I know, I am extremely late with this, but I finally managed to get this out despite being distracted with Skyrim and, of course, college. There is another chapter coming and it may be the end, we'll see :D Enjoy!

Just a little note that this part includes intercourse but not extremely detailed.

It was pouring with rain on her and Guy's wedding day. Despite it appearing gloomy, it was considered good luck since rain made land fertile, cleansed it, and start anew with freshness. She felt herself grow anxious by the hour as she was getting ready, poking herself on accident with one of the pins that held up some of her hair.

Her father wiped tears from his eyes when he saw her come down the steps since they had traveled back to their home. She was absolutely beautiful with some of her hair pinned up with a crown of flowers while she wore a light blue dress that had golden trim on the sleeves and neckline. A necklace hung around her neck that held three red jasper gemstones in the middle that reached her collarbone.

"Father," she greeted with a smile. It told him everything. She wanted to be married to Gisbourne. He had thought he made a mistake to allow that man to court her. Edward took her hands into his own and squeezed them. His throat choked and couldn't get out the words he wanted to tell her that he would miss her and would always see her as his little girl and his strong daughter.

"Come," he finally said as he led her through the door with two servants holding up a large cloak to cover them from the rain as they headed to the carriage. As they situated themselves inside, the doors shut and the driver was signaled to head off to the church.

Guy was already at the church, finishing getting dressed into the finest set of clothing he had in black with some green. He had come here early in the morning after the sheriff shooed him away after saying he had everything covered.

He hadn't thought this day would ever come. When he first found out about her being betrothed to Robin before that idiot went off to the crusade with the King, Guy was jealous and angry. Angry at Robin for letting her think that he would come back to marry - which that damned fool did not when he did come back.

From the way she had spoken about Robin when Guy courted her, it was clear that she was tired of waiting despite her attempts to avoid the subject. It angered him even further, completely pushing away his want to retrieve his family's lands back. She was far greater than anything. In fact, she had opened up his eyes to the world around him and realize what he wanted was not going to last for long. Lands could be challenged or taken away, money could be stolen and lost, and glory? Glory could ruin the best men.

Since it was raining, they had to hold the wedding in the church so that their guests would not get drenched and get ill. Guy looked over the attendees before looking right at the door. It seemed to take forever until those large doors opened and let in the fresh scent of rain. When Marian and her father walked in, the guards at the door started to shut them. "Leave them open," he ordered, causing them to freeze and move away to follow his orders.

Marian smiled at him, liking his choice, and so did the others since the church was stuffy inside and the fresh scent that rolled in from the rain allowed them to not think about it since it brought in a nice cool wind.

Guy outstretched his left arm to her while he stepped down a bit on the small stairs that led up to the altar when she got nearer since he could not wait for her to join him. She smiled up at him, some of her dimples showing, as she took his arm into his own before looking at the priest before them. While the Father spoke from the bible, she moved her hand to his and clasped it with hers.

He glanced at her at the corner of his eyes while tightening his hand over hers gently. He wanted to bring it up to his lips and kiss her fingers, knuckles, and palm. Guy wasn't paying attention much to what the priest said, or anything else that was going on. He was completely focused on her.

Despite having killed so many, the church had allowed him to marry as long as he repented himself for his sin. It had been a long process that he had taken care of when not in Marian's company the past days. It was not easy to persuade the priest but he had proven that he wished to have clean hands and wanted forgiveness. When he arrived that morning, the priest had told him that God had forgiven him by gifting his wedding day with rain.

The time came finally to put the rings on their fourth finger after making their vows to each other. Marian had decided to not say "obey", which had garnered reaction from others, and the priest. Guy, however, had merely chuckled.

The two of them smiled at each other as they did, especially Guy as he put the ring he had made for her just for their wedding. It had a dark green band with a golden lining in the middle while it was crafted with floral designs, holding three gemstones of ruby, emerald, and sapphire.

Marian could not stop staring at it. While the gemstones were reasonably cut and settled upon the design of the ring, they glinted in the light. It was absolutely beautiful. She finally looked back up at Guy while they pulled their hands away to let the priest join them again as he proclaimed their joining complete.

They drank from the chalice that was offered to them next and the priest finally got to the part where everyone, Guy and Marian mostly, was waiting for.

"Kiss each other now in front of those who are here today to witness the joining." The priest's eyes widened when Guy and Marian moved quickly to kiss each other. It wasn't chaste either. It was so passionate that others started to whisper at such a display of affection.

The ceremony that was held after had an immense amount of food along with entertainment and dancing in a part of the church that was used for such a celebration. People drank and laughed gaily while some danced or ate their fill. When it finished, beggars were seen outside to beg for coins or even food, the latter they received the most since there had been too much.

Marian had caught sight of Guy's smirk when he heard the beggars say thank you and rushed home with a piece large enough for two weeks for their family. "Did you mean to have a lot of food on purpose?"

His smirk only widened before turning into an actual smile as he looked down at her. "Perhaps." Guy chuckled at her as they headed to the carriage to go home. It would not be her own home since he was responsible to have his own, along with an income of some sort.

The rain still had yet to lift up as it grew near lunch time. But it did not bother them at all since they were enjoying their time in the carriage as it rocked softly on the muddy road. The rain pattered on the roof of the carriage while a bit of fog rolled in. Marian had leaned against him, feeling relaxed from the atmosphere that was set by the rain. She brushed her fingers over the cloth of his jacket, finding it so different from the leather he usually wore. It was a soft material and was a little bit wet since he had let her have most of the cover of the cloak when the servants blocked the rain above them.

Marian shifted her feet so that they would not lock up and moved her arm slowly around Guy. "I could not sleep last night...," she confessed, the rain lulling her into slumber each second. He smiled lazily as he looked down at her, moving his head forward a little so that he could see her face. Her eyes were drooping and she blinked to keep herself awake.

"Sleep then, Marian," he told her softly. "I will wake you when we arrive home."

