Last Chapter, hope you enjoy ;D

I slipped through the window of the tree house. It was late at night so I knew Cake was sleep. She always went to sleep early. I found her sprawled out on the sofa as I floated my way up the stairs to the bedroom they shared. There Fionna was with her eyes closed, her blonde hair pooling around her curvy frame. She lay on top of the bed sheets, showcasing what she was wearing: blue short shorts and a thin white tank top. She wasn't even wearing a bra and I grinned at the sight, wondering if she was wearing panties or not as well.

I hovered over her, dipping in close, my hands wanting to search and caress her body. Before I could, her eyes slowly opened and she smiled a devilish grin. Ah, so she wasn't sleep at all. She sat up and touched her lips with mine. It took all my willpower to not collapse on her and just have her right then and there. Instead, I took her hand and pulled her into me, wrapping my arms around her waist, we floated out of the window. I didn't want all the screaming she would do to wake up that annoying kitty.

I couldn't have gotten back to my house quick enough. On the way there, our lips were forever locked. We only broke for a millisecond at a time so she could get air before I was attacking her lips again. I placed her on my bed.

Fionna's POV

He didn't give me time to catch my breath. He stripped off his pants and was on top of me, straddling my hips. He took the hem of his shirt and sloooowly pulled it up, exposing his smooth skin. My mouth hung slightly open, wanting to trace his muscles with my tongue. He pulled it up and over, dropping it onto the floor. He took my tank top and pulled it up until my stomach was exposed. He leaned down, kissing and sucking, traveling farther and farther south. His tongue ran along the beginnings of my shorts and I gasped, my back slightly arching as warmness pooled down to my womanhood.

He traveled back up, pushing my shirt over my head in the process. His eyes were swimming with hunger as he stared down at my bosom. All that was left between us was a pair of shorts and his boxers. He cupped my face, hungrily capturing my lips as his manhood grinded with urgency and wildness into me. I let out several moans, ready to peel out of the rest of my clothes.



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