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Chapter Seven: Taking down Slytherin's Locket & the Misdeeds of the Ferret Menace, Harry & Severus's Shared Trauma, Voldie Should Not Be Allowed to Breed

Albus sighed inwardly irritated, not wanting to give any more evidence and ammunition against him, but none the less said, "I believe one to be a locket, a Slytherin piece to be exact." Sirius who was listening intently asked, "A locket, what silver with emeralds and has a snake engraved on the front, that locket Albus?" Albus raised a brow and asked, "You have seen a locket like what you just described, tell me Sirius where did you last see it?"

Sirius frowned and replied, "That damned house elf wore it around his neck, kept on claiming Regulus gave it to him to keep safe." Harry looked positively disturbed at the thought that there had been a piece of Voldemort's soul residing under the same roof as her this whole time.

She said in a harsh sounding hiss, "Sirius I need that locket, it needs to be destroyed, as long as it still exists we are one step behind from finally ending Voldie." She shuddered noticeably and said through furiously gritted teeth, "And the longer that locket remains intact the more I feel my skin crawl in revulsion at the thought of myself or even Ginny for that matter sleeping underneath the same roof as a piece of the soul of the psychopath who murdered my parents and possessed her."

Sirius looked suitably horrified and nodded quickly and called out, "Kreacher!" The house elf in question appeared with a loud pop in the kitchen, Sirius immediately asked before the popping sound had cleared, "That locket you said Regulus gave to you I need it Kreacher where is it?" Kreacher looked on stubbornly and muttered underneath his breath, "Dirty, such filthy mudblood, muggle lovers and blood traitors dirtying and tainting my Mistress home."

Sirius narrowed his eyes and growled, "The locket Kreacher I am demanding as your Master that you hand over the locket. I am your Master whether you or I like or want it, now the locket Kreacher." Kreacher tried with all of his stubborn might to fight the pull of the bond between Master and elf, but regardless of their hatred of the each other, the ancient and powerful magic used to bind an elf to a wizard or witch was far too strong for the old stubborn elf to resist and disobey a direct order.

Kreacher disappeared with a loud pop only to reappear less than a minute later with another equally as loud pop and carrying the cursed locket in his hand. He looked to Sirius with pure hatred, but none the less ever so reluctantly handed over the locket, his hand shaking as if what he was doing greatly pained him. As soon as Sirius had clasped the locket firmly within his grasp, the old elf muttered rapidly and distressed underneath his breath pleading for his precious Master Regulus to forgive him for being weak and failing to protect the locket. Sirius told the elf, "You can go now." Kreacher disappeared with a pop from the kitchen.

Harry would have sympathised with the old elf if it were not for the fact he had been concealing a piece of Voldemort's soul the whole time for only Merlin knew how long. Instead, she held out her hand to Sirius and said, "Hand it over, the quicker that dark twisted and disgusting abomination is destroyed the better I and I am sure even Ginny will sleep tonight."

Sirius more than gladly without comment or complaint wasted no time in depositing the locket into his goddaughter's hand. It felt all wrong, gave off a sense of pure darkness and wrongness that made his stomach feel queasy and his skin crawl as if he wanted to jump right out of it.

Harry held the locket at a distance by its chain as if it was a highly dangerous muggle explosive. She said, "I took the diary down in the Chamber of Secrets with a fang from the Basilisk I killed, so it would stand to reason a fang from the Basilisk will also destroy the locket to." She looked thoughtful, or as thoughtful as anyone could look when thinking about destroying a dark soul fragment with a fang from an extinct and deadly venomous snake. She added, "Maybe it's the venom on the fang that did it more so then the actual fang, just a guess mind you."

She asked, "What else besides the fang could do it?" Albus said, "A magically made sword or sharp dagger coated in the venom would also work as well." Harry asked, "The venom would be easy to come by, but where would we find a sword or dagger?" Albus asked in reply, "What heirloom did you pull out of the sorting hat to the kill the Basilisk with, an heirloom belonging to Godric Gryffindor?" Harry's eyes widened in realisation, of course, the sword of Gryffindor belonged to her as the heir. She asked, "Where is the sword now?" Albus replied, "My office, you yourself handed it to me at the end of your second year."

Harry called out summoning Dobby, "Dobby!" The loyal crazy elf appeared with a loud pop a few seconds later. If he felt caught off guard at the sight of Harry he made no mention of it and without missing a single beat bowed low that his nose and ears practically touched the floor. He asked in an excited high-pitched squeak, "What can Dobby do for Mistress Harry?"

Harry faltered slightly at hearing such a term of address from the elf, but she supposed she needed to get over it quickly as Mistress was now the correct term of address. Still it would take some getting used to, trust Dobby to be the one finally to bring it home the fact she was now female. Oh and trust Dobby to not be caught off guard at the sight of her new appearance if that was not pure blind loyalty she did not know what was.

She cleared her throat and said, "Dobby I need for you to first go to the chamber underneath the disused girls bathroom on the third floor, where you will need to carefully provide me with a small phial of venom." She paused before she added, "Take extra care with the venom as it eats through flesh and bone Dobby. Once you have the phial, your next stop is to the Headmaster's office, where you will find and bring to me the sword of Gryffindor. Before finally stop at Hagrid's hut, tell him Harry Potter sent you and that you need to borrow a pair of Dragon hide gloves."

Dobby nodded rapidly, his bat-like ears flopping about as he said excitedly, "Dobby will be doing as Mistress Harry asks." With that said, the excitable elf disappeared with a loud pop. Cedric asked, "What are you up to and, what's with the sword, venom and Dragon hide gloves?" Harry replied, "Simple, as you heard me telling Dobby the venom is deadly and will eat through flesh and bone, which is the reason for the gloves. As for the sword of Gryffindor, well, once I have finished coating the blade with the venom I plan to stab the unnatural abomination Voldie has made of this locket and destroy the soul fragment placed inside."

Harry then turned her attention back to the locket and let out a strained grimace, something about the evil essence surrounding the locket seemed to be grating on her more so than it appeared to with the others. She realised with pure nausea that the locket was giving off a black coloured oozing pulsating aura. There was absolute no way she was about to mention that she could see it when it was evident no one else seemed to be able.

Cedric saw the strained grimace and asked, "What is it Harry, you look really sickly?" Harry replied, "That's because I do feel sick, due to the fact I can feel the dark magic practically oozing from it, so dark I feel as if I could jump out of my skin. Worst of all it feels almost as if it is trying to suck all of the light and every positive feeling from the room like a disgusting leech, almost like the Dementors but not quite."

Ginny shuddered and said, "Yeah, I had that feeling constantly around Tom's diary all the way through first year, that's of course when I knew whether it was day or night which mind you was not all that often. His hold over me only seemed to lessen during the time you had the diary before I ransacked your dormitory looking for it after he urged me to get it back. Obviously he would not be able to leech my life from me if I was not in possession of the diary."

She stood up and walked over to where Harry sat and held out her hand for the locket. Harry shook her head and commented incredulously, "I really would not recommend doing that if I were you at all." Ginny held out her hand stubbornly, which caused Harry to shake her head in exasperation and said as she handed the locket to the younger witch, "Fine, be my guest, but do not say I did not warn or try to talk you out of the complete insane disaster you are about to self inflict."

Ginny accepted the locket and held it, but within seconds immediately regretted not listening to the older witch, as she dropped the locket as if burnt. She could not help the horrified moan that escaped her as feelings and memories of events she had tried with everything in her to suppress since her first year hit her like a tidal wave. She felt her stomach revolt and a shudder of pure horrified revulsion blaze throughout her whole body as Harry caught the locket before it could hit the floor.

She practically staggered back to her seat as she resisted the urge to empty the contents of her stomach. Mrs. Weasley exclaimed in alarm "Ginny what happened?" Ginny all but sunk back into her chair, visibly trembling and her face a sickly pale colour. She spoke in a haunted voice, "Oh Merlin, that feels exactly how the diary had, I swear if I knew no better I would think I was back trapped in my first year holding and being possessed by that diary again." Harry swallowed thickly and exchanged a grim and knowing glance with the Headmaster.

Before anyone could comment, Dobby chose that moment to reappear with a loud pop beside Harry's chair. He was carrying the small venom filled phial in one hand, while the Dragon hide gloves were in the other and, finally the sword of Gryffindor floated in front of him. He handed both the phial and gloves to Harry, who placed them on the table in front of her before grasping the bejewelled handle of the sword and took it out of midair. She nodded to Dobby and said, "Thank you Dobby you can go now." Dobby nodded rapidly and squeaked, "Dobby is honoured to be serving Mistress" he then disappeared with a loud pop.