He did not need to since a clap of thunder woke her up, practically making her flinch. She noticed that the carriage was stopped and looked at him. "We are there?"

Despite the harsh weather outside, he gave her a soft smile that reached his eyes. "Yes, but we must wait since they are having difficulty with the gate."

"A gate?" Marian blinked as she went to look out the window. There, right before her, was a castle surrounded by a far wall. She could see the lit candles, making the castle seem warm in the gloomy weather. When the carriage moved again, Marian quickly sat down, but she could not stop staring out the window. She saw stables fit with chicken coops, a garden, a small field for cattle, and a large entryway that could fit around ten carriages without being squished together. Trees and flowers were carefully planted too, and were waving in the wind outside.

The carriage finally stopped and the door was pulled out by the footman, who had a cloak ready along with a fellow servant of the castle. "Welcome home, milord," they greeted together.

Guy got up first so that he would help Marian down the steps of wood that the footman had put down. Marian got some rain on her face, but she did not care since she was so focused on the castle before her. She had not known just how much he had and realized how he could so easily give her gifts. The silly man.

Inside the castle was warm as they walked into the foyer. Guy ordered some of the staff to take out the luggage that would soon arrive, which held some of Marian's belongings that she had packed earlier that day. He then introduced her to his staff, telling her what each one did, and who to report to when he was not at home. When that was done, he dismissed to staff, causing them to disperse and continue their duties, so that he and Marian would be alone.

"I trust this abode is to your liking?" inquired Guy, curious of her thoughts.

"My...liking?" Was he being serious? "While I do appreciate you seeking my opinion, for me to be against it would be awfully rude and completely foolish." A castle! It was actually making her excited and having the want to explore it.

He chuckled at her before gathering her to him. "As you may notice, though, it is quite bare at the moment. I have yet to furnish, or decorate, much of it."

Oh! Now she understood what he was saying. "I would love to help you do that, Guy," she said with a smile.

"Good." He pulled her closer to him and leaned his head down. "I do need your help with something else as well." His tone of voice caused her face to heat while her hands clutched onto his ceremonial jacket. Even the look of his eyes showed her what he wanted from her, causing her to swallow. She was not afraid, oh no, she just found her throat dry suddenly at the intensity of his gaze.

"And what will that be?" Marian asked breathlessly. She felt her heart jump as his hand gripped her waistline before guiding her towards the stairway. They made their way up the many wooden steps, crossed the upper main hall and down a long hallway to the right side of the castle. When they stepped into a large bedroom, she knew what was to come. The fireplace was ablaze already, crackling in the silence between the two newlyweds as Guy shut the door slowly before taking her in his arms.

He let out a shuddering breath as he let his control slip away entirely. There was no need to hold back, to check himself while around her. They were wed now. Guy bit back a groan as he felt her push the ceremonial jacket that he wore off of his shoulders since she had just showed him that she was ready.

She had been ready.

The jacket fell to the ground, revealing his broad shoulders to her that his white linen shirt made it easy to see in the dim lit room. She carefully moved her hands up his chest, feeling him stiffen before hearing him let out a ragged breath as she reached his neck. But she didn't stop there. Her fingers grasped the hair that was brushing against the collar of his shirt and twirled the locks of hair.

Guy cracked a grin as he felt her play with his hair, his hands moving to take off her dress by lifting the top layer over her head. Marian was thankful since she had three layers on and was starting to sweat, thanks to the warm room. She allowed him to take off the rest of her dress until she was left in her undergarments. The sheer white linen did not hide the outline of her body. Especially her hips, which Guy could not help but touch again. Only, this time, he glided his fingers over it, causing Marian to shiver and try to pull away.

"Don't do that," she laughed as she shifted against him and had to hold onto him since she had moved away quickly from his light touch.

"Would you rather I do this?" he asked in a husky voice as he slid a finger under the base of her left breast.

Marian's jaw dropped, and while it was so inappropriate, her breast tingled and she oddly wanted him to do it again. "I would rather you - " He had done it again, just as she wished, and her chest rose and fell from the breath she took in as he did so. Marian wanted to get back at him and stepped away from him as he bent down to kiss her.

Guy was surprised she had moved away from him, and judging by her smile, he thought she was teasing him. He said nothing as he followed after her, only to have her slip away once more. But this time, she went farther while letting out a breathy giggle. "Marian," he warned, but not harshly.

She only smiled at him sweetly and stayed where she was. He walked towards her again but was ready for her to move out the way. He managed to grab her and felt her trying to wiggle free. Guy tightened his grip on her but not too tightly so that he could pick her up in his arms. Marian found herself being carried like she was a mere babe before being dropped on the bed gently.

Now she was nervous since she had no idea what she was... Well, she did know, thanks to her maidservants, but...the way he was looking at her like he expected to see something more than what she had made Marian want to distract him.

"Marian, there is no need to be frightened."

Surely that's not what she seemed to him? She shook her head. "I do not..." She couldn't believe herself that she feared of disappointing him! Marian took a calming breath to regain herself. "Nevermind, I was thinking too much."

The way he leaned over her with his strong arms at her sides made her feel safe. He would never harm her. Well, unless she truly angered him, that much was apparent and would be entirely her own fault. She shied away when he brought his face closer to hers, and he must have seen her blush for she had seen the look he was giving her that managed to make her react this way.

"Marian..." He gave attention to her neck, kissing it and grazed her skin with his stubble. It felt like a brush as he nuzzled her skin, coaxing her so that she would relax. It worked since her hands grasped the back of his shirt while one of her legs lifted up and brushed against the inner thigh of his right leg. Guy let out a moan mixed with a harsh breath when he felt her touch him there on accident. Despite wanting to do this with her, he wouldn't ravish her immediately.

He had to get off the bed to take off his breeches since it was getting too painful for them to stay on any longer. Marian didn't get a chance to see him since the fireplace did not give enough light, but she could feel him as he eased down onto her slowly after nudging her to move back more on the bed.

