Klaus took a deep breath and turned the radio up, he tried to concentrate on some girl asking to call her maybe but the tune was hurting his ears more than the sound coming from his trunk so with a swift move he turned the radio off and hoped for the girl to be tired of screaming, however she was far from giving up.

"Let me out!" she yelled and banged her fists mad against the heavy confines of his car. "Let me out, can you hear me moron? I will kill you when I get out of here." she screamed and started kicking, adding to his aggravation. "Let me out!" she now yelled with all that she had.

Klaus finally had enough and pulled over in the deserted road, he quickly came around to the trunk and opened it.

He caught the girl as she tried to flash away and shoved her against the car, she bared her fangs furious with his doings and tried to come at him for a fight, to put an end to the silly attempt he simply snapped her neck.

The girl fell to the ground and with a sigh he took his phone dialing a number, another very angry girl accepted the call. "Bonnie, have you reconsidered my request love?"

"No… you took my best friend so I'm not lifting a finger until I know that she is safe."

Klaus looked at the blonde lying on the ground, he bent his knees and crouched exposing her face by removing the long blonde locks away from her features. "I haven't touched her." he said with a smile, he hadn't noticed before but the girl was actually extremely easy on the eye.

"Let me talk to her."

Klaus stood up. "That's not a possibility, I will let you talk to her when you undo that spell that is slowly desiccating my family."

"Maybe you should have thought of that before you killed Emily." Bonnie snapped.

"Very well love, if you can't undo the spell that your cousin did then say goodbye to your friend."

"If you touch Caroline I will find my way to that spell and make sure that it can't be reversed, then I'll sacrifice my powers and since I'm the last Bennett witch of my line, good luck finding a new sister and brother."

Klaus pressed his lips mad and stared at his phone as the witch ended the call, he quickly dialed another number that he wasn't too familiar with, which explained the reaction that came from the man on the other side.

"Who died?"

Klaus rolled his eyes. "Nice to hear your voice as well, baby brother."

"You never call me, unless you have really bad news to spare."

"Well Kol, I need a witch expert."

"What did you do?"

Klaus paced on the dirt road. "I killed a Bennett witch and now Elijah and Rebekah are slowly desiccating and it doesn't look too green on my side of the grass."

"How can someone as powerful as you be so stupid Nik? You just don't go around so briskly ending Bennett witches. They are like us, Originals and killing one of them comes with terrible consequences."

"Thank you for the information, alas it comes a tad late." he grumbled with flair.

Kol sighed heavily. "How are you handling this?"

"I snatched her best friend from Campus but the witch is playing hard nonetheless."

"Wait… which one did you kill? Please tell me that you at least had the decency of leaving the really hot one alive."

Klaus nodded slowly. "I killed the dull one, Emily."

"Here's what you will do; you will treat her friend like she's made of gold, do not lay a finger on that girl. Bonnie may be the hottest one but she's also the strongest witch of her line, ever. You do not want this girl upset Nik, she's also known to have a very nasty mood."

"You sound aroused." Klaus spoke into his phone frowning.

"I am the expert in this Nik and I'll ask around… maybe there's something that we can use to slow the spell Emily has cast on Elijah and Bekah as punishment for her, I'm sure, unfair death. Although... thank you really, it warms my heart that you don't love me."

"What are you rambling about now Kol?" Klaus asked with a hand in the air like he was slowly giving up on his brother's sanity.

"She cursed the ones you most care about, I happen to look the usual dashing self which means you care for Elijah and Bekah." Kol tried to sound a bit mocking about this but he was actually pouting.

And Klaus knew it well. "Come little one, don't be so upset, I bet Emily was in your bed once and still held you to the highest standard and esteem, that's why she saved you."

"No, don't even joke about that Nik... that's like blasphemy..."

Klaus shook his head, Kol and his love for witches was like religion. "I'll keep the friend alive just in case."

"Try to keep in touch with Bonnie as well, it will help if she talks to her friend. We do want her on our side..."



"I don't take orders from anyone, especially not from my baby brother." Klaus said upset.

"Well excuse my ways, it's just that my older brother decided to be an idiot and kill a Bennett witch." Kol ended the call for him.

Klaus put his phone away with a growl and scooped the girl in his arms leaving her on the passenger side.

He was already driving for a while when she finally came to herself with a gasp, the blonde twisted in her seat fast and the first thing that she tried to do was to get away. She tried the door a couple of times and even tried to break the window with her elbow.

"Don't you just love the advanced technology these days? All doors locked with one single little button on my side and double bullet proof windows. All at your display love." he smiled not taking his eyes away from the road.

The girl slowly faced him. "Who are you?"

"Klaus Mikaelson, I'm sure that you've heard of me." he smugly faced her.

She shook her head. "Not really."

Klaus grimaced. "What do you mean?"

She rubbed her neck. "I mean that I don't know who you are."

"Have you been living under a rock? I'm the Klaus Mikaelson!" he repeated with determination.

"Whatever..." she mumbled and searched every pocket inside of her Denim jacket. "Where's my phone and my bag?" she looked at the back seat grimacing when she found it empty.

"I took what I needed and tossed the rest away."

Discouraged the girl settled on her seat and fixed her hair. "This is because of Bonnie isn't it? You need her to do something for you and you are using me to make her do it."

Klaus smiled. "At least you sound smart, sweetheart."

"Yeah, well don't let the blonde hair fool you." she looked outside her window.

"Prove me right and don't make any major waves. Keep quiet and if you do as I say, you might just see your friend again."

The girl seemed to understand which was a relief and Klaus drove until the tank was almost empty, he pulled into a dodgy gas station by the side of the road and looked at her. "Stay here."

"I need to eat something..."

