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Football and kisses in the rain

Sarah's POV

The crisp cold winter air hit me sharply in the face as Ethan came out of the school building and began heading towards the small field we were coaching on. As joint coaches for our mini football group we spent most evenings together wrapped up in the cold shouting orders at a bunch of sweaty teens. Our punishment for being the only two people who didn't flee the halls when the announcement was made that a new coach was needed for the smaller teams.

"Here I brought you some hot chocolate." Ethan said jogging up to the stands and placing a steaming hot mug in my grasp with mini marshmallows swimming around the surface.

"Th-thanks." I chattered.

"Still cold huh?"


"Here." he said wrapping his warm arms around me and bringing me close to his side so we could keep warm. His small winter coat blanketing the both of us as I rested my head on his shoulder watching as one of the boys scored a goal.

"I think the girls need to do more drills to get their skills up, the guys are thrashing them." he said

" No way the girls have all the physical skills but it's all about strategy they need to learn how to defend from various angles and attack back." I argued

" No as soon as this game is over we need to drill them."

" Why do you always have to be right?"

"Why do do you always have to argue?" he countered back making me scowl. " look how about a compromise. I will concede if..." he said

" If what." I sighed

"If you give me a kiss." he whispered. I was taken so off guard I nearly knocked the hot chocolate straight out of my lap, he smiled as he pulled my chin up so I could meet his soft, gentle gaze. I was still struggling to gain my composure as he leaned in for a long lingering kiss. The skies rumbled thunderously above as fat rain drops started assaulting us from above drenching both me, Ethan and all the players on the team. I wrapped my arms slowly around his neck as he pulled me into an embrace before looking up at the large grey thunder clouds that were looming above us.

"I think we will call it a day." he concluded before pushing a stray wet lock of hair off my face and running down towards the grassy playing field. "Okay guys gather up!" he shouted at the players running amok in the mud. I was still too stunned to move, I had just had my first kiss with Ethan Morgan and it was amazing. Slowly I clasped my hands together squealing a thank you, thank you, thank you to the forces that be because this must have seriously needed some divine intervention before picking up my mug of hardly touched hot chocolate and running to the field to catch up with Ethan.

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