"Are you ready?" he asked as he stared down at her lovingly.

Marian gave him a nod. "Yes." Right as she said that, his hand pushed up the hem of her undergarment. She felt her skin react while the material glided further and further up her legs. Goodness, how could such a simple reaction seem so erotic? He touched her soft curls, causing her to shudder a little, before moving himself up a little.

"This will hurt you for a while, Marian," he told her softly as he kissed her cheek to soothe her as he positioned himself. "If you need me to stop, tell me and it shall be done."

Marian shook her head as she ran her fingers through his hair. "I can live through some pain," she said with a smile.

"Yes, you are not a fragile woman, nor do I want you to be. But, please tell me to stop when you cannot take it."

She gave him her word and without letting her think, he entered her. It was painful, just like he said, but even though she let out a shout, the pain was gone since he had kissed her and touched her to the point where pleasure took its place. Marian moved against him, signaling to him that she was ready. When she felt him thrust into her, she felt more of that same pleasure wash over her like a wave.

It was slow at first, but then it started to rise. It became heated like a fire, slowly burning her with unreal sensations. Was this what she would feel every time they did this? She wanted more of it and started to move against him at first before going along with him.

They kissed each other hotly while their bodies went wild, instinct kicking in as they made love to each other. He lifted her off completely off the bed as he thrusted into her, releasing himself inside as he breathed hard against her neck. Marian had already come right as she felt him plunge into her, causing her to cry out in pleasure while her entire body tensed up before relaxing.

The two of them were panting for air, their bodies sweaty from the heat they produced during their lovemaking. Marian closed her eyes as she felt him nuzzle against her neck and jaw before finding herself kissed gently by him.


The way he spoke her name caused her already calming heart to thud in reaction. "Mm?" She opened her eyes and wished she had not since above her, Guy was looking at her so lovingly. It made her want to shy away, but she challenged herself to keep looking straight into those eyes that spoke volumes of the love he had for her.

"Are you all right?"

A smile appeared on her lips as she reached up to put her hand on his bicep, feeling the muscle twitch. "Yes," she responded lazily, feeling like she could sleep for an entire day.

Guy pulled out of her, causing her to shift her legs, and got off the bed. Curious to why he did, Marian squinted to see what he was doing and was surprised to see that he put back on his breeches. When he came back to the bed, he pulled the covers so that they could go underneath. Marian had to move to do so, and when she did, she showed a great deal of her thighs to him.

He swallowed as he shifted his gaze from her before settling himself next to her. She was so soft against him as he wrapped his left arm around her. To his surprise, she turned around to face him and did the same to him but with her right arm. Her eyes were already closed but on her lips was a content smile. With one matching her own, Guy closed his eyes as he felt the pull of slumber.

The fire died down during the time they slept, and when they woke up hours before sunrise, they made love to each other once again before falling back to sleep. When they next woke up, the castle was bustling already with activity and the fire was completely out, causing them to shiver.

Guy had to get out of bed and order for some more wood before coming back in the room. He didn't allow Marian to get out of bed until the fire was going again with the maidservant leaving. As he put on his leather pants and jacket, he told her that she could explore the castle. "Be careful where you go since it is still being worked on."

"I'll be fine," she assured him as she stood next to him in only her chemise. In truth, she was waiting to kiss him goodbye. When he walked away to fasten one of his swords to his side, Marian stayed where she was and watched him.

"If you want, you can visit the stables. The mare has been ready to be ridden."

She had forgotten all about that! It was a good enough distraction since Guy took her by surprise - damn him, she wanted to! - when giving her a kiss. It was heated and possessive, completely melting her the bone. Marian didn't let him pull away though and gave him the same kiss as he gave her. It wasn't a good idea though since he kissed her deeper and was pulling up her chemise.

When she broke away from the kiss, her lips slightly bruised and tingling from his kiss, Marian pushed her chemise down while catching her breath. Oh that simply was not a good idea. Well, it was, but not when he needed to head to Nottingham. "Which way is the...stab - " Marian submitted to his kiss with a moan while her hands clutched his arms. She felt his bare hands moving up her thigh heatedly, which was so different to how he touched her yesterday. "Guy," she breathed, but she didn't get to continue since he had picked her up. Instinct kicked in, causing her to wrap her legs around his waist, shocking herself and Guy at the same time.

"Marian," he gritted out, barely keeping control of himself.

She quickly unwound her legs from him but did give him a kiss so that he wouldn't misunderstand. "Sorry."

Guy took in a large breath before letting it out as he put her gently back on the floor. "No, it was - Marian, you are - " He groaned as he pressed himself against her. Marian stayed still so not to egg him on, but she could feel him react to her. "I will see you before lunch arrives," he finally said in a gruff voice as he released her.

She nodded dumbly at him, watching him leave, but she did manage to see the bulge in his leather pants. Had she really caused that by kissing him back the way he kissed her? It felt...well, quite good to know she could affect him that way. Marian heard someone near the door and was surprised to see Guy again.

He had forgotten his gloves.

When he found them, he didn't even look at her as he put them on. "Your luggage will be sent up here. Cover yourself when they do."

Marian smiled as he walked out the door again. He didn't want the men who was bringing up her belongings to see her. She wasn't surprised there, he was very possessive, but she was too. She went to the bed and relaxed underneath the covers until all of her belongings was situated and the men left.

She didn't call for a bath, but was beginning to think about it when she finished putting on a simple dress. Still, she wanted to explore the castle, especially outside, and also the stables. Thing is, she had no idea where she was from them! Her husband didn't even bother to tell her, nor had she even asked since they had other things in mind.

The castle was magnificent as it seemed outside, tall walls, fur and rugs on the floor, and while it was still bare, it was cozy. She talked to the steward that she had found while wondering and told him what she and Guy would like to have. Marian also spoke with one of the maids to get a bath ready for her while she went to ask the stablemen where the other stables were.

