou Jeanne storyline (sealing demons and all that) though, even if only loosely. There will be some Chiaki x Maron, and possibly some Fin x Access. Rated T for now, although that may change. Anyway, enough with this talking. Here's chapter one! Hopefully one of many. Oh, and do feel free to leave some feedback guys, I'd like to know what you think of my work so far :)

Disclaimer: I do not own Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. Trust me if I did, I wouldn't be writing a fanfiction right now.

Chapter 1

Normal POV

"Checkmate!" Kaitou Jeanne whispered, a smile on her lips, as her white pin struck the centre of the painting. The devil groaned loudly before the painting disappeared completely, leaving an empty painting frame.

Looking back at the heap of guards and police officers dangling from the ceiling, stuck in their own net trap specially made for Jeanne, she blew a kiss and disappeared into the night.

Next day…

Maron's POV

"Maron! Maron! You'll be late! Get up!" Miyako shouted, banging her fists against my front door. I ignored her and rolled over, still in bed. I was tired from staying up most of the night to complete homework after last night's steal. Nevermind, a few minutes more in bed won't hurt..

Luckily, Fin had woken me up again. I raced to school as fast as I could, having to take the shortcut through someone's back garden. Flinging open the door to the classroom, I tried to get my breath back as I leaned heavily against the door. The sudden blast of a whistle nearly deafened me. Shit, just too late. I looked up as I made my way to my seat, only to find an unfamiliar boy sitting in the spare seat next to mine. He was smirking at me, as if he were amused by my telling off. Irritated already by the look on his face, I dumped my bag heavily on the table and sat down, ignoring him completely.

Five minutes had barely passed when I saw out of the corner of my eye, a paper plane aimed at my head, sail quickly in my direction. Instinctively I caught it between my fingers without even looking up, but I knew exactly who it had come from. There was nothing I could do except open it; I could feel his piercing gaze as I turned the plane over and over in my hands. Oh well, I'll have to read it at some point anyway..

Deliberately slowly, I prised the paper plane's folds open millimetre by millimetre and couldn't help but smile as I saw the boy sigh and glance over in annoyance at my agonizingly slow letter opening speed, every few seconds. Boy, was it fun teasing this guy..

Eventually, I read the note.

"Call me Chiaki. I'm new here, so will be relying on you to show me around. Oh and by the way, I live next door to you. Miyako told me."

My face dropped at the last parts of the note, earning another smirk from Chiaki. I folded up the note carefully, and dropped it on the desk. I couldn't believe it. Not only did I have to sit next to this jerk during lessons, I'd have to put up with him being my next door neighbour! I sighed and tried to concentrate on the lesson again.

Precisely five minutes later, the sound of a rubber landing neatly in the fold of my book, startled me out of my daydream. I looked at it quizzically until I noticed some writing squeezed onto the side of the rubber.

"It's rude to ignore." It read.

I had the sudden urge to throw the rubber at the sender's head, hard, but the teacher was bound to see. Instead, I scribbled something on the back of my hand in pen and turned it towards him, so he could read it. "You're distracting me."

Another infuriating smile played at his lips.

Five minutes later, my phone buzzed from receiving a text. How strange, who would text me during lessons? I flipped the phone open and read the phone number it was sent from. It was someone new. I tried not to look at the boy to my left, as I pressed 'open' on the text.

"Wait for me after school. And you can thank Miyako for giving me your number."

Confirmed, it was him. I managed to stop myself from groaning out loud, and decided to ignore him instead.

After school…

I decided the best thing to do would be to leg it out of the room. I had gymnastics practice that afternoon anyway, and then I had to get shopping done. I just wasn't in the mood to stick around and wait for Chiaki. I'd known him for less than a day and he was already getting on my nerves.

The bell had barely rung once and I was halfway through bolting out of the door, before a strong arm grabbed my hand. "I thought I made it clear I wanted you to wait." Chiaki said quietly, as everyone else had only just started to pack up.

I was out of his grasp easily and continued striding down the corridor. "Go on without me, I'm busy," I called back. It wasn't like I was lying, anyway.

Chiaki's POV

She sure was stubborn, this girl. After ignoring me the whole day, she thinks she can slip away that easily? I caught up with her quickly, falling into stride with her. She glared at me, obviously annoyed. "I said I was busy."

I grinned at her. "Gymnastics, was it? That's fine, I'll wait till practice is over."

"It's for two hours."

Two hours?! I didn't think she took git that seriously. From what Miyako had told me earlier, she was clumsy, bad at gymnastics, and always got into trouble. I decided to watch her for a bit anyway; besides, it was fun to annoy her.

She took me by surprise, for she was actually very good at gymnastics. I watched her, not even aware that my mouth was hanging open slightly. She twirled the ribbon in the air, moving as freely as a feather. Her swift movements were perfectly in time with the soft music, and her hair which had been bunched up all day, flowed out behind her. Her slim fingers twirled the ribbon again and again effortlessly, as she finished the routine perfectly and smiled.

She acted so coldly towards me, so I was surprised to see this side of her. She looked happy; genuinely happy. Then she caught sight of me and her smile turned into a slight frown. "What are you doing here?" She sighed, as she got a drink.

So she still doesn't like me, huh… I grinned at her again and waved. "Like I said, I'm waiting for you."

"I'm going to the shops afterwards."

"To buy what? Clothes?" I began to smirk slightly, an idea popping into my head. "Could it be that you're buying…" I slipped up behind her and whispered in her ear. "…underwear?" My smirk broadened. "…And you're after my help?"

Oops, maybe I went too far. I rubbed my face tentatively, outlining the hand mark that she had left. I couldn't help it; she was just so much fun to tease!

I sighed as she stalked out of the room, her bag swung loosely over her shoulder.

That evening, Chiaki's house…

I kicked off my shoes as I entered the dark apartment. I'd only just moved in so it wasn't furnished at all. In fact, it was still rather dusty and I'd only managed to get a mattress in the room.

"You took your time! What were you doing?" The voice came from the corner of the room. "I was beginning to get hungry!"

I smiled slightly. Access always cheered me up. Ever since he'd arrived, the days didn't seem pointlessly long anymore.

"Just been out." I said casually. Access raised his eyebrows.

"Hmm, really? Say, what are we having tonight?" He pestered.

As much as I liked his company, Access really could be a pain sometimes. "Who knows, I'll find something."

Access sighed. He flew over, suddenly excited. "You didn't happen to find out more about her, did you?"


"Jeanne of course!"

I scratched my head, sitting down on the mattress. "No. Now be quiet, I'm tired."

Access pouted and flew closer again. "We have to find her quickly, otherwise we can't do anything."

"I'll find her in my own time." I said blankly, lying back and closing my eyes.

"Jeez, you'll never be good at your job if you're tired out after a day of school." Access sighed again. "Looks like I'll have to find her myself, you're proving to be useless."

I swatted the angel away clumsily. "Do what you want," I said, yawning.

"Jeanne's already got a head start you know. She'll have checkmated everything before you've got started."

This Access sure was persistent. "Who cares who she is. So long as I'm there at the time, it'll be fine." I said, batting him away again.

Finally, Access gave in. Besides, I knew he was tired himself. He'd been out and about the whole day. He crashed down onto the mattress too, sighing, before drifting off into a deep slumber.

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