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Sibblings fight, that's a given. We yell, pull hair, get grumpy, the like. Hey! We live withone another for Gods sake!

I grew up in a house where the word "sibling" isn't used lightly, most of the time they're seperated. I grew up in an orphan home. I was born along with 3 other brothers, all older than me, and my mother died not long after. I never really knew her very well.

Oh well.

"Hey Mattie whats up? You seem distracted." I blinked dumbly and shook the cobwebs from my mind.

"Sorry Iggy, what were you sayin?" I asked. Iggy's real name is Arthur, don't ask why we came up with his nickname. He was the middle child before I was born, but he's a lot nicer to talk to than my other brothers, he actually listens sometimes. That, and he yells at the other kids when they ask "who's Matt?" and pretend I don't exist.

"I was saying maybe the four of us can sneak out tonight and hang out in the park. Nina says she'll help us steal the keys to the gates if we make Franny bake her another muffin." I laughed and turned back to my sketchbook with a simple nod. The picture on the pad kind of scared me, a picture of a little boy without a face clawing at a brick wall. When did I draw this?

I sighed and crumbled the paper, maybe one of the other kids did it. A lot of the others here definatly need some serious mental help, thats for sure.

"Did you ask Al yet?" I asked, starting a rough sketch of a head. Maybe I'll draw Francis this time, I haven't done that yet.

"Nah, but you know he'll come. He never gives up an oppertunity to get out of this place."

I nodded, Al is one of those kids that needs help. He acts relly strong around everyone else, but we know better because we all share a room. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night crying. I feel really bad for him, he was really close to mama before she died.

"Come on my little me~ Its almost time for lunch!" Francis singed from the doorway and I pinched the bridge of my nose. Because of mama's death, Francis practically raised me. He fed me as an infant, cut my hair like his own, and even pulled me through all his french classes with him, calling me his "little me."

I guess you could say thats how Iggy is with Al, only not so...persistant. Iggy gives him space, Francis gives me little to none.

Life here is based on a schedual thats posted on your bedroom door the day you move in. Everyone wakes up at a certain time, bathes at a certain time, eats at a certain time, ect. The main leader here is a man by the name of Vash and his younger sister named Lilly. Lilly is sweet and takes her time to make sure everyone is doing well, Vash on the other hand could care less.

To be honast, I kind of like Vash better.

Today, lunch consist of a thick stew, stale tasting bread and glasses of watery milk. The food isn't the best, but beggers can't be choosers right?

After lunch, dishes are rotated between rooms. Today is room 21, the Russians. Tomorrow is our room. Oh how I hope that I can do it by myself! It would be so much easier, not to mention more relaxing. I don't mind cleaning, I love it. Cleaning with my siblings on the other hand is a nightmare.

Because we don't have kitchen duty, we get almost an hour to ourselves before afternoon chores. Today, Francis cuts my hair on the back patio.

I'll be completely honast with myself, I love it when he cuts my hair. All I have to do is sit and enjoy the comb running through and I count the snip snips of the scissors. I always complain about it, mostly because I don't want Iggy or Al to know, but Francis does and thats all that matters.

Him and I have always been close, closer than the others think. He taught me how to read and write, play the violin, and how to keep myself out of trouble. I confide in him alone, and he does the same for me.

It's kind of sad that we have such a big age diffrence.

"All done!" He announced, carefully pulling the towel from around my nec and flinging the clippings away from my shirt. I practically skipped to the mirror and was shocked at my reflection. He had cut it shorter than usual, one hair poking out in a curl at the top of my head. My bangs were still rather long and angled away from my face. I looked all around to make sure no one was around and snuck him a bear hug.

"Oh! Thats right!" I exclaimed and half ran over to my little desk, pulling out my sketchbook. I flipped to the page I was working on earlier and he snatched it from my hand.

"Aw that's good Mattie, you've gotten a lot better since spring. I'm proud." He held it out just high enough so I couldn't reach and laughed as I tried to hop on my toes to get it. Al and Iggy came into the room and they all passed it back and forth away from me untill we were all a laughing mess.

"Hey! Keep it down will ya!" Natalia yelled, banging our door open with the force of a mad bull, "I'm trying to read!"

"Sorry Nat" I smiled, retrieving my sketchbook from a still-laughing Al and she mumbled something along the lines of "stupid Americans."

"Technically I was born in Canada!" I yelled back at her mischeiviously and ducked as a book came flying at my head. Her brother, I believe his name is Ivan, gave me an evil glare before heading into the room as well and we all started snickering again.

"Stupid Americans" Iggy mocked, picking up the book by the corner and throwing it at Al. He caught it and kicked it out our window, nearly hitting the pane of glass at the top. We heard the chimes of the grandfather clock and groaned almost in unison, checking our lists for our chores of the day.

"Dang it! I don't want to clean bathrooms all day" Al whined.

"At least you don't have to do the attic, that place gives me the creeps" Iggy argued, pulling on Al's ear.

I've got garden duty, score! That means I get to hang outside, pull weeds and plant whatever flowers Lilly picked out. Maybe I'll even get some time to relax and play with Neko, the balck cat who hangs out by the tool shed.

There was a lot more work than I had anticipated. A whole bed of flowers had to be planted and there were enough weeds to choke a black hole. It was fun none the less, and it gave me some time to think and be on my own. I don't like people very much.

