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Path of Light


Ryan and Vixi were nearing the end of their trip from Unova. It had been a long trip and they were starting to look a little green. Not only that, but their food stores had run out well a few days ago.

"This sucks." Ryan said, complaining about the abnormally long boat ride, lack of food, and general misery.

"I told you we should've tried the plane," Vixi said, reminding Ryan that they could have stowed away on the plane instead of the boat. Ryan ignored her, anyways she was right. What else was new?

"We should be almost there." he said, checking his bag once again for food. He'd found it thrown away on the side of some road, despite the fact that it was in good condition so he kept it. It was a great place to keep his dad's gift. It also held their maps (which was the only thing they had to swipe), food, and water.

"Wake me up when we're there." she said, deciding to sleep to avoid boredom. Ryan was tired too, but decided to stay up, so he could wake Vixi when they arrived.

They should be close by now.

About a half hour later, he felt the boat stop and looked out a porthole. He could see Olivine City's famous lighthouse.

"Vixi we're here!" he said waking her up, gently.

"That nap was too short." she groaned, obviously unhappy about having to get up, but she still got up.

When they snuck off the boat Vixi instantly stopped him saying, "I'm gonna snoop around and find out more about Johto. You go get some food." Right after she said that, she took off leaving Ryan with his task.

Ryan groaned at this, but still headed to fulfill his task and find food. The only problem was that it had to be berry based. 'Stupid Vixi and her being a vegetarian.' he thought even though it wasn't true. She could eat meat, but to her, berries were healthier.

'Perhaps I should grab a burger for her,' Ryan thought grinning, but decided otherwise. She'd just tell him to throw it away because it was "human food". So he continued his search

Blackout's POV

"Olivine," Blackout said, "Maybe I can find something to do here." He was currently entering the town. As usual he was all alone.

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