"It's right on through that path, milady," pointed one of the stablemen to the west. "Only takes a couple of minutes to get there when on horseback or a carriage."

Marian thanked them before heading back up to take her bath. It felt good to feel her skin become clean from the sweat and other gunk. She even had to wash down below before getting out of the tub. She tried herself with the furs the maid brought in that were crafted for bathing. Then, she slipped into a clean chemise and put on her dress. She was about to get her brush when something on a table nearby caught her eye. It wasn't there before... Marian went over to it cautiously and what she saw was a newly crafted comb with birds carved into it.

She reached out and touched the comb, feeling the carving that it had. It was smooth and not at all rough like she imagined. Marian picked it up and tested it with her bangs, finding it get some knots before becoming free of her hair. Pleased, she combed more of her hair until she was done and set the comb back down on the table.

Surely he did not... But it was a known gesture for a man to gift his beloved a comb like this. He did not only forget his gloves, but he forgot to present it to her. Marian smiled before dashing outside. She would give him a gift as well.

Several hours later near lunch, his gift was ready when he was seen coming from the path of the forest on his horse. Marian quickly hid it near the foyer upon a table with care before going outside to greet him. She could not stop smiling as she waited for him to dismount come over to her.

Guy brushed his hand through her hair before holding the back of her head and kissed her. Guy noticed that she had a bath this morning by smelling lavender as he continued to coax her lips. When he broke the kiss, he nuzzled her neck as he kept her close to him. Guy felt her hand on his shoulder as he continued, adding a kiss to her neck before Marian pulled away.

"I have something to show you." Marian tried to hide that she was a little breathless, but wasn't successful since Guy gave her a sly grin.

"Mm, do you?'

Marian headed to the door. "It's in the foyer." She walked through the entrance, since it was kept open when she walked out, and went to get his gift. Picking it up from its sheath, she lifted it up with two hands and presented it to him as she turned to face him, complete with a smile.

Guy froze in mid-step, not quite believing that she had made a sword for him. He then walked to her slowly, his boots clinking while his leather squeaked softly as he went up to her and pulled the sword free. He tested it, feeling the weight of it as he backed away from her so not to harm her. It was polished thoroughly and very well crafted with the blade glimmering and the edges and tip of it was sharpened. Upon the hilt were two gemstones, blue and red jasper.

Love and purity was what those colors meant. Another clear message from her of her feelings to him.

"I thank you for the beautiful comb."

He turned to her, his grip on the sword's tightening. "And you...had this made?"

"It's not only because of the comb, but yes; from my own pocket."

Guy walked up to her and sheathed it back into its scabbard, and for a bit, she thought she had angered him. However, he took it from her after untying the sword and its sheath from his hip and tied the new one in its place. He ordered someone to take his older sword in the armory, and when they left, he took her to their room for privacy.

When he closed the door behind her with one arm, his lips crashed down onto her own. She moved her head back, and in doing so, hit it on the door. Guy pulled her away from the door, rubbing the spot gently as he continued to kiss her heatedly. He loved the gift, the very first gift she had given him, and it was a sword with gemstones that would never allow anyone to question their marriage.

Marian could hardly breathe from his passionate kisses, finding herself clutching at him, with one of her hands in his hair. She was so happy that he loved the sword she had the blacksmith made for her after gathering the materials for it. The gemstones had been pricey but she had managed to bargain a good enough price. Marian had wanted to make the sword too but she wanted to give it to Guy when he came back.

Guy took her hand that was in his hair and held it in his own to bring it to his lips, kissing it gently as he looked into her eyes. He was absolutely thrilled at her that he could not even speak. He had never thought to even receive a gift from her. And now to have one... A finely crafted sword from her own money... Guy claimed her lips again, causing her to moan at the intensity of the kiss. He felt her smile against his lips and gave her a playful nip.

When she opened her mouth in a gasp, his tongue moved in to French kiss her, causing her to stiffen before leaning against him. She had never thought he would be able to heat up the kiss just by using his tongue! It was intoxicating and was not at all grossed out about it. Unfortunately, she needed to part away for air.

As they gained their breaths, their chests rising and falling against each other's, Marian stared at his neck. An idea entered into her mind, wondering what he would do if she kissed the sensitive skin there. Guy knew she could be bold, but to have her kissing his neck like he had done to her made him groan while his heart thudded loudly in his chest. Marian felt the vein underneath her lips and kissed it, causing him to shudder and pant.

He didn't stop her, just allowed her to take control, to explore him as her hands moved underneath his leather garments while she continued to kiss his neck. She even bit him, causing him to cringe a little from the pain. Marian kissed her way up to the part where his jawline and neck met, kissing it hotly. Guy tightened his arms around her and moved his head to the side to give her more access. Not many women dared to do this to a man, but Marian was not like others who were meek and submitted to their husbands. He didn't want her to submit, he wanted her to have the same control he had since she wanted to be equal.

Marian pulled away and noticed that she had left marks on his neck. Blinking, she peered at them closer before putting a hand on her mouth. "I... I did not mean - "

"You are possessive as I am, Marian."

'I am not!" Her face was crimson with embarrassment. It was a huge lie.

Guy nuzzled her cheek with a chuckle. "I believe you have just sinned."

Marian laughed since he started to tickle her with his fingers softly caressing her neck and the stubble grazing on her skin. "I am not possessive as you are, Sir Guy." She had used the title on purpose, but it did nothing since Guy only smiled. Damn the man, ruining her fun!

"You are possessive."

"I assure you that I - ah!" She cried out when he felt her squeeze her butt, causing her to arch against him. Marian got the smirk on his lips while his blue eyes laughed at her. The vile man! Another cry came out of her when he did it again, only this time was harder, and she jumped against him. Her cheeks flushed hotly. "Guy! Stop that!"

He groaned as he felt her move against him, causing his pants to bulge like they did before. "Marian. I need you again. Please."

"I am not possessive," whispered Marian.