Harry turned her attention to the sword and closed her eyes as she suddenly felt the same sense of powerful lingering rightness as she had the first time when she had slain the Basilisk at the tender age of twelve. What she did not seem to realise was that the sword seemed as if was glowing, while a fierce magical energy seemed to surround and caress the area around Harry and the sword. The sword looked right finally held by the rightful heir as if the magic deeply embedded into the sword seemed to know and sense not only a magically powerful heir, that the sword was finally home after so many centuries and a member of the Gryffindor line finally held possession of it again.

To most in the room, Harry appeared formidable and practically oozed pure raw flowing power despite her very misleading delicate feminine appearance. Cho scowled deeply at the sight, especially because Cedric looked awed and as if he would rather take Harry somewhere to the nearest available empty room and have his way with her. Cho felt her stomach revolt and her blood rapidly simmer at the thought of Cedric touching the other witch in a way he would never do to her.

Harry asked as she handed the locket to Albus, "I presume Headmaster all I need to do is stab the locket with the sword like I did the diary with the fang?" Albus nodded as he accepted the locket and replied, "Yes exactly like that." He added, "I recommend everyone take a step back and give Miss Potter some room whilst she coats the sword with the venom in case of any accidental spillage, after all as Miss Potter has rightfully pointed out the venom is highly capable of eating through flesh and bone."

No one needed telling twice, stood up from the table and moved over to the other side of the kitchen yet still within viewing distance. They all watched as Harry first placed the sword on the table before taking the black coloured gloves and wandlessly shrinking them to fit her properly before slipping them on. She then picked up the phial, carefully pulled the stopper off the phial, picked up the sword with her free hand and carefully poured the venom onto the metal of the blade slowly. Once the phial was empty, she murmured the Transfiguration spell Evanesco to vanish the phial and used her hands to spread the venom thoroughly coating the blade until it was covered.

Once finished she asked Albus, "Headmaster will you place a cleaning charm on the gloves to get rid of the excessive venom?" Albus sent an extra powerful cleaning spell making sure to rid of the venom completely leaving no traces behind on the gloves to cause unwanted damage later when Hagrid received them back. He could well imagine the unintentional and dangerous chaos poor unassuming Hagrid could cause with Basilisk venom coated Dragon hide gloves.

Harry asked Albus, "Headmaster I'll need a reinforcement charm on the table so I do not damage it when I stab the locket." Albus pointed his wand and cast a powerful reinforcement charm before he placed the locket on the table. He then stood back with everyone else to watch Harry destroy the locket. He had waited a long time to see this finally happen; it was more than high time another piece of Voldemort's soul destroyed ensuring his plan to destroy Voldemort was a step closer to fully executed.

Harry took a deep breath and raised the sword, but just as she was about to bring the tip of the blade down upon the centre of the locket, the locket as if sensing the danger that was about to befall its content twitched followed by rattling on the surface of the table. Harry and everyone watched in a sort of dazed horror as an eerie sort of vapour-like black smoke began seeping from the locket. Moments later the vapour had a sickly greenish tinge the colour of the killing curse mixed in with the black as it started to merge into shapes before completely forming into a vapour-like image.

Harry frowned deeply as she sees the image begin to form at a more rapid pace until it was clear and showed an image of Cedric and Cho. In the image, Cedric was placing the exact same ring that was on Harry's finger onto Cho's finger and saying to her, "This looks so much better on you then that freak Potter, and you are so much more worthy of its beauty and worth. It should be you I am marrying, I love you and you are so much prettier then she could ever be."

Everyone had frozen in shock; Harry in particular as she started slowly lowering the sword as if in some kind of stunned and numb stupor. The vapour Cedric and Cho were suddenly kissing passionately before pulling back and turning to face Harry, their skin had a greenish tinge that reminded everyone of the killing curse, while their eyes were blood red and filled to the brim with absolute pure cruel malice.

Cedric was horrified and called out in pure alarm, "No! Harry snap the hell out of it and do not listen or watch that, whatever it is, is trying to mess around with your head, I swear it is not real or could ever be true. Please Harry it is trying to protect whatever is inside of that locket and stop you from destroying it." He added quickly as it came apparent his desperate pleas were not penetrating the horrified trance like quality that had taken over his fiancée. "Damn it Harry, destroy it now, it is especially your right after that disgusting bullshit stunt it's pulling."

Harry snapped out of her frozen numb stupor as if something furiously hot and burning venomously dark had suddenly lit up inside of her very being. She shot a look filled to the overflowing brim with such venomous loathing that it could have possibly obliterated anything that end caught in its path. It was as if something that had been slowly building and shimmering since that Halloween night had finally reached its limit and now was rapidly tumbling through the steel trap floodgates Harry had erected to keep what she was truly feeling and thought under wraps, but was now currently being obliterated into nothing.

Cho flinched as she suddenly remembered and realised exactly whom the witch wielding that deadly and terribly powerful sword was as she faced head on one of the truest and darkest evils known in their world. Cho inwardly trembled in sudden fear having never seen such an expression quite like it. She was more than glad it not currently aimed her way, which she realised with horror that it could well have after what she had said and done so far that evening. She inwardly cursed her own bitter and jealous reaction as she realised exactly who she had badmouthed, whom she had called a whore and mocked her over not being able to decide what sex she was.

This witch was Harry Potter the girl who lived, the one who had fought and escaped from the darkest and evillest wizard of their time many times with her life intact. She is one-half of the Triwizard tournament winners, who faced down Dragons and Mermaids, and Merlin knows what else inside of that maze. She Cho Chang had just revealed how she felt no loyalty to the other witch, had insulted and subbed her in front of everyone, in front of Cedric at that, when up until that evening when Cho badmouthed her she had shown her nothing but respect and kindness.

Suddenly Harry let loose with an earth-shattering screech that told multiple terrible stories, as did her teeth-baring snarl of pure seething fury. Everyone except for Severus and Albus flinched violently as Harry raised the sword of her ancestor once more and quickly brought it down in a stabbing motion, and the magically forged blade plunged into the centre of the locket piercing the solid silver dead on target.

An unnatural and blood chilling scream erupted from the locket that had all covering their ears at the awful sound. Accompanied by the unnatural screaming was black vapour, which had formed into the image of several screaming faces, which Harry knew to be the image of how Voldemort looked at present time after his resurrection. Everyone ducked as the vapour image rapidly lunged towards them before vanishing into a puff of smoke then nothing.

Within seconds, it was all over leaving behind a frightened and lingering silence in its wake. Everyone removed their hands from their ears and slowly rose to a standing position. They turned their gazes to the table and instantly saw how the locket was now sporting a large and gaping hole right in the centre. The locket was truly ruined, completely unsalvageable, and no one would be able to wear it again, not that anyone would have wanted to after what had been inside of it.

Harry lowered the sword and wandlessly cast a powerful cleaning charm to rid of any venom left on the blade before she placed it down on the table. She then removed the Dragon hide gloves and placed them down on top of the sword before she retook her seat. She barely glanced at Cedric who was still clearly shook up over what he had just witnessed; having never imagined his fiancée faced such horrors practically on a yearly basis like clockwork.

Ginny broke the deafening silence as she asked in a voice filled with pure horror as she and everyone else made their way back to their seats around the table, "What the hell was that?" Mrs Weasley was far too shaken and horror struck to reprimand her daughter for her language after what she had just heard and witnessed. She could not believe what she had just witnessed Harry doing, yet suddenly no longer had any problems believing the young witch was capable of all she had done since entering the wizarding world again.

Harry replied in a tone of voice that had most flinching from the icy blackness it held, "That was a soul fragment, one of seven, with only four now remaining. I have taken down two as of now, the diary in the chamber when I was twelve and the locket belonging to Slytherin just now." She looked Ginny directly in the eyes as she added in that same icy black tone, "Which was why the locket felt like the diary had to you, it held a piece of the soul of the same psychopath as the diary that possessed you when you were only eleven had."

She continued after a brief pause to eye the horrified and ill expression that coloured the younger red haired witch's face. "The Headmaster I assume used the sword during my sixth year to take out the Gaunt headship ring that held another of the soul fragments." Albus shook his head and as he replied, "No I did not, and will just say I do not seem to have your brand of luck when it comes to situations likes of this. I made a very grave error of judgement, but that is not important. No, what is important is the fact the ring has been destroyed ridding us of another Horcrux, now leaving only four left to find and destroy."

