It's actually kind of sad that Iggy's blind and still a better cook than me, but there are much stranger things in the world. Like the whole 2%-avian-DNA-kids stuff. So, that's why Iggy's in charge of the cooking for the Flock.

"So, what's for dinner tonight?" I ask as we sit down at the table.

"Chicken," he says, pulling something out of the oven.

"Okay, sounds good," I reply.

He carries the pan to the table and we pile the contents onto our plates. We throw ourselves at the food. Gazzy and Angel eat so fast, I think they might choke. Fang, Iggy, and myself dig in.

Nudge, however, stares at her plate.

"What's up, Nudge?" I ask. "Not hungry?"

Every head turns. "Not hungry" is a phrase that has never been uttered by any member of the Flock.

"Sure I am. Something just occurred to me today, is all."


"We're two per cent avian DNA, right?"

"Well, that would explain the wings."

"If we're part bird, then doesn't eating chicken make us cannibals?"

Silence falls. I glance at Fang. He shrugs.

"Eat and be grateful," I snap.

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