Guy laughed softly, not wanting to debate with her anymore, and replied huskily with, "I am." He wanted her so bad again, and if she continued to tease him, he knew he might harm her on accident. But Marian liked to play with fire.

"Have you eaten?"

"Yes." He nipped her ear, causing her to jump a little against him. He groaned as he felt her soft body against his rock hard chest.

"What about a bath?"

His blue eyes flamed with heat and she knew he had reached his limit when his grip on her tightened, but it didn't pain her. "Marian," he growled, almost like a croak since his control was hanging by a thread.

Marian unbuckled the belt that held his sword, letting it clatter to the ground and undid the steel buttons on his leather jacket. He had already raised up her dress and chemise to expose her left thigh to him. Marian breathed hard when his fingers trailed hotly around her leg while his other hand still groped her bottom. He gave her a squeeze, causing her to arch up against him. Guy took her in his arms and put her on the bed and didn't stop pulling her dress off of her.

She sat up to help up and soon enough, they were both in their undergarments with Guy's breeches on the floor. Marian moved back on the bed as he moved to her, crawling on top of her like she was his and his alone, completely focused on her that it lit her on fire. She pushed his linen shirt up, feeling the muscles twitch at her touch when she trailed it up to his head. Marian threw the shirt to her left upon the floor, and when she looked back at Guy, she had forgotten how to breathe for a moment.

With his broad shoulders and chest hair that wasn't too thick, fit with enough muscles to show that he was a knight, and a master swordsman, Marian could not stop staring. This made Guy prideful of his appearance, despite seeing the same reaction that other women had given him before he became fascinated with Marian. He pushed her chemise further to reveal her breasts, noticing how they moved as she panted. Guy cupped one of them, brushing the base with his fingers as he moved his hand down to her stomach and back up the valley of her breasts. He squeezed it gently as if to test how plush it was before doing it again. But this time, he brushed his finger over her nipple, generating pleasure.

Marian pulled him down to her, wanting to feel him on her bare skin. Both of them breathed at the contact of skin on skin. She clutched his back as he kissed her collarbone down to the valley of her breasts. Her hands moved up to his neck, scratching him a little in the process as he kissed her hotly all the way back up to her throat. His breath was hot on her skin, causing her body to tingle and create goosebumps. Tangling her fingers with the hair at the back of his head, she pulled it gently so that he would move his head up.

She sought out his lips, moaning as it came in contact with hers while the stubble on his chin brushed against hers as the kiss became heated. Marian shifted as he felt him position himself over her before entering her slowly. Unlike before, there was no pain. There was just pleasure as he moved in and out of her.

They had no control of themselves as instinct once again kicked in and drove each other over the edge. Their breaths mingled together as they panted from the intense sensation of joining. "Guy," breathed out Marian as she tried to hold onto his neck, which was coated with sweat. She swallowed as he continued to thrust into her, filling her entirely.

Guy clutched the bed covers as he felt his body tense, letting out a long groan as he released inside her. He panted hard as he fell on top of her, putting his weight on his arms so not to crush her with his weight. He pulled out of her slowly before resting is head next to hers on the pillow as he tried to catch his breath. Marian lifted her hand to his forehead and brushed the sweaty locks of hair from his eyes. She continued as he closed his eyes, enjoying her touch as she pushed back his hair with the rest.

Marian started to explore his face, brushing his eyebrows with her fingers down to his cheeks and then to his jawline. The stubble there was harsh against the soft pad of her fingers but it didn't make her pull away. When she ran her fingers upon his thin yet soft lips, she felt them move a little to make a small smile. "Guy..."

A sharp knock on their door interrupted their moment, which quickly made Guy's relaxing expression flash away in an instant as he sat up. "What is it!" He was going to flog whoever dared to interrupt them!

"Sorry sir, but some of the sheep has escaped," shouted back one of the stablemen. "We saw a fox, we did. What's that? Oh, right... Two sir, two of 'em, sir!"

"Then release the hounds on the fox and gather up the sheep," demanded Guy as he went up to the door.

"About that sir...the horses spooked too. Well, except for yours."

Guy let out a frustrated sigh. "Get my horse ready then."

"Aye, my lord!"

Marian tried not to smile when she watched him get dressed again. But this time, she had a much better view of his body as he stepped into his breeches and put on his jacket since there was enough light coming inside. Guy raked his hair back before picking up the sword and belt to buckle it back around his waist. He glanced at her, seeing how she was laying down on the bed like she had seen something amusing.

She was going to drive him even more crazy!

"I'll wait for you here," she promised while moving one of her legs without even thinking.

Guy swallowed, shifting his gaze to the sides of the room before heading out. It wasn't really wise of her to do that to him, Marian realized. But she could not stop herself since she wanted him again. To touch his captivating body and kiss him. She wanted to pleasure him since, so far, he was the one pleasuring her.

She could hear the commotion outside, knowing it was her husband that was barking orders to others. Marian tried to get up but found herself slumping on the bed as her muscles gave way and refused to work. She felt sore too, which made her wonder why. Well, she did promise him that she would wait. So, she decided to take a nap until he came back.

When he did thirty minutes later, he kissed her awake. Guy smiled down at her as she blinked her eyes awake before moving down to her again to kiss her. She felt the leather overcoat he wore against her bare skin, chilling her and causing her to shiver slightly.

After taking off his boots with ease, he climbed onto the bed to the spot next to her and held her. The scent of leather engulfed her nose along with his own musky scent. While he did need to bathe, he wanted to hold her for a while. Plus, he had a way to get back at his lovely wife when she tempted him with a part of her thigh earlier.

Marian turned her head to the door when there was a soft knock. She looked at Guy curiously when he gave them permission to enter with buckets and filled up the bath that two of the maidservants had brought in. When they were done, they left in a hurry so that Guy wounded hound at them or glare at their backs. He got off the bed and surprised Marian by picking her up and carried her over to the bath with him.