Harry frowned as she suddenly caught sight of the elder wizard's terribly blackened and shrivelled up hand, and hissed between clenched teeth as something truly too horrible to imagine struck her. She asked c0ldly, "The end of my sixth year, that ring which you took me with you to retrieve from that cave, you must have put it on at some point after I left for Gryffindor tower didn't you?" She added asking furiously, "Which is why your hand is all blackened and shrivelled up isn't it?"

Albus' jaw clenched and replied sternly, "I hardly think this is an appropriate conversation Miss Potter." Harry replied in a tone almost considered pitying or perhaps sadness. "Oh, you old fool, you do not want your precious Order members to know that you the great and all powerful Albus Dumbledore has been outwitted and with the help of a soul fragment belonging to Voldie have gone and done yourself in."

She shook her head and eyed the Headmaster sadly, "Whatever years you could possible of had left, to maybe retire after the war, I do not know perhaps take up some sort of hobby? Merlin knows how long you have left, I suspect not long at all. I am willing to wager you have been cursed with very dark magic, which would not honestly surprise me, nor would I expect anything less from our not so friendly neighbourhood psychopath."

She shook her head again and concluded, "I hope you survive long enough to see him taken down, you at least deserve to witness his final end, after all up until you lost track of what the greater good actually meant you were the lights most prominent source of hope. I suppose you still are to wizarding Great Britain at large, though sadly that does not include me, has truly not ever since you told me of the prophecy back in my fifth year."

Albus looked stunned could not have hid the fact for all of the g0ld in Gringotts. This child, no woman he suddenly realised, for that exactly was what she is, a woman. Too much had happened and would still happen to her to see and class her as a child any longer. She had practically stripped him bare of all defences right in front of his Order, only a few more prominent members of that Order were not present right then. What both annoyed and struck Albus stunned was the fact she had accomplished this without a single ounce of the venomous malice from earlier on.

Harry leaned back in her chair and sighed wearily as she told Albus, "I feel the rest of the Order should be made aware of the Horcruxes, which includes Cedric, Hermione and Ron, I was only going to tell them anyway." She added, "They might be able to help move your plan along more quickly than even you have planned." She paused before continuing, "After all he has managed however indirectly to take you out even if it will not be instantly, today or t0morrow, which something tells me was not a part of your plans was it Headmaster."

She added firmly in a no nonsense tone, "It is your call Headmaster, but I feel that he has already caused so much harm, so many innocent dead, and for what, the sick and twisted pleasures of a half-blood maniac who never received any love and affection growing up?" She snorted and all but spat, "Well, guess what I too grew up without receiving any love or affection after he murdered my parents and I end up sent to the Dursleys, yet you do not see me acting like a raging psychopath hell bent on destroying all muggles." She concluded around a bland sneer, "And why, because dear 0le daddy was a muggle, who did not want him and his mother once learning that he'd been drugged with Amortentia."

Albus sighed looking truly weary and every single second of his entire age. He said, "Yes I believe you are right that my plans can be executed much faster if the Order works together as one solid unit." It pained him to say that, truly, but he could clearly see all agreed with what Harry had said, so he had no choice in less he wanted to start firing off several memory altering charms.

Severus almost as if sensing what he was thinking discreetly shook his head, that was all Albus needed. He added, "Both of Miss Potter and Alistair will be taking over as heads of this Order sooner than you think, or just Miss Potter if something was to ever happen to Alistair."

Harry and everyone else looked shocked and incredulous at hearing this, except for Severus. He had figured that was who would be taking over if Albus end up killed before the war ended. It made perfect sense; Potter was the one who would finally take the Dark Lord down. As for Mad-Eye, well he was one of the oldest and longest lasting members of the Order, and of course would be the one to keep Potter in check and going off at the deep end.

Mrs Weasley exclaimed in horror, "She is just a child and should not have that responsibly heaped upon her shoulders." Before Harry or Albus could comment, Severus sneered silkily, "Indeed, a child who right before your very eyes took out an extremely dark object, one containing a piece of the soul of the Dark Lord. It is not the first nor will that be the last time before this war ends that she will have to take out another of the soul fragments."

He paused before curling his lower lip in a sneer as he told the older witch the hard and cold solid facts. "A child who will endure extensive training to be the one who will at the final battle face the Dark Lord head on and hopefully take him out, the only one according to the prophecy that can. He marked her as his equal so no Mrs. Weasley she did not chose this for herself, it was chosen for her." He concluded, "So yes that responsibility will unfortunately be heaped upon Potter's young shoulders and, she will be the one to save your hinds, so for the love of Merlin wake up already woman and face facts here."

Mrs. Weasley looked furious and as if he slapped in the face and, opened her mouth to give him a verbal lashing of his life, when Arthur placed a hand firmly upon his wife's shoulder stilling her words. He said firmly, "No Molly, he is right, that responsibility unfortunately whether we like it or not belongs to Harry and none of your ranting and raving at Severus will change or make what he has said any less truthful." Molly fumed and opened her mouth to rant, only to stop at the sight of the stern no nonsense expression of her husband that was enough to shock her into silence as her husband hardly ever spoke out against her.

Harry and everyone looked on in shock at what Severus had just said, or even better yet how Arthur had handled his raging wife. Not that she would ever admit to as such out aloud, especially in front of Mrs. Weasley, but Harry figured whether she meant well or not it was about time someone put her in her place and told her how it really was. She was living in a fantasy world separate from everyone else if she truly believed Harry to be a child still.

Harry shook her head and said before anyone could pick any more arguments with each other. "What you saw happen was a soul fragment being destroyed, also known as a Horcrux. A Horcrux is a piece of soul that has been placed inside of objects, for example, a ring, a locket and finally a diary."

She added when she was certain she had everyone's attention. "In order to make a Horcrux you have to commit an unspeakable act, such as murder would be sure do the trick. You then split the soul into a fragment and place it inside of an object and, Voldie the psychopath he is went and made seven of them, he split his soul seven times."

She grimaced and revealed in a grim tone, "This means until we have destroyed all seven fragments, we have no hope in hell of killing Voldie and will only end up destroying his body, ultimately leading to a repeat performance of Halloween of 81." She paused a moment before finally concluding, "I cannot honestly say to you all that it is a night I like to examine or think of too closely, it leaves very little to be desired if you get my full meaning here. And I am certain many in the room will agree for the same reasons."

No one needed to ask why and, yes did agree whole-heartedly that night left extremely little to be desired for anyone in that room. Those who had an idea of what a Horcrux truly consisted of were horrified the lunatic would ever dare to have done it seven times. How truly monstrous and sinisterly insane you have to be to accomplish something of that level of sick atrocity seven times. It was not a concept anyone wanted to spend any amount of time over contemplating it truly was that horrifying.

Remus asked, "Do we have any idea what the remaining four could possibly be?" Albus looked thoughtful as he said, "First was his diary, which was followed by the family Gaunt headship ring on his mother's side of the family, who were descendants of Salazar Slytherin, hence another Horcrux being Slytherin's locket."

Harry added, "Plus he did everything within his power to keep Hogwarts open during the first time he released the Basilisk onto the school and after Myrtle was killed, not wanting to go back to the orphanage, Hogwarts became his home. So I imagine whatever he turned into a Horcrux next will somehow be connected to Hogwarts."

Harry paused as a thought suddenly occurred to her and, voiced that thought out aloud, "You know, this is just a thought mind you, but what if he was so attached to Hogwarts, that he wanted the objects he placed his Horcruxes inside to have some kind of meaning, such as Slytherin's locket. What if his attachment extended so far that for the remaining four Horcruxes he decided to use something belonging to the other founders?"

She concluded around a disgusted grimace, "The thought of him violating anything belonging to Gryffindor or Ravenclaw with a part of his repulsive black soul makes my blood boil and my stomach churn something fierce. It is worse still knowing if he has I or someone else is going to have no choice but to destroy whatever the object he has tainted."

Amos glowered and spat, "The same for Hufflepuff as well." Harry frowned and asked, "I know Cedric was a Hufflepuff but why would it affect you so much?" Amos sighed and replied, "It bothers me because both I and my wife were Hufflepuffs and met and fell in love inside of that house." He paused, inwardly grimacing and knowing what he said next would leave Cedric less than pleased. He continued, "But that is not the only reason no, one if he has done what you suspect it will mean destroying whatever belonging to Hufflepuff he has placed a part of his soul. And finally my wife happened to be the heir and, with her gone and Cedric being an only child now makes him the only living heir left."

