Chapter 2

Rocky: And we are back. This chapter is mainly finishing introducing the main characters to you and each other.

Riolu: Yep and without further ado, lets start



Rocky: We are working on it.

Riolu: What he said.


Rocky: Hopefully this will be better.

Ryan's POV

'Alright so berries, where can I find berries?' Ryan thought. He was traveling through the back streets of Olivine.

Meanwhile with Blackout...

'Just the usual, alone and boredly wandering through the town,' Blackout thought as he wandered. About that time he rounded the corner to find himself face to face with a Riolu.

Back to Ryan...

I was pretty shocked when I came around the corner to be face to face with a particuarly scary Growlithe. This particular one was about 4 feet tall, and had golden fur.

In fear I backed up, "Sorry." I said as I moved away. Hopefully he wasn't hungry.

"Its alright," he said, and I breathed a sigh of relief. "I am going to guess that you are looking for food," he said, calmly sitting.

"Yea, my friend and I were on a boat from Unova, and we ran out of food, before we got here," I said, hoping he had food to spare.

"I know where plenty of food is," Blackout said, "Follow me." With that he walked off towards the forests outside of Olivine.

I quickly followed him, hoping that there would be enough for both Vixi and me. He led me out of the city, and into a clearing 30 yards into the forest.

There was plenty of food for both Vixi and me. I quickly packed my bag so I could get out of the Growlithe's way.

"Would you mind sparring with me?" he asked, sitting over to the side waiting for me to get done.

"I guess it's only fair as you provided me with food," I said, setting my bag down, and getting in a fighting stance.

"Nothing that would knock one of us out," Blackout said, also preparing to fight.

'So he is going to be way faster going forwards or backwards, but he can't move side to side easily,' I thought, waiting for him to make the first move.

He began circling me looking for an opening. I saw him smirk as she stopped circling and charged head on at me. I prepared myself to absurd a blow... that never came. Instead a different attack hit me in my side.

I stumbled back before retaliating with a roundhouse aimed at his head. The problem with a roundhouse however is that it is easy to duck under. And as that is what he did, it left me open to a counter attack. Which also happens to be what he did.

Instead of hitting me in the gut this time, he went directly for my legs. Once I was on the ground I would be easily taken down.

Once I was down he ran towards me to finish the fight. Unluckily for him, I was ready. I curled both of my legs to my chest, and kicked him hard when he got close enough.

He grunted, as he was thrown back several feet. He was much slower getting up this time. Then again so was I. We probably should have stopped, but neither of us were willing to give any quarter. I glanced up at his, and saw that he charging in for another attack. Instead of blocking, this time I sidestepped and hit him on his head as hard as I could.

That attack did serious damage. When he was standing up that time, he almost fell from exhaustion. All the same he charged me, except this time his head had a faint white glow that I didn't notice until he pointed it out later.

Anyways, I tried my sidestepping trick again, but he was ready. Following my movement he hit me with an extremely powerful headbutt. Like, more powerful then Hyperbeam headbutt.

Blackout's POV

I know I probably shouldn't have used Reversal then, but that was the only way I could win. My pride wouldn't allow me to take a loss, so I used the extremely overpowered move.