"Guy! What are you doing?" Sure he would not dare to drop her in the tub!

Guy laughed darkly at her as he set her feet down on the floor. "You tempted me earlier." He noticed that one of her hands was still on his shoulder. A sly grin appeared on his lips as he started to undo the straps on his jacket. "You will now bathe me."

Marian's jaw dropped, blinking at he demanded of her to do. Sure, she had touched him, but to bathe him like she was some servant? She lifted her head up while closing her mouth and crossed her arms. "No."

"Then I guess you will watch." Right as he said that, he put his overcoat on a chair nearby and undid his top and breeches. He did it slowly on purpose, taking great care with the leather attire as he put them on the chair. Marian had to bite her lip and avert her eyes, but she kept looking back at him with curiosity.

He was enjoying teasing her as he stepped into the tub and slowly set himself down by holding onto the rim with both hands. A soft sigh escaped him as he eased back to lean his head on the back of the tub while letting her have full view of his arms. Guy had a small smirk as he felt, and watched her gaze, roam over him. Of course, it made him react, but she could not see that because of the grime his skin had from chasing after the damned sheep as the hounds took care of the foxes.

Marian shifted and turned halfway away from him, but she continued to watch him as he started to wash his arms one at a time. She swallowed as he leaned forward to start washing his hair, causing the dark locks to cling to his sharp cheekbones, part of his ears and forehead. As he pulled himself back, he raked a hand through his hair to keep it out of his eyes but it only fell down again, giving him a very wet, rugged look.

A look that she loved, very much.

Not being able to stand it any longer, Marian turned around. She didn't want to give in, to see him smirk victoriously. But she glanced over at him anyway, watching him just stay there in the tub. Not even a word was spoken to her, nor did he glance at her. He was practically playing with her, feigning ignorance, to tease her with his body - and it was working.

She turned her head to stare at the wall as he caught him moving up to step out of the tub. Marian glanced at him again, watching how he dried himself. He didn't go slow either like she thought he would. When he dried his back, she couldn't take it anymore and walked quickly to him.

Marian touched his arm, feeling his muscles react as she put her other hand on the other to stop him. She caught sight of water droplets on his collarbone and some around his chest.

He crushed her to him, allowing her to feel his half dried body, as he dropped the furs to the ground. Her hands were hot on his chest, feeling their softness as she ran her hands down slowly, as if to get back at him. Guy closed his eyes as he felt her hand on his abdomen, letting out a groan when she applied more pressure to the area as she rubbed it. "Marian." He half-growled her name, causing her hand to freeze and look up at him.

She had thought she angered him, but what he saw in his eyes told her otherwise. Smiling coyly at him, Marian leaned against him as her hand rode up past his left pectoral so that she could use him to balance herself as she kissed him underneath his jaw. He made a throaty groan as his arms tightened around her. Marian kissed him again, moving her head a little to kiss a different spot.


It was a warning, which she did not heed since she wanted him to take her once again. And he did, causing her to moan as he had his wicked way with her. Marian had never thought she would make such voices when he touched her, but she had. She was still blushing and Guy was having a field day since she would not allow him to see it. Oh, he managed since he tickled her with one lone finger going up her stomach. She had cried out with small laughter as she shifted her body to get away from it. Seeing her blush made him smile even more.

"You wretched man."

He tickled her stomach again with his finger, causing her to roll away and glared at him. But that blush - oh that blush on her face made him follow after her, causing her to move away and she sent him a very heated glower his way. A snicker escaped him as he started to move towards her.

The look in his eyes frightened Marian as it did when she saw it the first time. Passionate desire reflected in his cold blue eyes. And the way he moved to her! Marian allowed him to capture her, pushing her gently back on the pillows while feeling his hand caress her cheek down to her neck. This time he gave her a gentle kiss, to help her relax from their little cat and mouse game.

Having him on top of her and being gentle with her was so surreal. She smiled brightly when she felt her husband nuzzled her nose with his own. Marian reached up and embraced him, forcing him to look at her into her eyes. "I love you," she said softly to him.

His mouth slightly opened as he blinked at her, dumbfounded than he had ever been his entire life. She had... She had said the very words he so longed to hear from her. Even though they were unspoken, he wanted to hear it. Just once. And now, he had gotten that wish. Happiness warmed his entire body, soothing his soul, and filled him until it overflowed. He kissed her anew, showing her how happy he was with her returned love to him.

The next day, Marian finally visited their stables while Guy was once again in Nottingham. He had told her that the sheriff needed him to escort the physician to the new mine, and also overlook the house they were building for him to use nearby the mine.

The chestnut mare that was now hers was gentle and allowed Marian to pet her, and also inspect her. The stablehand was nearby, on Guy's orders, but Marian did not mind since she knew even the most docile animal could panic. The mare was built with strong, long legs with a wide body, thanks to her sire and dam, one being a destrier and the other a palfrey.

Marian felt the mare nudge her shoulder, causing her to smile and rub her neck. "All right, I will take you out for a ride." Marian requested for the stablehand to help her with the saddle blanket, saddle, and bridle. The mare stayed still while she was tacked up and didn't put up a fuss when Marian mounted her.

"She has a good temperament, milady," noted the stablehand. "Trained her myself, I did. Put up a fight at first, but finally gave in. She still has that fiery spirit within her, but she won't spook easily." He patted the mare's neck before stepping away.

Marian smiled as she urged the mare into a trot. Her tail raised up as her hooves hit the ground in two beats, as if she was showing off to a nearby stallion. When they got near the trail of the forest, Marian urged her into a canter so that they could go faster and her mare flicked her head up, wanting to go in a gallop. But Marian kept her under control as they continued on through the forest.

Guy dismounted his horse near the entrance of the castle in Nottingham, letting the stablehands take care of his stallion as he paid the sheriff a visit. As he walked into the castle and up the stairs, he noticed how empty it was before realizing he still needed to assign new positions for the newly recruited knights.