Cedric noticeably faltered as he let out an angered yelp, "What! Why the hell might I ask was I not told of this before now, say my seventeenth birthday when I came of age and received my magic boost for example?" Amos sighed tiredly and added, "Yes son, normally an heir receives any family headship rings outside of his own main family name when he turns seventeen and receives his magic boost, but I wanted to represent that headship to you on your wedding day, truly believing you to be a man when you had a wife of your own." He concluded, "When you marry Harry I will hand over the Hufflepuff family headship ring and, the Diggory headship when the next Diggory heir is born."

Cedric suddenly moaned out aloud and covered his face with his hands as a very important and valid fact just occurred to him, he voiced that fact out aloud. "You mean to tell me that eventually three of my children will be the heirs to three of the four founders of Hogwarts?" There were several gasps around the table at hearing this.

Harry on the other hand looked purely incredulous as she muttered, "Well, I'll be damned, Potter, Diggory, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and finally Peverell. That's six in total and I am the one who has to carry and give birth to them, damn it all to hell and back again." She and Cedric exchanged an unreadable glance, before both cracked up, there was a noticeable hysterical edge to their laughter all present were able to hear.

In the end instead of taking Molly and Arthur to Sirius's office and using Veritaserum, Harry, Hermione and Ron decided to come clean about their years at Hogwarts so far. Ron was relieved there was no Veritaserum involved meaning he could decide what his mother and father did and did not need to know.

Molly had fumed and the rest of the Order was shocked, but that did not stop Fred and George from joking around. "Damn you guys" Fred said and George added, "Have been holding out" they finished together, "On us." Harry asked teasingly, "What, were you expecting to be invited on what really when you think about it was not planned and half of the time even I was reluctant to go on ahead?"

Severus snorted, "Reluctant, you, oh please you are practically a magnet for danger Potter, when does reluctance have the chance to set in once you get involved? Once your sixth sense for danger is set off, you are in there before anyone has the chance to stop you. And it is like a sixth sense Potter as no one can get into that much trouble like you are known to naturally, it is likely the Gryffindor influence in your blood more than anything else."

Harry narrowed her eyes and replied irritably, "It is not as if I deliberately go out of my way to go looking for danger it always seems to find me whether I want it to or not." She added, "For example first year, Voldie on the back of Quirrell's head, or how about Quirrell letting a full grown Mountain Troll into the damned school as a distraction tactic so he was free to go and look for that damned stone. It is not as if I was the one who told Voldie to plant himself like the disgusting parasite he is on the back of Quirrell's head or told Quirrell to let that Troll in."

She shook her head and added, "Three headed dogs named Fluffy, oh and trust me if he seriously thought that name would make that beast seem friendly then Hagrid surely got his wires crossed and is in for a major disappointment." She rolled her eyes as she heard snorts from most of the Weasley siblings, and even Severus could not help but smirk slightly at her comment either. It was true, what had Hagrid been thinking when he gave that three headed beast the unfortunate and inappropriate name of Fluffy?

She went on to mention, "In the Forbidden Forest serving detention after helping remove a Norwegian Ridgeback by the name of Norberta out of the country without being seen, which I am certain that brings back memories for Charlie." Charlie smirked and nodded knowingly, it did bring back memories and Norberta was thriving in the right living conditions in Romania at that moment, receiving the correct care she required to remain healthy.

Severus hissed, "You mean to actually tell me that Draco had told the truth when he had said there had been a Dragon involved?" Harry could not help the smirk that curved her lips as she replied, "Oh naturally and, the beauty of it is that he still received detention along with Hermione, Ron and I for being out of our dorms after curfew." She snorted, "The coward bolted as soon as he caught the first glimpse of Voldie drinking from that poor Unicorn. Oh but not to worry Professor, the asshat had company during his very speedy retreat, Fang was right after him."

Severus' jaw clenched he hated how she mocked his godson; it reminded him of himself and James Potter. Harry caught onto this fact and knew that Severus being the spy he is could easily conceal his emotions, though was deciding not to in this case." She shrugged and said, "I apologise Professor if my evident disgust for Malfoy bothers you, but it is not going to change anytime soon if ever."

She added, "Besides if you're thinking what I think you are, then this is not the same as you and my dad. I am not a bully; Malfoy is more of a bully than I ever could be. Nor is he a victim in anyone shape of form like you kind of was when it came to my dad's behaviour towards you." She finally sighed, "Please Professor try to think about it from my prospective here."

Severus gritted out, "Oh, and how so Potter?" Harry replied entirely unapologetically, "Malfoy is an asshole, spoilt little arrogant brat, all of which you have falsely accused me of being." She added disgustedly, "Let's compare shall we?" She continued at Severus' nod. "I verses Malfoy on the repulsive term Mudblood. A term he is more than content to throw about as if it were the most positive and loving of compliments you could pay to another person. Never ever would I use such a repugnant name on another being whether they are alive or dead, makes no difference to me."

She continued, "He grew up with parents, a mother who I do not have much information on, but I suspect if she is like any other mother out there she would protect her son at all costs." She sneered as she added, "On the other hand, Lucius Malfoy, now there is a classical example of majorly bad parenting skills for you." She snorted in disgust, "A man who has raised his son to believe in the pathetic crap that is pureblood supremacy, who thinks it is ethical and correct to teach his son that it is his right to call another being such a revolting name as Mudblood."

She let out a mocking laugh as she added, "A man who prides himself on being pure, yet unknowingly is serving and bowing down and licking the boots of a manic who is in fact a half blood, who has a muggle father." She appeared almost gleeful as continued, "The best part is that he has most likely groomed his son from the cradle to serve that manic and, unknowing his teachings and gospels of pureblood supremacy have all been for nothing as he follows and is forced to bow and kiss the hem of the robes of a half blood lunatic."

She stared Severus down bluntly as she told him, "Speaking of pureblood supremacy, how much would you like to wager Professor if I were to compare your magic levels and talent to say Lucius Malfoy, I reckon you would as a half blood outshine his pureblood in every way." She added at Severus' look of mild surprise, "Or how about if you were to say compare Voldie and I verses Lucius and Bellatrix, oh I'd wager you even would see and agree that they would not even be able to make even the smallest of dents in either Voldie or my magic individually never mind combined. We are both half blood, he with a muggle father and I a muggle born witch for a mother."

She frowns as a thought suddenly occurs to her, "Come to think of it are we completely certain my mother did not come from a line of squibs. I mean think about it she was a descendent of Rowena Ravenclaw, who was a pureblood witch, how the hell does my mum being a muggle born even work?" Severus looked honestly surprised she had thought of such a fact, which Harry found more than mildly insulting to say the least. What did he think she was brainless no substance, he really did not know the first thing about her it was highly insulting.

Albus looked thoughtful and said, "I agree, your mother having been a descendent of a pureblood witch means there is no way she could have been magical with only muggle descendants following the pureblood of Rowena Ravenclaw." He added, "I would say in the very least your mother was a half blood who received her magic after the magic in the bloodline was not strong enough and passed many generations before becoming strong enough over the past generations building gradually to finally resurface in your mother."

Severus added, "With your mother having muggle parents, or in the case of your grandfather Evans so it would seem from a long line of squibs and, never revealing her relation to Rowena Ravenclaw, that it stands to reason others assumed she was a muggle born due to knowing no better and seeing no evidence to the contrary."

Harry frowned as she asks, "What about Aunt Petunia and Dudley?" Severus scowled as he replied, "They are from the same bloodline, but I highly suspect Petunia is a squib like her father was, who has married a muggle who hates magic as much as she does, who have passed that hate onto their son. I would honestly be surprised if your cousin ever produces a magical child. That child would have to marry a witch or wizard who in the very least is a half blood."

Harry nodded before saying, "Anyhow where was I, oh yes I remember, we were discussing I verses Malfoy." Severus scowled at her, which only deepened when Harry merely raised a brow, reminding him of Cornelia much to his annoyance. She reminded him a lot of Cornelia he was noting since she had stumbled out of the fireplace and into the kitchen where she had proceeded to show Albus he was manipulating the wrong witch.

She continued as if Severus had not scowled darkly at her. "I pretty much covered year one if you do not include Malfoy goading Neville into the hospital wing during our first flying lesson. Malfoy trying to get Hermione, Ron and I in trouble all year long especially at the beginning when he challenged us to a wizards duel yet never showed up and we almost end up caught by Flitch and Mrs Norris."

She sighed and added, "There was not much he could do in our second year except for calling Hermione a mudblood and pissing me off on the Quidditch pitch when he bought his way onto the Slytherin team by having daddy dearest buying the whole team Nimbus 2001 brooms. He never got in on pure talent he had to buy his way in and is not that good as a Seeker, I would still beat him even if I could not fly as good as I do. The only way he has any hope in hell of beating me would be if he cheated."

