Surprised to see me again? I figured I'd give you all a little bonus, so you can see what I imagine what the openings and ending look like. Special thanks to Tamer Arisa for the first~

-First opening, episodes 1 through 16-

Alchemy © Angel Beats

Opening instrumentals

A forest is in the background, and the wind begins to blow. The title appears on screen.

Mugen ni ikitai

A leaf is blown toward the Academy

Mugen ni ikiraretara

The leaf covers the screen for a moment, and when it leaves, the screen now shows Chiharu and Beelzemon near the front gates, both looking up at the cloudless sky

Subete kanau

Beelzemon crosses his arms and looks annoyed as storm clouds start to gather, and Chiharu sighs

Demo ironna mono ga

The scene switches to Tsukiko and ShadowWereGarurumon sitting under a tree. Tsukiko is dozing with her arms crossed behind her head

Atashi o oikondeku

Tsukiko opens her eyes and lifts her head, face grim as the storm clouds darken the scene

Ikiru nokori jikan

Kazue, Yuichi, Wizardmon, and Sorcermon are standing in their rooms, looking out the window (the scene is split in half. The left side shows Kazue and Sorcermon, who are facing the right, and the right half shows Yuichi and Wizardmon, who are facing the left). The storm clouds are darkening the sky, making the children worry and the Digimon look on with stoic expressions

Yume no zahyou yukue

Satoru and Hideaki are sitting on the steps to the main building, while their Digimon stand by their sides. The storm clouds darken this scene, too

Zenbu daji na mono na no ni

The scene switches back to Chiharu, who is watching Asuka, Lotosmon, Dai, BlackSeraphimon, Hiroshi, and Snimon under the dark shade of a tree. They look happy, but a dark entity seems to swallow them up, making them vanish. Chiharu extends an arm, trying in vain to call them back

Ii sa kokora de chotto amai mono tabeteiko

In that dark place, Mayu and Lucemon walk up from behind Chiharu and Beelzemon. Mayu places a hand on Chiharu's shoulder, making her jump

Sou iu shikouteishi

The rest of the Digi-Destined appear behind Mayu and Lucemon, and confidence appears on Chiharu's face. She smiles, and turns to face the shadow

Bakari tokui ni natta

Chiharu slashes a card through her D-Agent and raises her arm upward. A bright beam of light comes from the screen, eventually whiting out the whole scene

Aruiteka mich furikaeru to

Beelzemon jumps into the scene, the courtyard of the Academy, firing the Berenjena. Lucemon appears from the right side, covering up Beelzemon as he fires his Grand Cross attack

Iya na koto bakkari demo uunzari da yo

Lilamon enters from the bottom, twirling while spreading a pollen like substance. She suddenly stops twirling and fires off a Marvel Shot, recoiling off screen to the top left. Wizardmon comes in from the left, raising his staff and summoning a bolt of thunder, which changes direction on its way down, shooting at the screen. The screen goes white for a minute, and when it fades, he's gone

Fureru mono o kagayakashiteyuku

ShadowWereGarurumon jumps in from the bottom left corner, heading in a right/upwards diagonal direction, while BlackWarGreymon appears a moment later, mirroring ShadowWereGarurumon's movements. Both are back-to-back. The screen first shows ShadowWereGarurumon delivering a Full Moon Kick attack, and then turns to show BlackWarGreymon firing off a Terra Force attack

Sonna michi o ikitekitakatta yo

The screen pans up, and when ShadowWereGarurumon and BlackWarGreymon are halfway down the screen, Beelzemon jumps straight into the air behind him. His eyes turn green, and large wings sprout from his back, putting him in Blast Mode. A single dark feather floats down and covers the screen

Ending instrumentals

The feather is blown away to show all of the Digi-Destined and their partners in front of the Academy, facing the direction the storm clouds are coming from

-Second opening, episodes 17 through 36-

Friends © Dance in the Vampire Bund

Opening instrumentals

The sky is shown, and the title appears. As the lyrics approach, the screen turns downward, showing the ground, a wasteland, with the Digi-Destined and their partners walking

Kuchizuke wo kawashita hi wa

There's a closer, level view of the Digi-Destined, and it slowly zooms in

Mama na kao sae mo mirenakatta

The screen is even closer, now showing the full group. It pans from left to right, showing (in order): Chiharu, Beelzemon, Mayu, Lucemon, Hideaki, BlackWarGreymon, Tsukiko, ShadowWereGarurumon, Yuichi, Wizardmon, Satoru, and Lilamon

Poke-to no coin atsumete

Now it's night, and there's a campfire. Most of the group is shown asleep

Hitotsuzutsu yume wo kazoeta ne

Chiharu, the only one away, stares sadly into the dancing flames, which are reflected in her eyes and goggles

Hora are wa futari no kakure ga

It's still nighttime, but now there's a view of the campfire from far away, atop a cliff

Himitsu no MEMORY wo

The screen shows what's on the cliff, revealing Makuramon as the screen slowly pans up. Makuramon looks annoyed, and jumps off the cliff

Doko de kowareta no oh FRIENDS

The group is now show, under a full moon, fighting the Devas as each runs at them (Order: Kumbhiramon, Pajiramon, Vajramon, Sandiramon, Caturamon, Mihiramon, Antylamon, Indramon, Sinduramon, Vikaralamon, Majiramon)

Utsumuku hi wa mitsumeatte

As the rest of the Devas are clear from the screen, Makuramon is shown watching it all, standing on a rock. He retreats after witnessing his allies' defeat

