I floated about my house, hidden deep inside a cave. Fionna. I couldn't get the fearless human girl out of my mind. I always visit her at least once a day and when I went today that annoying cat told me she was out on a mission for Prince Gumwad. Ugh, I hated that kid! But oh Fionna…

Whenever I looked at her there was that warm stirring in my stomach and whenever I'm near her I always find little ways to touch her. Whether it's teasing her about hiding her long blonde hair under that bunny hat just so I could play with a strand of it, or play flirting with her so I could see the pink that creeps across her white and delicate cheeks. It always worried me when she went out on an adventure and I wasn't with her. I was always scared of that stubborn girl getting hurt or even…No! I wouldn't think about that!

Oh glob. Look at me! A vampire king, a son of a demon, having feelings for a human girl.


I turned around to see Fionna standing there, soaking wet. That warm stirring was back, but it felt hotter than normal. Her clothes were clinging to her body, putting an emphasis on the subtle curves she had. She leaned over to put her backpack on the floor and my lips parted at how I wanted so badly to strip her out of those clothes. "Do you not hear how badly it's storming outside?" I was so caught up with thinking about her that I hadn't noticed it's been raining until she mentioned it.

"No, you're distracting me from it." I grinned, floating closer to her. She blushed and lightly punched me in the arm.

"Stop teasing me," she said. Changing the subject she added, "I was headed home from my mission, but it was raining so heavily that I decided to just head here since your place is closer to where I was than the tree house. I'll call Cake and let her know I'm crashing here for the night."

She walked past me to the coffee table where the phone was. My eyes followed her and I watched as she dialed. As she talked, she began pulling off her wet hat. Her hair fell perfectly down her back and I found myself involuntarily floating closer to her. As she talked, my eyes focused on her lips and my ears tuned out what she was saying as my mind raced. Those naturally pink lips…oh how badly I wanted to just globing-

"Cake is not happy about me staying here, but oh well." Fionna's voice snapped me out of my daydream. My feet touched the ground as I began walking towards her with a toothy grin. "Marshell? Why are you smiling like that?"

"What if Cake's right?" I said, stopping a mere two inches from her.

"About being upset?" She wondered.

"Yes. Maybe you shouldn't stay here. Who knows what'll happen." My voice had lowered an octave and I could feel her sudden nervousness radiating off of her.

"Nothing will happen," she replied. I took an inch closer to her and leaned in.

"You're positive about that, Fionna?"

She didn't answer. Her eyes had widened in anticipation and curiosity, and I felt her grow tense. I reached out and tilted her head up with the tips of my fingers. "Relax," I whispered. Her body reacted well to what I said.

"But I need to change. I'm soaking wet," she said in all pure innocence. I grinned at the double meaning it had in this situation.

"Then allow me to show you where my room is."

And dress you in my bed sheets…

A/N This is my first ever fanfic! I hope you guys liked it! (And enjoyed Marshell haha)