She added even as Severus scowled again, yet could not rightly dispute what she had said unfortunately as much as he would like to have. "But the main offence for me that year was when he unknowingly exposed my not so little reptile problem when the little shithead conjured that snake and set it loose on me during that apology of a wizards duel. Malfoy I am certain has the knowledge of how to duel thanks to his father most likely, but he is even more hot headed then I am and during our duel was quick to anger when I sent his ass flying halfway across the platform."

She suddenly scowled darkly giving Severus a run for his Galleons when next she mentioned Malfoy's antics of third year. "That little bastard would make fun of me and pretend to swoon when he found out I had a fainting spell on the Hogwarts express when first exposed to the Dementors. I wonder what that waste of human flesh and blood would think it amusing if he ever found out that when I am near and exposed to the Dementors."

She snarled truly incensed as she added, "How about the fact I can hear my parents last moments on that night of Halloween 81. I hear my father pleading with my mother to take me and save ourselves while he stayed behind and fought Voldemort. Or my mother crying and pleading with that heartless lunatic, 'Not Harry, please not Harry, take me instead'."

Severus could not help but pale at hearing that having honestly no idea Potter heard something as horrific as that night back in 81 every time exposed to the Dementors. Sirius and Remus looked ill, while everyone else appeared caught between horror and sympathy. Cedric said in a horrified tone, "Oh Merlin, no wonder you always displayed issues with the Dementors, is it really any wonder you fall to pieces if you are hearing that every time you are exposed to them?" Harry merely shrugged and said, "I do not want that piece of information leaked to anyone, Merlin forbid Voldie ever caught wind of that."

She clapped her hands together and said, "Anyhow, back to Malfoy. How about that little bastard almost getting Hagrid fired and Buckbeak executed, beheaded at that? I hated him for that in fact it was the start of me truly hating him and not just a young school boy scrap and juvenile dislike, but full on proper hate." She paused, shook her head and asked incredulously, "What did the blonde little prat think would happen if he mocked a creature as proud as a Hippogriff is what I want to know?"

She snorted as she moved onto fourth year, "Fourth year, I wanted to so desperately beat the crap out of him every time he mentioned his father in any context, which was far too often in my opinion, the little tosser needs to learn how to fight his own battles instead of relying on his father." She added, "Oh then he started that juvenile bullshit with the flashing Potter stinks badges, hardly one of his glowing personality highlighting moments if I do say so myself."

She smirked deviously, "The entire highlighting moment for me, when he was at his best and most glowing was when Crouch Jr. Transfigured him into a ferret, a bouncing albino ferret. It truly was a brilliant memory for me, almost strong enough to be used as a Patronus memory, yet not quite unfortunately." This caused Severus to scowl furiously; she was being vicious now, truly vicious. Ron and the twins sniggered in knowing delight, enjoying just how vicious she was being in regards to Malfoy Jr. who all hated him and the Senior Malfoy.

She then snarled as she covered fifth year next, "Fifth year, the way he would suck up to Umbitch made my blood boil and was enough to set my teeth on edge. That little prat spied on us and told Umbitch about the room of requirement, even if Marietta Edgecombe was who ratted us out about the DA, but without Malfoy telling Umbitch where the room was, Edgecombe telling her of the DA she still would not have found us. So no Edgecombe only played a small role and made Malfoy's job much easier."

She eyed Severus and said, "Sixth year Professor, he hexed me and left me with a bloody nose and placed me in a full body bind on the train. Fortunately enough for me he is not powerful to the point that I was not able to fight off the hex, which is why I was late to dinner that year." She added gravely, "Both you and I know how that year eventually ended between Malfoy and myself, in fact you were unfortunate enough to have a front row seat to the bloody mess that was Malfoy after I was foolish enough to cast a curse and had no idea what it did."

She concluded, "I loathe the fact the Malfoy's flaunt their wealth in front of everyone, or even how they mock the Weasley's or anyone they do not deem worthy of being in their snobby all high and mighty presence. Anyone who actually has to work, scrimp and save to actually make ends meet is considered lower than dirt, I am so sick of it."

Sirius snorted and commented, "Oh how I would love to see that stuck up peacock family if they ever discovered that the Potter's are richer than the Blacks and Malfoys combined. Ha or all of the ancestors you have, I mean ha three of the four founders of Hogwarts once you marry Cedric. And not to forget to mention all of those seats on the Wizengamot and of course all of those properties all over the world and, your stocks and shares in companies all over the wizarding and muggle world."

Severus inwardly cringed at the thought of Lucius and Draco's reactions if they ever caught wind of that information. They would try to get in on a piece of her wealth, especially as the Malfoy, Nott and Parkinson fortunes could only last so long with the way the Dark Lord used funds and the families themselves spent it as well. Severus could even see Lucius trying to get Draco to marry Potter and when the Dark Lord supposedly killed her, they would take her wealth and everything else she owned.

Severus said, "Wrong Black that is something Potter does not need or want to happen under any circumstances." Harry asked, "What do you mean, not that I want them knowing of course?" Severus replied, "Because Potter whatever funds the Dark Lord does not spend the Malfoy's, Nott's and Parkinson's will." He added, "And with the rate he and they spend those Galleons I do strongly doubt any of it will last long enough for either the Malfoy, Nott or Parkinson heirs to produce an heir of their own."

Sirius said, "In other words he is rapidly bleeding those families dry in more ways than one." Severus nodded in agreement, "Exactly Black." He added, "The only reason the Prince fortune and assets are safe, left to me by my grandfather, is because I never mentioned the existence of Prince manor or the comfortably sized fortune that comes with the name either." He added, "In a certain light the fact those assets and the vault that come with the name were frozen by The Ministry as they are under the impression I am still a full time and loyal Death Eater and not a spy for The Order, which is somewhat of a blessing in disguise."

Albus joined in on the conversation and said, "Only until we get rid of the threat and the end of the war and, if that happens once I am gone, then I will leave proof with Minerva and a solicitor by the name of Robert Sladden. They should be able to prove your spying status for The Order and have your name cleared and all of the Prince assets restored to you where they rightfully belong my boy." Albus owed that to the younger wizard after all he endured he knew he did.

Severus reluctantly nodded and replied, "It is all I can really ask for, eventually I want that headship ring, but not for myself for Sebastian at some point." Sirius said, "I get the reason why you want your son to have the Prince assets and headship ring." He added, "The only reason that dark tosser has not tried to drain the Black fortune is because I am the head of the family and will not release any inheritances as long as any Black serves that psychopath." He sneered, "Hell, he does not need any more funds to fund this bloody soul draining war he has started for a second time."

Harry snorted, "To bloody right he does not, ha there is no way in hell that murdering bastard will ever get any funds or help from me. I would never dream of insulting my family and ancestors who left that money by allowing their hard earned Galleons to be spent on anything even remotely connected to the dark arts and cause responsible for the deaths of my parents and my grandparents on both sides." She sneered, "Even Arthur and Mrs. Weasley's brothers were all killed in the first war. My godmother and her husband were tortured until they were broken and their sanity snapped. That lunatic and this war have taken far too much from me, Merlin be damned will I fund it to."

Harry looked truly tired as she turned to Albus and said, "I need to train during my seventh year, there might not be a chance once I've graduated, hell who knows when the final battle will happen or where it will take place." She added, "The area of study I want to concentrate on is Transfiguration, DADA, Medical Potions and Charms, and of course I will need to learn more extensive spells, hexes and even curses." She paused before adding, "Hand to hand combat or other physical defence appeals to as I cannot just rely on magic alone." She continued after a brief pause, "Besides leaning self defence and extra training will only lead to sharper reflexes and much faster response time."

She concluded, "I am willing to buckle down and learn Occlumency and Legilimency, I need to shield my mind from Voldie and others I do not want or need inside of my head. Who knows what information someone could be looking for and choose how to use that information could be disastrous. If anyone looked inside of my head and found out about the Horcruxes who is to say they would not report back to Voldie and he then find a way to secure what is left of the Horcruxes meaning we would never have a hope in hell of destroying him and ending this war for good."

Severus could not help but scoff remembering all too well what had happened during their first attempt at teaching Harry about Occlumency during her fifth year. "How do you plan on going about that Potter when you obviously could not accomplish it during your fifth year, so what is so different this time, what makes you think you will succeed and have what it takes to buckle down and learn?"