"You are a vampire." he looked at her wondering if she was even serious.

"I didn't eat before I was rudely kidnapped by some moron with an ego and now I'm starving. Are you by any chance offering? Neck or wrist?" she dropped mad.

It made him smirk. "If you try anything, I will break your neck again."

"Unlock the door." she smiled politely. "Please... The Klaus Mikaelson."

Klaus pushed that button with a heavy disapproving sound and was attentive as the vampire with the long legs stepped outside. "Keep close." he warned her.

They came inside the small dusty drugstore and she smiled at the kid behind the desk.

"Do you have ice cream?" she asked seductively.

"In… the… in the back." he stuttered when she batted her long eyelashes.

"Thank you." she touched his cheek slightly before turning away.

He smiled and pushed himself over the counter so that he could see her better, she gave him one smoldering look before disappearing into one of the rows and he tried to leave the counter fast spilling his Soda all over his Comic book.

"It seems that you've made a bit of a mess."

He startled and looked at the tall man standing in front of him. "Yes… are you with her?"

Klaus didn't answer, he pulled the kid over the counter and feasted on his neck, after he was done with his meal, he looked for the girl. "Dinner is served." he said into the store but got no reply.

He quickly left the kid behind and searched for the blonde finding her outside.

"… don't worry, I'm fine. I think that we are somewhere along Nevada…" she looked back as Klaus snatched the phone from her hand.

"Stole it from the kid… that was sneaky of you."

She crossed her arms. "I had to call Bonnie."

Klaus broke the phone in two and took a step closer to her. "At least now she knows that you are well, so I am free to hurt you."

The girl raised her hands quickly. "I'll behave."

Klaus squinted doubting her so she gave him a sweet innocent smile.

"You have my word, I just needed to reassure my friend that I was ok."

"After you..." he said and moved so that she could go back to the car.

She rested against it while he filled the tank with gas.

The kid stumbled outside, yelling into the late afternoon. "You need to pay for that."

Klaus looked at her. "I thought that you were hungry."

"I don't drink from humans." She perkily replied.

Klaus looked puzzled. "I beg your pardon love?"

"You know… some people are vegetarians, others are vegans... I'm humanless!"

"Hu…." Klaus didn't even bother repeating the word, he just turned his back on her.

She watched him compel the kid to forget about the bite before he returned to the car.

"What do you eat?" he asked breaking the silence after driving for a bit.

She played with one of the buttons in her jacket. "Animals or blood bags." Klaus didn't speak but she looked at him and caught his skin wrinkling in disgust. "Why didn't you kill that kid?" she asked intrigued.

"I don't like leaving a trail behind me, unnecessary deaths seek unwanted attention."

"Right… stick to the undead." she looked at him and closed her eye cheeky. "Gotcha!"

Klaus looked at her with a sly smile. "No hard feelings love…"

"Nope, no feelings at all from the hostage with a sore neck." she looked outside her window again. "Where are you taking me?"

"Like the good kidnapper that I am, not bloody likely that I will tell you love."

"Caroline." she quickly said and faced him, when he didn't answer and looked lost she gave him a fake smile. "The name is Caroline, not love or sweetheart." she disdained the words and his accent.

A smirk took over his lips. "Very well… Caroline." he said slowly allowing the letters to roll out of his full lips, the I lingering in his thick accent and that bit longer in his tongue.

"Hostage!" she quickly amended herself. "You may call me hostage."

"For it is what you are after all." he mused and looked back at the road.

Klaus knew exactly how much impact he had when he wanted and the way words rolled on his tongue like velvet, he knew how to seduce a woman when needed.

In the midst of the heavy moment there was a loud sound and the car started dragging instead of smoothly grazing the road.

Klaus frowned and stopped the car, he came out to find a flat tire that he inspected upset.

Caroline tried the door and was surprised that it was open, she smiled but Klaus spoke while removing the sharp rock that slashed the tire.

"Don't try to run because then I would have to chase you and I hate running."

Caroline gritted her teeth mad but only stepped outside the car to check on the damage. "Are you going to stare at it or change it?"

Klaus looked up at her without talking.

"Maybe it's a vampire tire and it will heal itself, if we wait long enough." she lifted a pointy eyebrow.

"Aren't I stuck with the comic relief…" he stood up taking his leather jacket off.

Caroline twirled a lock of hair watching him change the tire, not that she liked being held against her will but the man was undeniably hot. "So are you like some really famous badass vampire that I should know about?"

Klaus pushed the new tire in. "I'm a hybrid Hostage, don't offend me."

She evilly smiled. "I'm sorry, master."

Klaus jolted his head at her but she was getting inside the car before he could catch her amused smile.

He pressed his teeth and shook his head, why on Earth did he have to go and kill Emily on a rage fit?

She was fondling with a few radio stations when he returned. "Are we stopping to sleep somewhere?" she asked him casually.

"Is there any chance that you will remain the rest of this journey silent?" he sighed loudly.

"Fine… grumpy." she mumbled.

It was peaceful the silence that followed and Klaus enjoyed it tremendously until he found it odd that she was actually silent for so long, Klaus glanced over to her and found Caroline sleeping against her window.

He kept his eyes on her, how was it possible that she was sleeping so peacefully?

She silently moaned in her sleep and pulled her legs up, curling up in the seat to enjoy her beauty sleep.

Klaus snapped clutching the wheel a lot harder than needed; his hostage was just plain taunting him.

He hit the brakes hard and went around the car.

Caroline opened her eyes sleepily when he dumped her back into the trunk shutting the door harshly on her.

"Seriously?" she shouted at him at the same time that she kicked the locked door.

"You are a hostage, behave like one." he said loudly enough for her to listen and then turned the radio up.

He quite enjoyed this Moby fella.


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