I've been known to have scopeaphobia, the fear of being stared at or noticed. Its not so bad when I'm around my family, but it does get pretty bad sometimes. Some people say I'm like a ghost, I dissapear in plain sight. Theres some times that I can stand in the middle of a room and make myself invisable.

Now is one of those times.

As I was planting the last of the flowers, a crawling itched its way up my spine and I noticed a boy staring at me work. He had very pale skin that looked fragile like paper and hair that was cotton white. His eyes were a deep crimson and they held a sheen of sadness like a kicked puppy.

I tried not to stare back, the tingle getting worse and making me want to run.

This is one of those times.

The boy took a step towards me, then another, and another. I cringed, trying to pull away but the garden fence pressed against me. The boys hand twitched and streatched towards me.

"Are you-" his hand touched my shoulder and I screamed"Don't touch me!Stop looking at me, stop looking at me, stop looking at me!"

He recoiled, stepping back and looking at the ground.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

The sound of his voice made my heart skip a beat and I looked up at him.

"It's ok, I'm sorry for freaking out on you, I normally don't do that." I blushed, embarassed at how I was acting. He gave me a cheshire grin and laughed.

"I know, my awesomeness can be a bit intimidating sometimes. My names Gilbert" his voice held a strange accent and seemed sort of forced. I smiled back and stood up, aqwardly brushing the dirt from my jeans.

"My names Matthew, but most people call me Matt or Mattie. You must be new here."

"Oh, uh.. yea. Me and mein- I mean my brother. His name is Ludwig."

"I see, well I'm sure you'll catch on to things here pretty quick, its kind of self-explanitory."

"Uh yea. I'm sorry, but I'm actually kind of confused. You see- how do I put this.."

"You can't read english very well?" His eyes widened but he nodded.

"How did you know?"

"Your accent. Don't worry though, it happens quite a bit actually. Me and my brothers can help you guys if you need it." He gave me a weak smile, almost like he was embarassed to be talking to me. His face was flushed and he seemed almost feverish. He told me he wanted to introduce me to his brother, so I politely agreed. I hope his brother doesn't stare to.

"Do you have many siblings?" he asked as we began walking towards the back door. I burst out laughing and nodded.

"Not as many as some, but yea. I have three older brothers."

"That must suck" He said furrowing his brow," I have enough trouble with just one brother, and hes younger than me so I can boss him around."

"Nah" I pushed open the door and blinked a few times as my eyes got adjusted to the poorly lit house, "they're actaully pretty fun to be around. They have thier moments, but then again don't we all?"

As if on cue, Al came running towards us, waving a pair of Iggy's british flag boxers while screaming like a viking and a flustered Iggy ran at his heels clutching a towel around his waist. I aughed and high-fived Al as he ran by, whooping with some of the other guys at them.

"Those are your brothers?" Gil asked and I chuckled in return.

"Yea that's Arthur and Alfred, Francis is our oldest brother and hes a lot more mellow than them. You'll meet them soon enough." I ducked around some people who were getting ready for their showers and finaly made it to the main hallway where Gil led me to his room. Sitting on the edge of one of the bunks was a boy no older than mybe 9 with his head propped up on his knee, reading.

"Hey Lud, I found a friend to help us out!" Gil exclaimed, jumping up to the bunk and nearly flinging his brother off the edge. Ludwig looked at me for only a few seconds, for which I was grateful, and then hopped down, extending his hand. He was wearing a long sleave T-shirt and when I shook his hand, the sleave pulled back slightly to reveal thumb print bruises. I casually shook it off and looked over to their schedual.

"Looks like you guys shower second to last. Come on, I'll introduce you to my brothers while you wait."

"don't you have to bathe?" Gil asked, jumping down.

"I'll go second round, theres always two rounds in case you didn't finish your chores in time. It's after dinner before bedtime" I explained, leading them back the way we came. I took the long route, not wanting to get mixed up in the heavy trafic of kids trying to shuffle into the shower room. I never shower first round, too many people.

By the time we got into the room, only Francis was inside. He usually showers second round to. He doesn't like a lot of people either and it puts me at ease to know I'm not alone.

"Ah~ Who are these gentlemen? I don't believe I've seen you both before."

"Franny, this is Gilbert and Ludwig. They just got here today and Gil found me in the garden." I tried to mask the strain in my voice when I said found and failed miserably. Gil shuffled nervoulsy a little ways away.

"Ah I see, so I'm guessing you both are not from around here?" Francis said calmly, a kind smile on his face. I envy him for how well he can comfort someone just by looking at them.

"Ja, my brother and I are from Germany, we moved here only a few months ago and-" Ludwig paused, looking really uncomfortable, "got seperated from our father."

My eyes darted from Ludwig's sleave to Francis, a silent message we've used since we were kids. He gave a slight nod, too little to really notice unless you were really paying attention.

"I'm sorry to hear that. This place really isn't the brightest, but its a lovely place once you get used to it." Brother said, tilting his head.

Just then, Alfred burst through the door in nothing but a towel and Iggy pulled over his shoulder like a rag doll, his face flushed and breathing heavilly from running and laughing. The door swung open, only to crash into me with enough force to split the skin on my forehead.

Gil, Ludi and Francis looked at me, blood oozing onto the bridge of my nose.

And Gilbert passed out cold.

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