Harry replied, "Fare enough I did not properly apply myself, but Professor I did not know of the prophecy or the Horcruxes back then, I had no real incentive except for the fact Voldie was messing around inside of my head at the time." She added, "But the fact of the matter is that if I am to have any children then I point blank refuse to have them enter into a war torn world where they could be snuffed out of existence without any real warning just for sake of being my children."

She added, "I am so tired Professor, something which I am certain you too can understand and relate all too well." She paused before adding at his silent nod, "I want to be able to walk anywhere at any time in the wizarding or muggle world without a guard trailing my every step. I want to sit in the sun with Cedric and my family and watch as my children play, safe in the knowledge that no harm will come to them, that I would never allow it."

She looked sadly at Severus as she told him, "I want a world where you do not have to risk your life constantly and have to put on an act. I have a feeling that we are only seeing one side. Everyone has a darker side to them, yet I wager yours is on display twenty-four seven, you cannot switch it off, cannot afford to switch it off if you do not want to be discovered and end up dead."

She pause to frown before continuing, "If you end up dead, then the order loses its spy, though in my opinion it is not the important reason most of all. You need to survive, you have a son waiting for the day he can have a proper relationship with his father, no matter what he says or how he acts towards you."

She continued to add, "Professor Leighton she cares for you despite the spats between you. Oh and before you ask how I know she does, well, she is not a trained spy like you are, meaning she cannot conceal what she feels as well as you are able. When compared to you and your skill at concealing your thoughts and feelings she is like an open book, at least to me she is."

Severus frowned and asked, "What are you getting at here Potter, Leighton hates my guts?" Harry shook her head and replied, "No, I do not believe she does." She smiled sadly as she told him, "When she thinks that no one can see her I have seen her give you brief glances I have only ever seen Arthur and Mrs. Weasley or Remus and Tonks exchange before. That is the look of a person who loves and is deeply afraid for that other person's safety."

She grimaced and added, "We are at war and whether we will end up under attack without any warning is never certain. Besides, Professor Leighton has even more to fear on that front with you being a spy and in the main thick of things whenever you are called to a meeting or a raid."

She concluded firmly, "But mainly I need you to survive this war because you have saved my life so many times and risked your life for this Order. You never ask for anything in return, meaning it is more than high time that you received something back. I mean really, I suspect some days you forget where the spy who risks his life and has more to lose then even he is aware of and, the man who deep down wants to be able to relax and let his guard down and love his son begins and ends."

Severus opened his mouth to speak, but Harry beat him to it and said, "Oh and before you verbally blast me Professor, claiming I know nothing and just as arrogant as my worthless father then let me tell you this, I am not my father. I do not appreciate being compared to my father and venom spat at me for things he did to you before I was even born. No Professor, I am not my father especially now I have changed back."

She shook her head and told him, "Oh I know more about you then you think, I am more observant then you could imagine me to be. I mean honestly I have to be; only Merlin knows how many of the brats of Death Eaters that psychopath has got spying on me and reporting back to him."

Severus could not hide his surprise faced with hard to swallow evidence that Potter was evidently more observant then he had first thought her to be. She was correct children of Death Eaters were spying on her, Malfoy and Parkinson to name only a few. The fact Potter had spotted and was onto them meant it would not be long before she started keeping check of her words and actions when not in private, which in turn meant no information and a furious Dark Lord.

Harry snorted as she read his expression for what it was and commented blandly, "Malfoy and Parkinson are nowhere near as subtle as they probably like to think they are." She sneered, "Nor are Michael Corners and Justin Finch-Fletchley, both who are DA members. I have no idea what they are up to, but Corners started as soon as Ginny and I started dating. Justin on the other hand has always been off with me since second year for obvious reasons, but he has gotten even stranger since fifth year."

Albus asked, "You think those two are spying on you and involved with Voldemort?" Harry replied, "I have no idea, I suspect Corners does not like me because of Ginny, but then again she dated Dean Thomas after him and before me, yet I do not see him look at Dean the way he does me. Hell I did not even have to be seen with Ginny for him to be giving me glances and watching me." She paused before adding, "As for Justin, well he always believed I turned that snake on him no matter how I protested otherwise that I would never do such a thing."

Severus asked, "What makes you think they are spying on you. Did it not ever occur to you that Mr. Corners is jealous of you and your former relationship with Miss Weasley, and you have just not noticed whether he has been giving Mr. Thomas the same looks? Or perhaps he watches for some other reason that is not sinister, you cannot know in less you confront him over it Potter." He added, "As for Mr. Finch-Fletchley, you have already pointed out yourself he never forgave you or believed that you never set that snake on him, it sounds as if he is still holding a grudge for that incident back in your second year."

Harry replied, "Fare enough, you do make more than a few reasonable points, I'll give you that. Through answer me this Professor, why during DA meetings they practically track my every move and exchange these unreadable glances with the other as if silently communicating something when not practising spells or they thought I was unaware of them and their attention on me?"

She added, "Or how about I have seen them watching me during lessons or try to stand nearby that they do not think they are drawing anyone's attention to them and try to listen in on my conversations with Hermione and Ron. I have even caught them watching me when I have spoken to you or even The Headmaster and Professor McGonagall."

Severus frowned and said, "I will look into that Potter, even if only to prove this war is making you paranoid." Harry scoffed, "Oh and it has not you Professor you are on your second war after all?" Severus scowled yet knew she was right, he could not help but feel paranoia in certain aspects; he had been a spy for so long that the weariness and paranoia could blind side him from time to time no matter how briefly, before getting himself under control rapidly before anyone would notice.

Harry said, "I would not blame or think any less of you if that was the case. I wager there is many in the room who from time to time feel bouts of understandable paranoia. Hell this is war and many wait to be stabbed in the back by those they thought they could trust to not betray them." She laughed bitterly and added, "With people like Malfoy and Corners is it truly any wonder that the strains of this war are starting to give me bouts of paranoia."

She sobered and added, "Of all the things I have been forced to see happen inside of his head, Death Eater meetings for example." She shivered slightly and continued, "I see him placing his followers under the Cruciatus Curse, Professor Snape unfortunately one of them, meaning it is really no wonder he is more than a tad prickly the morning after meetings. I have been placed under that curse and understand it would give anyone more than a prickly nature if placed under its effects often enough."

She concluded, "Those horrific scenes I have seen, especially after sixth year make me desperate to buckle down and learn. This also means I am giving up my Quidditch captaincy and remain as a reserve only if I am truly needed to play, I no longer have the time nor is it my first priority anymore there are much more going on that is more important than a game. I need to concentrate on getting ready to face Voldie and work towards becoming a Mediwitch and maybe later on get my healers license too."

Hermione and Ron both looked sick yet for entirely different reasons. Ron because he knew the house team would end up slaughtered without Harry has their seeker. Hermione on the other hand wondered just what Harry was seeing that would make her want to buckle down as desperately as she sounded. Truly, what could be so grave that she would be willing to give up being on the Quidditch team, Hermione knew how Harry loved to fly how it was freeing for her.

Ron looked horrified as he exclaimed, "Merlin Harry, we will be slaughtered without you; it's are last year and chance to get the Quidditch cup." Some people actually gasped while others shot him looks of disbelief. Harry and Hermione shot him looks of disgust, Hermione went as far as to slap him around the back of his head none too gently. Hermione never allowed herself to commit any violent acts, but what Ron had said was far too much for the witch to help or hold herself back.

Before Mrs. Weasley or anyone else could tear a strip out of the red haired wizard Harry hissed from between clenched teeth, "For Merlin's sake get your damn priorities straight Ron. Here you are worried about not winning the Quidditch cup, yet people are out there being killed right left and centre, whole families being slaughtered all because he can and enjoys it." She added growling, "Tell me Ron what will it take for you to wake up and realise we are at war and there are more important things going on than Quidditch, a Merlin damned game?"

She looked truly incensed as she snarled, "What will it take, how about you're entirely family slaughtered, Fred and George trapped inside of their store as it gets blown sky high!?" She banged her hand down on the table making some flinch, Ron one of those people. Harry sneered, "Or maybe Bill, Charlie and even your father all killed during a Death Eater raid." She shuddered as she added, "Or perhaps it will take your mother and your baby sister being tortured and sexually assaulted before killed. Is that what it will take to give you the obvious wakeup call you are evidently lacking here Ronald Weasley?"

Ron looked as if he had been slapped and hard and was bright Weasley red due to fury and shame. Hermione was in tears yet was nodding in wholehearted agreement and asked tearfully, "Yes Ronald what will it take for you to grow up finally and realise there is more pressing and desperately urgent matters than a game of Quidditch?" Hermione and Harry exchanged a tearfully angered glance, hardly believing they put up with this childish idiot.