Yubi wo tsunaidara oh FRIENDS

Beelzemon's guns are drawn, aiming at the spot where Makuramon was just occupying and firing, but it's not use, because Makuramon is already gone. Beelzemon clenches his fists

Toki ga tomaru kigashita

Mayu puts a comforting hand on Chiharu's shoulder, who is tightly holding her D-Agent. Chiharu looks up at Mayu and fakes a smile, but it's painfully obvious that it's fake

Ending instrumentals

Scenes from across the Digital World are shown, such as forests, mountains, and villages, but it stops at the image of a desert with stones is rows, clearly a graveyard


Tsunaida Te © Fullmetal Alchemist

Opening instrumentals

A black silhouette of Chiharu working at her desk in her room is shown. In the background, a visible image of her is seen walking the halls of the Academy, with Beelzemon walking beside her

Meguri meguttemo mata koko de aitai

The background image changes to an image of the gym while the sun is going down, so amber light is filtering through the windows. Tsukiko is sitting on a bench near the punching bag, sipping a bottle of water, having clearly just been working out. ShadowWereGarurumon is leaning on the wall nearby. The silhouette of Chiharu remains in the foreground, with tiny movements, showing that she's doing her schoolwork

Hagurenai you ni kono te wo tsunagun da

Now the background shows Satoru sitting under a tree in the bright daylight, reading a book, with Lilamon doing the same on the other side of the tree. Chiharu's silhouette still remains

Asahi ga noboru made katari atta ne

The background now has Yuichi messing around with Reiko and Kazue, while their Digimon are talking nearby. Chiharu's silhouette is still in the foreground

Yuuhi ga shimuzu made tsunaida te

Hideaki is now on his stomach on his bed, just hanging out, having a conversation of some sort with BlackWarGreymon. Again, Chiharu's still in the foreground

Kou yatte asu mo asa temo tomo ni ayumou hikari to kage

Mayu and Lucemon are now in the courtyard, also just talking. A Biyomon flies across the screen, obscuring the view of Mayu and Lucemon, acting as a screen changer. Chiharu stays in the foreground

Kimi wa sono mune ni nani wo kakae

As the Biyomon moves from view, Chiharu, Hiroshi, Asuka, Dai, Beelzemon, Snimon, Lotosmon, and BlackSeraphimon are sitting at their lunch table. The humans are laughing, and Lotosmon appears to be chuckling. Beelzemon looks annoyed, as though he was the butt of the joke. Again, Chiharu's black silhouette is shown in the foreground

Donna sekai ni itan darou

Now there is an image of an empty classroom, lit in the same way the gym had been before. Again, Chiharu in the foreground

Ima omou yo

The scene goes to a fade transition to a close-up of a Digimon History textbook at a diagonal angle on a desk. Chiharu is still in the foreground

Sabashige ni mitsumeru machi no naka de

Tsukiko, ShadowWereGarurumon, Hideaki, and BlackWarGreymon walk out of a classroom, presumably the Team Battling room, and the two humans bump fists while the Digimon look pleased. Chiharu is still working in the foreground

Nukumori wa hitori ja mitsukaranakute

Mayu and Chiharu are on the stairs in Dorm E. Mayu is about four steps above Chiharu, and Mayu is glaring down at Chiharu, but her face then softens, and she goes down those four steps to be at Chiharu's level, and the two girls shake hands. Chiharu remains in the foreground

Ai ga konna ni truyosa ni naru koto

Class is in session, and Beelzemon is in his typical place leaning against the wall, holding the Digimon History textbook, and there's a brief glimpse of the Seven Great Demon Lords on the page he's opened to before he slams the book shut. Chiharu is still at her desk in the foreground

Shittanda kimi n ideate hajimete

Yuichi is now in his room, in the middle of the night, and it's raining outside, with a crash or two of thunder and lightning. He looks frightened, but Wizardmon places a hand on the boy's shoulder and nods reassuringly, and Yuichi feels a little better. Chiharu's silhouette is still in the foreground

Meguri meguttemo mata koko de aitai

Nakayama and Dianamon are in the observation room of the Team Battling class, along with Ikeda and Apollomon. The subtle changes in light suggest that they are watching the Digi-Destined train as a team. Chiharu is still working in the foreground

Hagurenai you ni kono te wo tsunagun da

Beelzemon and Lucemon are standing opposite each other in the courtyard. Beelzemon looks pissed, while Lucemon is simply annoyed. In what appears to be an attempt to alleviate his annoyance, Lucemon offers his hand as a truce. After a moment, Beelzemon grudgingly accepts. Chiharu is still in the foreground

Hitori ja nemurenai yume wa mirenai kara

Satoru and Lilamon are eating lunch with Tsukiko, ShadowWereGarurumon, Hideaki, and BlackWarGreymon. They eat in comfortable silence. Chiharu is still in the foreground

Donna fuan mo todokanai tokoro e

Shimizu is teaching a class, with Renamon monitoring them closely. The class is listening attentively, though one or two people look very bored. Chiharu remains working in the foreground

Hoshi no nai yoru mo terashi tsuzukeyou

The background becomes a view of the outside of the Academy, from the front gates. Chiharu's silhouette is still working, and then the silhouette of a door opens, and in walks Beelzemon's silhouette. Chiharu's looks up, and then stands, following him out the door

Okay, I know that for the ending I kinda chopped off the last section of lyrics, but it was the only way I could specifically end this like I wanted to. Thank you for reading (and hopefully listening to the songs while doing so to get a better idea). The first opening is much better than the second, because Tamer Arisa came up with it. I'm not very good at imaging openings, though in my head, the ending came out pretty decently. I want to apologize, though, if the minor changes to the first opening offend you, Arisa.

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