Sword Art Online Another Story

Chapter 5

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Kaoru's POV

They're laughing at me in the inside. Is my tragedy nothing to everyone? No one pays attention to me. My one and only brother did. The only person ever. I got too mad and jumped out of chair, banging onto the table, yelling, "You think I wanted everything to be like this?! You think I wanted my one and only brother to die?!" Everyone stared at me with confused stares as I mutter, "Sorry..." "I-It's okay, but what do you mean?" Cecilia asks. "Nothing. Were you guys smiling because-" "Because, I felt like you were trusting me with something so important even though you don't fully know if you can trust me." Akari interrupts. I stare at her blankly as I say, "But, we've known each other for 2 and a half months already." Akari nods and then points over to Cecilia and Roy. "She was smiling because you've trust us actually. I mean we've just met, and you know..." Cecilia gives a sincere smile as I give her another one of my stares of blankness. Roy nods solemnly and a grin creeps up my face, "Thanks. Now I know I can trust you two."

BOOM! Smoke then comes pouring out of the kitchen and Roy looks back frantically yelling, "What happened?!" A girl comes out and says while coughing, "Some...thing...exploded..." "I know that!" Roy yells vigorously. The girl starts waving the air with her fan and the smoke disappears. Roy sighs and then mutters, "Must be another glitch... This house is new and we're testing it, so it has a ton of glitches." He gave us a, don't-worry-about-it-even-though-it's-rude-and-making-you-worry expression. I give him an annoyed look and then run into the kitchen to see sparks, "This definitely is a glitch." I say staring at the kitchen.

Third Person's POV

Akari and Cecilia smile behind Kaoru while Roy panics. The two girls exchanged looks and smile at each other. Akari walks up to Cecilia and whisper, "At least Kaoru isn't worrying anymore." "Mm-hm." Cecilia mutters back. Then they both look at the two boys who are smiling back at them.

(Outside the House, Akari and Kaoru Leaving.)

Kaoru's POV

"Well, I guess we'll be leaving!" Akari yells waving at the two. They wave back and then Cecilia suddenly frowns. She runs up to Akari and asks, "Can I come with you? I know we only knew each other for a day, but we both learned a lot from each other! We can be best friends!" Cecilia was pleading, and it made Akari laugh. She has never laughed like that in a long time. I smile at her as I nod to let her know I allow it and Akari then nods at Cecilia who is jumping up and down in joy.

Cecilia turns around and faces Roy, "So can I go? I'll miss you!" Cecilia smiles. Roy walks up to her and says, "If you're coming, I'm coming too." "What?! Really?! Why?!" Akari and Cecilia ask in surprise. "Because, I don't want to stay here at the glitchy house forever!" Roy whines. Akari and I laugh and soon enough, Cecilia and Roy joins too. "Sure whatever." I mutter turning around to hide my smile. Akari marches up to me and puts her face close to mine. "Akari!" I yell. She laughs. Our daily routine. It's perfect. Well, not perfect. But, fun.

We all walk to town laughing and enjoying our long walk with our friends. We look around to see if there were any inns which gives me a flashback, -.-' I remembered how I kicked down a door and left a girl in my room. "What's wrong?" Akari asks noticing the look on my face. "N-nothing!" I panic. Akari makes a confuse but annoyed face and looks ahead. And a face of fear creeps onto her face. She starts shaking and then she took a step back. "Akari?" Cecilia questions, "Are you okay? You don't look too good." Cecilia walked closer to Akari and looks in her direction. "I don't see anything." Cecilia comments moving her head around to see if she was missing something. I walk closer to her and see what I wish I hadn't seen.

It was creepy. No, MORE than creepy. it felt like my voice was getting sucked out of me. It was the guy in the cloak who hit Akari two months ago, but, this time, he had a creepy mask on, and he was staring right at us with gleaming eyes with a gigantic sword in his hands. Suddenly- I see something. A sword? My sword! What was it doing- Wait, where am I? I seem to be in a laboratory. I look around and I see...disturbing things... Where am I? I see a bunch of...brains? Ew... But, why am I seeing this? I walk to the window and I see my brother... and then I see, myself? What? But, we were younger. "Oh no... Not this..." I cover my ears and close my eyes until- "Kaoru! Run!" I hear Akari's voice I open my eyes to see the guy walking towards us. "Okay!" I yell following Akari. "Hey! Wait! Guys wait up!" Cecilia whines as she and Roy run after us.

"W-why was he there and why was I remembering such a thing?!" I yell. "Remember what?" Akari asks, her eyes frightened. "I remembered... about my brother." I mutter. "I remembered my brother and a lot of other disturbing things. I look to the ground wondering, "Why did I remember that? And, why was I in a laboratory? Akari seemed more frightened than me though. "Akari! Kaoru!" Cecilia and Roy were running towards us. We stopped near a fountain and sat down as they ran to us. "Why did you run off like that? The most creepiest thing happened when you guys ran away!" Cecilia shrieked with slight tears in her eyes. "I-I was scared to death!" "But you're still alive." Roy comments. "SHUT UP!" Cecilia yells. Roy glances at her with an annoyed face and she just ignores him. "Anyways, when you guys ran away, I saw what you guys were running away from! I turned to where you guys were running, then turned back to see if I missed anything, and I saw t-t-th-th-the m-m-m-mask. IT stared deep into my soul. It was right next to me, in my face!" Cecilia waved her arms in fear. Roy didn't seem the least bit afraid though. Why?

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