Harry blinked back tears as she told him, "You would never dared to of dreamed of asking me what you just have if you had even the remotest idea of what I have seen happen inside of his head. What I have seen him say and do to a good man who deserves so much more than he has ever been given." A single tear trailed down her cheek as she continued, "Did it ever once occur to you that the man you call a greasy git and dungeon bat is the one who risks his life to gather information for this Order every single fucking day? He never asks for anything in return, not even sympathy, compassion or just something as simple as respect he is more than passed due."

She sighed as she went on, "You are not the only one in this room or at Hogwarts who has sneered and looked down on him, I to unfortunately had been one of those people. At least I was until I realised who it was who has kept me safe and alive, sometimes even going as far to risk his own life to do it." She swallowed hard and concluded, "The things I have seen done and said to him deeply shame me. He deserves our respect even if we only show it in the smallest of ways so his cover is not blown."

Severus was rigid in his seat as he eyed Harry in disbelief and watched as she wiped away a tear. He noticed Granger-Black, Miss and Mrs. Weasley wiping away tears. He had no idea Potter felt that way, yes he had noticed she had distanced and gave him less trouble after the incident when she had cursed Draco. He had just never realised it was anything like this; it had not even begun to cross his mind. He realised with sudden stark clarity that what he had just seen was not James Potter, but Lily shining right out of her. He had no idea that a similar thought had crossed the minds of Sirius and Remus, Remus more so than Sirius.

Hermione cleared her throat and asked, "If you do not mind me asking, but what is it you see to make you so desperate to buckle down when even the fake visions of Sirius being tortured could not do that? No offence but its true Harry." Harry replied, "None taken, as you have just said it's true after all." She paused to gather her thoughts before she said, "Before I say what only Cedric, Sirius, Remus and Professors Snape, Dumbledore and McGonagall and finally Madame Pomfrey know, I could really use a drink and I do not mean pumpkin juice or another Butterbeer either."

Sirius without saying anything summoned a full extra large bottle of Firewhiskey from one of the kitchen cupboards. Remus asked, "Who wants some, apart from Ginny who is underage and can have a calming draught if she needs it after we're done?" Mrs. Weasley asked in evident alarm, "What could possibly be so bad that you are offering alcohol, alcohol as strong as Firewhiskey and Ginny a calming draught?" She did not like where this was currently going, especially Harry needing to drink strong alcohol before she revealed something.

Severus answered, "It is bad Mrs. Weasley especially if Potter mentions one particular incident from last year." Harry nodded, "Yeah that's one why else would I ask for something stronger than Butterbeer or pumpkin juice before revealing anything?" Cedric paled and asked, "Just exactly how much detail are you going to use as I only know it happened and not in any great detail?" Harry replied, "As much as I can stand, hence the need for a strong drink." Cedric visibly grimaced and gestured to the bottle and said, "In that case count me in Remus." Remus returned the grimace and nodded knowingly.

Severus nodded and said, "Me to Lupin, I was there and saw it happen, but even I do not feel comfortable discussing this one either. I have seen and done a lot, things that would give many of you nightmares, yet this one was vile and inconceivable even by my standards seeing as it involved such a young child, a really young child at that. It was not just this time, but many other incidents over the years, though this one especially makes it impossible for me to forget what a monster the Dark Lord is without even having to try."

In the end before it began everyone except for Mrs. Weasley and Ginny accepted two fingers full of Firewhiskey. Mrs. Weasley refused to accept any alcohol regardless of how bad what Harry revealed would be. Harry took a small sip of her whiskey barely wincing at the burn that travelled down her throat, especially when she had been under the Cruciatus curse the burn from the Firewhiskey was nothing in comparison.

Hermione noticeably winced and asked, "How are you not reacting more to the burn Harry?" Harry shrugged as she replied, "When you have been subjected to the Cruciatus curse the burn from Firewhiskey is hardly anything in comparison or to split hairs over." Severus snorted, "Too bloody right that is Potter." Harry returned the snort before taking another sip before she added, "Besides, compared to the pain I have felt over the years the burn from the whiskey is more than welcome." Severus nodded and said, "True Potter all too true that is."

Harry took one more sip before forcing and bracing herself to begin. "First of all the things I have seen happen, seen him do this his followers, hell seen him allow his followers to do to each other is enough to turn my stomach and afterwards have featured in some of my worst nightmares to date." She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before continuing, "For example one of the female Death Eaters failed to gather information and capture the witch and wizard Voldie had ordered her and a male Death Eater to bring to him alive. They failed and were punished for it and, believe me when I say what was done to them gives a whole new and warped meaning to the term punishment."

She paused to take another sip from her glass before continuing, "How might you ask did he punish them for their failure?" She stared down at the glass in her hand and studied the dark coloured amber liquid as she revealed, "The female Death Eater was tortured first by Voldie under the Cruciatus curse for at least five minutes before he lifted it and the more she screamed until she was hoarse the more satisfied and deranged Voldie become."

Harry grimaced her disgust was very much evident for all to see. She next revealed, "If that was not enough all of the male Death Eaters except for the one being punished, took turns brutally raping her, while Bellatrix cast cutting hexes at her chest, her thighs and even one right between her legs after her husband was the last to pull out of the other witch." She took a large sip of the whiskey before adding, "The insane lunatic bitch cast a curse that seemed to cause the skin between her legs to become inflamed and break out in huge blistering boils, I imagine that woman must have been in pure unimaginable agony."

She breathed in deeply before letting it out and concluding, "To finish her off Bellatrix flayed her alive, which was what finally killed the other witch. Thank Merlin for her sake that she was already dead, seeing as soon as the other Death Eaters stepped back from her was when Voldie allowed Nagini to eat her remains, swallowing her whole. Regardless that she was a Death Eater no one deserved to die at Bellatrix's hand as she had and be ate by a huge fucking viper"

I few people gagged, while others gasped in horror, but most drank from their glasses. Severus took a huge swallow from his glass before he said, "I was not present for that meeting I had been brewing certain potions needed for some ritual he was going to conduct during the next meeting, which I was called for to give the potions to him." It really was just as well he was not present for that meeting seeing as watching women and children tortured and raped was enough to make Severus ill. He truly loathed that part of being a Death Eater even when he had been an actual Death Eater and not a spy.

Harry nodded before taking another sip of her whiskey. She lowered her glass and said, "As for the male Death Eater, well, they beat him brutally, broke all ten fingers and toes. Lestrange Bellatrix's husband poured all over his back what I suspect had been some form of flesh eating potion, which made the skin and muscles disintegrate revealing bones, muscle and gore." She concluded around a sickened grimace, "He was not as lucky as the witch to be dead before fed to Nagini. No, he was very much alive after having his kneecaps blown away with the Bombarda charm. So yes he unfortunately was very much aware he was being swallowed whole buy a huge fucking viper."

Harry finished off the last of her whiskey in her glass before wandlessly summoning the bottle to her before topping up her glass with more whiskey then was strictly decent, but no one commented not even Mrs. Weasley or Minerva and Hermione. Harry levitated the bottle over to Severus and said, "Top up, you'll need it, you know what I am about to say next and, were there for that meeting and I know you hate it when you have to watch women and children being harmed. I know this because I have seen those meetings and you were particularly venomous the morning after that meeting I am about to mention, not that I honestly blame you for that."

Severus nodded and topped up his glass knowing Potter was right he had been especially venomous that following morning after that unfortunate meeting. He had made more than a few first even a few sixth years burst into tears that morning and when compared to the first years to make sixth year students react in a similar fashion had to be saying something extreme. Through it had to be said what had happened to Potter by no means helped cool his anger, but had only ignited it even further when she had end up in the hospital wing for two days under sedation after that meeting.

Harry explained at everyone's questioning glances, "He was there for that meeting, plus that was when I end up in the hospital wing for two days afterwards." She grimaced deeply and added, "It was bad to the point that I was traumatized and had to remain under sedation for two days straight and, even after that I was a complete wreck for months afterwards and nearly became addicted to Dreamless Sleep potions. Professor Snape was the one who helped wean me off them. Even now I try to avoid stronger doses of that potion and only use a weak variety brewed by Professor Snape as a desperate absolute last resort if everything else fails."

There were gasps of horror and, Hermione exclaimed tearfully, "Oh god Harry why did you never say anything, Ron and I could have helped you." Ron nodded and added, "We would have been there for you, we knew it was sometimes bad to the point that your scar would bleed and pained you, but never anything like that Harry." Harry grimaced and replied, "I could not tell you, I felt so violated and ashamed and did not want you two to have to know what I had seen."