He had been so distracted that he had forgotten. If the old sheriff were here, Guy wouldn't have heard the end of it from him.

"Ah, there you are," said the sheriff as Guy opened the doors. "Was wondering when you were going to get here since I need to make sure that you want to give the lands to Robin Locksley?"

"Yes," Guy replied as he walked up beside him. "I explained to you before that I do not want them. He is no longer an outlaw."

The sheriff nodded. "Yes, that is another thing I need to address. Ah, and did you send the carriage to the physician?"

"This morning." Guy heard the quill scratch on the paper and turned to the sheriff to see that he was shaking his head.

"Well, it will be late to get to the physician, but I cannot say that I blame you with the wedding." He adjusted his glasses before finishing up his signature and rolled up the parchment.

"Shall I deliver that to Robin Hood himself?"

"Hmm. It would be easier to give in person than to wait until he hears about the announcement. Very well." He handed the parchment to Guy and picked up another than needed his attention.

Guy made his way to the barracks first, issuing out orders for the guards to be stationed before heading back out to the stables. The stablehands saw him coming and quickly got his horse ready. Guy mounted quickly after shoving the parchment in one of the holders of the saddle and urged his stallion into a canter so that they would get out of Nottingham as fast as they could without trampling anyone. When they reached the outskirts, Guy let his stallion go into a full gallop. The trees blurred by him as they thundered down the path.

It didn't take him long to get into the heart of the forest. The only trouble was that Robin could be anywhere, and with his amount of luck of finding him without dogs? Absolutely not chance. Guy shook his head at his own stupidity as he slowed down his horse to a trot. He looked for any kind of sign that would give away that Robin and his gang were nearby.

As he peered around, he noticed a cluster of black behind the trees and sent his horse forward. The mighty stallion raced toward it, kicking up dirt and leaves behind its hooves as they climbed up the slope.

Guy's hands tightened on the reins as they got closer, and when they did, he felt himself tense.

There, up in the sky was the eerie presence of black smoke. He knew that well, remembering how it choked him as it burned his house. Tore apart his family even more. His stallion responded underneath him, sensing his distress, by rearing up. But even then, it didn't shake him from the nightmare that he thought he pushed out of his mind.

What's worse, it was near the castle that was his and Marian's home.

Guy gained control of his horse as the thought of Marian being in danger blinded him. With the desire to see she was okay mixed with the fear of losing her, he kicked his stallion into a gallop until he could feel his horse breathe hard. It was foolish and wrong to do, but only one being was in his mind.


"Hurry up with those buckets of water, will ya?" barked out a stablehand to the gardener.

"I can't since the water will spill over!"

"Ya would if the fires of hell were licking ya ankles!"

Rather than go in hysterics, the Guy's staff were quick to action to take care of the solution. Even the maids were helping by getting thick blankets to put down the smaller flames. However, the smoke became too thick for them to breath so they all had to get outside.

That was when Marian finally came back home from her ride. "What happened?" she asked them as she rode up alongside one of the guards. He turned to her and quickly bowed to her.

"Lady Marian, the cook had been too distracted while cooking since the new stablehand - a mere lad - let out the chickens on accident."

"Is anyone hurt?"

"No, since everyone is outside."

"There might be some inside."

"The fire was small enough to get out. It was the smoke that finally drew everyone out of the castle. However, I will send my men in to make sure." He then turned to one of the guards and barked at some of the men to search inside the castle.


Marian looked behind her to see Guy racing towards them as if the devil himself was on his heels. "Guy!" She heard his mount breathe heavily as Guy dismounted. Marian looked down at him like he was crazy as he came to her side. "What have you done to him?"

"I had to make sure you were safe. I just...I was not thinking of anyone else but you, Marian." He looked at his stallion, the very steed that he had raised since birth. He was used to running long distances but to be pushed in such a way... It tore him. Guy went over to his stallion, rubbing his head apologetically. The black horse nudged at his head as his body expanded with each breath. "Sorry," Guy whispered as he continued to pet him. "I'm so sorry." Guy took off the bridle so that the horse would not be bothered with the bit as he took in large breaths.

"My lord!" It was the guard that had had sent guards to go inside earlier. With a bow, he explained the situation to Guy. Guy then ordered some of the men to go in groups to the river to get more water.

Guy then turned to command a stablehand to give his horse a rub down and a fresh bucket of apples. The stablehand did as asked, leading the horse without a lead rope or using the bridle.

It took them two more hours to finally put out the fire. The cook apologized over and over again while excusing the boy that had managed to distract her while cooking. Guy forgave her, which made Marian smile. He soon arranged for repairs to be done on the castle noon time the next day before joining Marian at dinner.

They were sitting next to each other rather than sitting across each other on the large table. During the whole time they ate, they looked at each other over the rims of their goblets, wanting each other. Guy more so towards Marian since he had thought he lost her. When he had ridden up to her, seeing her safe and not caught in the fire, he almost leaned back on the saddle in relief.

Marian was the first to finish with her food. She brushed her hands on the cloth on her lap before putting it on the table. When she rose up from the chair, she gave him a smile that sent Guy over the edge. He couldn't wait any longer and rose up to go after her, leaving an unfinished plate behind him.

Smiling widely, she looked over her shoulder at him before going into a jog to playfully run away from him. Marian giggled as she heard his heavy steps behind her quicken to catch up and she also quickened her pace. She managed to slide as she turned the corner up ahead and went up the stairs. It was dangerous to run up stairs, but she just couldn't stop and thankfully didn't hurt herself in the process.

She glanced over her shoulder and let out a surprised cry, laughing as she saw him race up behind her. Marian picked up her skirts and dashed down a long hallway and turned around another corner, only to bump into it. But that didn't stop her since she kept running.

When she came upon their room, she fiddled with the door handle but it wouldn't budge. Panicking, she shoved herself against the door but it would not budge. Marian tried again and it finally budged, almost causing her to fall down in the process. She quickly walked inside their room just as Guy caught up with her. Her mouth dropped open a little when she watched him kick the door closed.