Mrs. Weasley asked, "What did you see dear that left you feeling violated and ashamed and you almost completely become dependent on Dreamless Sleep and Severus had to wean you off them?" Harry exchanged a knowing glance with Severus who nodded and said, "Put it this way Mrs. Weasley, it involved that damned viper and a young little girl no more than possibly three or four years of age." Mrs. Weasley gasped in horror, placing a hand over her mouth and looked dreadfully ill as her mind went over several scenarios of what could have happened, each more terrifying than the one before it.

Harry cleared her throat before taking a huge sip from her glass and then revealed, "Voldie had this muggle family brought to the meeting from one of the muggle raids, a man, his wife, and their daughter." She added, "Both Professor Snape and Lucius Malfoy never took part."

Severus spoke up and said, "This may come as a shock to you all, but Lucius cannot stomach harming really young children, such as was this child that night. He will watch yes, but will not take part, and because he is the Dark Lord's right hand man he is allowed to do this." He paused before adding, "As for me, he knows I do not enjoy it either, yet lets me get away with it because he values my work in front of a cauldron and because I always force myself to take part when it is a male being tortured. I do not enjoy it, but rather another man than a woman or child."

The others nodded realising where he was coming from, Severus might act like a bastard, hell is one for that matter, but he was by no means a monster, even Sirius could see and admit this. He was by no means a fan but he could understand Snape and his reasoning behind torturing another man compared to a defenceless woman or a child. He was surprised to hear the same said for Malfoy when it came to young children.

Harry drank from her glass again before she continued, "Anyhow as I have already mentioned he had a muggle family from the raid that same night, a raid I also saw. That was one hell of a long night and one of my absolute worst to date." She took another huge swallow of whiskey before adding, "He had all three under the Cruciatus for well over five minutes, the man first followed by the woman and finally the little girl. It was as if Voldie took sick pleasure in making the parents beg and plead for him to stop making their daughter scream and cry out in agony."

Harry far too lost in her memories to notice Hermione, Ginny and the other woman were in tears, even McGonagall. She continued as if in some sort of trance, "After he released the Cruciatus from the little girl was when the scene turned truly sinister." She clenched and unclenched her hands around her glass, her knuckles were stark white, yet had enough sense to let go of the glass before it cracked under the pressure.

"Next the woman and man were tortured, he had left the little girl alone, I suppose he was saving her for last as some kind of sick treat for her parents." Harry revealed, her tone emotionless much to the alarm of most, Severus included. She continued in the same tone, everyone could see a truly haunted look in her green eyes, which had dulled as she remembered that night in vivid detail, far too vividly for her peace of mind without the Firewhiskey.

"First Bellatrix placed a full body bind on the man and the woman, while another Death Eater held the child still. It was then that Bellatrix raped the man making sure his wife and daughter had a perfect view of her violating him." She added, "In case anyone was wondering how the hell he was able to get an erection, especially after being tortured under the Cruciatus, well, Bellatrix cast some spell that forced him to have an erection against his will."

She drank some more before adding, "Next was the woman, Lucius did take part in this, but not Professor Snape." Severus gritted out, "No, it was me who held the child in place, the Dark Lord insisted if I was not going to take part, though I did cast a few curses on the man nothing more." Everyone watched as he took a long swallow of whiskey before reaching for the bottle and topped up his glass then levitated the bottle in Harry's direction; she gratefully accepted it and topped her own glass once more.

Harry and Severus both drank deeply from their glasses before Harry reluctantly continued and Severus made himself remain in his seat and listen. "Lucius, Nott, the Lestrange brothers, Macnair, Crabbe and Goyle and four other male Death Eaters raped the woman one after the other" Harry angrily gritted. She added, "Bellatrix sent cutting hexes at both the man and woman, on their faces and their privates. She even sent some really dark curse at the woman's stomach; I do not know what it was."

Severus gritted out darkly, "It was a dark curse, which destroys the womb, uterus, and ovaries, making the woman infertile if she had survived." He added, "It's a favourite of hers, she is infertile after she slept with the Dark Lord, but his DNA and sperm is so messed up after all the rituals he has performed on himself that Bellatrix nearly haemorrhaged to death during the birth. The child was not compatible with her body and end up deformed and still born." He paused after drinking from his glass. He added, "She cannot have children, meaning she takes extra pleasure torturing women with that curse. If she cannot have children then no other woman on the receiving end of that curse will either."

He concluded, "At the moment the Dark Lord is researching for a way to return him to his original body and correct his DNA to the point he can have an heir without the child being still born and deformed. He wants an heir to carry on the Slytherin bloodline, a male heir at that. He could honestly care less for whoever the mother turns out to be just as long as she is a magically powerful witch, beautiful and has wealth and influence."

There was several yells of protest, horror and disgust. Harry looked as if she was going to be violently sick, Severus could honestly not blame her, it made him feel sick to his stomach at the thought of anyone forced to carry the Dark Lords offspring, not every witch out there was a psychopath and in love with him like Bellatrix. He could not help but wonder how messed up in the head that woman was at this point after all the years of service to the Dark Lord and her lengthy stint in Azkaban on top.

Harry cringed and snarled, "Not if I sure as hell can help it he will not." Severus visibly grimaced as he said, "I truly dread the thought of him discovering that you are a witch, need I say more Potter?" There was even louder exclamations of horror and disgust and Cedric spat, "You do not actually mean he would try to impregnate Harry with his disgusting spawn do you?"

Severus raised a brow, but it was Albus who answered, "Yes Mr. Diggory that is exactly what he means. Truly think about the immense raw magic and talent this child would have." He shook his head and added gravely, "The wizarding world would never survive if that child ever ended up like Tom, if it even existed period and Tom had the chance to corrupt it."

Harry upturned the glass quickly draining the whiskey before refilling it. No one commented her reaction was very understandable; anyone would be compelled to drink after hearing that. Harry snarled turning bright red in disgusted fury, "Screw that! That foul psychotic creature is not going to get the chance, over my dead body." She added around a furious growl, "Another reason he and his followers need to be eradicated, to hell with sending them to Azkaban, that's far too good for the likes of them."

She shook as she seethed in pure fury like nothing she had ever felt in her entire life, not even the Headmaster with his manipulations could rouse this kind of fury in her. She continued on telling them about the Death Eater meeting, but the cold stone fury was evident behind every word spoken. "After they finished torturing the parents they were forced to watch as Nott, Macnair and the Lestrange brothers took turns raping the little girl, practically ripping her little womb to shreds beyond repair. If she had survived she would never had children, those monsters caused that much damage and trauma, especially as she was still growing and developing and those men were fully grown."

Many around the table looked as if they would be sick and many drank from their glasses. Harry and Severus knew the little girl would suffer much more before Nagini swallowed her whole. Harry added, "Unfortunately her torture did not end there, Nott and Macnair peed all over her, even the Lestrange brothers ejaculated all over her face and in her hair. They did all of this even as she sobbed and her parents were forced to watch in silence as they had been placed back in a full body bind again."

They watched as tears rapidly filled her eyes and her face scrunched up in pure emotional agony, even Severus looked paler than normal for him as he drank from his glass everyone noted. Harry's voice sounded raw as if she was forcing the next words from somewhere deep and a very dark place. "Finally, Voldie ordered Nagini to eat the little girl, she swallowed her whole and I and Professor Snape had to watch as she screamed in terror and agony as that viper made snake feed out of her."

She concluded, "The body bind was lifted from the parents as Nagini ate their child whole, Voldie wanted to hear their screams and cries of terror and heartbreak. I never wanted to kill Voldie so bad when he told Nagini that he would preserve them once killed and that she could eat them when she had finished digesting the child and wanted the parents. He made certain the parents heard this before he cast the killing curse on them."

Hermione, Ginny and Cho bolted from the room while sobbing. A dreadfully ill looking George and Bill were holding Angelina and Fleur, while Fred and Ron stood and quickly went after Hermione and Ginny. Tonks on the other hand was far too numb with horror to be sick or to cry as she drank deeply from her glass. A very sick looking Cedric leaned over and took Harry into his arms; she did not return the embrace, just sat there whilst tears silently trailed down her sickly pale cheeks, pale underneath even her makeup.

Severus had summoned the bottle and filled his glass before standing. Sirius surprised everyone still present when he suggested, "Take the rest of the bottle if you want." Severus merely nodded and picked up the bottle and told Albus he was flooing back to his rooms at Hogwarts. Albus told him they would speak tomorrow morning, which Severus nodded in relief that he could head back to his rooms and drink himself into a stupor.