Guy immediately came to her and encased her in his arms, kissing her so passionately that it took her breath away. He was even more aroused than usual since he had chased after her. He hadn't even realized how playful she could be and he loved it. And he was going to make sure that she knew that.

Marian clutched at his leather jacket, finding it difficult to breathe when he deepened the kiss. He coaxed her lips gently while his arms tightened around her to press her against him. She smiled before kissing him back, her hands moving to his jawline as she repeatedly kissed him, each one hotter than the one before.

They stripped each other's clothing as they moved to the bed, leaving a trail behind them. Marian gripped his hair, loving how it curled around her fingers a little bit. She could also feel some of his sweat at the base of his neck. "Perhaps we should take a bath before...?"

Guy laughed softly at her suggestion. "It will take them a while to get the tub up here." He pushed her down on the bed, lifting up her undergarment with his hand. Marian felt the fabric glide up her thigh, exciting her as it reached higher. She didn't expect for him to push her undergarment all the way to her shoulders. Her nipples hardened, half from arousal and the other half from the cool air.

"Guy," she gasped, finding it hard to breath as he sucked her left breast. The action was new to her, but clearly not for him. His tongue caressed the side of the nipple before swiveling around it. He took her nipple again in his mouth and rather than suck, he tugged it with his teeth gently. Marian bit down a moan, but it eventually came out when Guy twisted her nipple with his teeth. "Guy!"

He finally let go, giving her a sly grin. With his arms, he moved up and hovered over her mouth. "Yes, Marian? My wife?"

Marian looked at his mouth. "I prefer that you...kiss me rather than...than..." She watched his lips curl up into a smirk. Marian shifted her gaze to lock with his and gave him a suspicious look. "What are you - Guy!" He was kissing her neck hotly, moving his mouth in random areas. Her hands grasped his raven hair tight, her nails biting in her skin. When she thought he was done, she felt him suck on her skin.

Guy bit her skin gently before continuing to suck on it. He had no idea what possessed him to do such a thing to her, but it felt right.

Marian let out a small wince when he bit down her skin without being gentle. "Guy!" Not that she minded it when he was rough, but that had hurt since it was a sensitive area. "Stop that." He obliged her request, lifting his head away from her neck. They stared into each other's eyes, sending the other a heated look that it eventually made Marian shy away. She just couldn't stop it, no matter how much he gazed at her with such emotion.

She hadn't noticed when he lowered his head to kiss her, but she welcomed it. Her arms wrapped around his neck to pull him down closer to hers. The way her breasts pressed against him, feeling his hard body as he moved was - Marian let out a cry of pleasure when he fingered her. When did he...? He did it again, causing her to buck against his hand. She tensed up, but not because she was comfortable. No, she loved it and wanted more of it. "Guy," she ushered him in a soft, warm voice with her eyes lidded.

He couldn't hold back any longer when he heard her voice matched with that expression that would undo any man. Guy continued fingering her, seeing which spot would send her reeling in pleasure. When he brushed over her nub, Marian squeezed him tighter.

She was holding back her moans as much as she could. The way he was touching her, so intimately - and she let him since she trusted him - was nothing like she had heard when she was told about when a man and woman had intercourse. She was told to lay there limply and let him do what needed to be done. Marian couldn't imagine just staying still without reacting to Guy.

"Marian," he said softly near her ear as he pushed her nub with his finger. It sent a huge jolt of pleasure throughout her that she couldn't keep in her cry any longer. Her cry of pleasure sounded so...wanton to Marian's ears, but to Guy's, it told him that she loved it. He slicked his finger out of her, wiping it on the sheets beside him as he positioned himself over her. His belt was already off, thanks to his wife, but he was hurting with these leather trousers on.

She helped him take them off with a lazy smile, but her expression changed when she saw him free of them. Marian touched his length in a caress, almost undoing him in the process. When he finally entered her swiftly, Marian threw her head back while closing her eyes. He thrusted in and out of her, creating a rhythm like he had done before. Her legs wrapped around his own, tangling them as he continued to create the friction that the two of them needed. Marian's eyes were still closed as she held onto him, not letting go as he started to thrust inside her hard. She had to open her mouth to pant as he continued, feeling his muscles underneath her hands.

Marian grew tense and tense as she rocked against him, as if guiding him to that one spot she needed for him to thrust against. It didn't take long for him to find it, but when he did, she let out very large cry of pleasure and climaxed immediately. Her whole body tensed up before relaxing under him. However, she wanted to help him and brushed her fingers on his lower region softly. She heard him intake a sharp breath, so she did it again, making sure her nails were light on his skin. Marian felt him tense and heard him as he let out a long groan before feeling him release inside her.

They held each other with Marian's head underneath Guy's jaw. His left arm was settled on her shoulder, his fingers brushing through her brown curls. Marian closed her eyes in content. She felt refreshed from their love making. The two of them were equally worn out and drifted into a long nap until the sun was starting to set.

Guy ordered for the tub to be taken to their room so that they could bathe. They touched each other when the other least expected it. Marian had flinched away in surprise before giggling as Guy continued to touch her. She had splashed him a couple of times, causing most of the water to spill out onto the stone floor.

When they dried themselves and got dressed, Marian noticed that her neck seemed bruised and peered closely into the mirror. She realized that Guy had caused it by biting and sucking her skin there. And none of her dresses could cover it! Marian looked over at her husband, watching how he put on his leather jacket. She quickly went over to him and pulled him down to bite on his neck and suck on the skin there. If she had to have this bruise on her person, then so did he! She smacked away his hands when she felt them on her waist. Marian finally pulled away from him and didn't spare him a glance as she went over to her wardrobe for her cloak.

Guy rubbed the spot she had sucked and bitten as he watched her. He was curious to why she had done that. "Marian?" She tied the cloak strings and smiled at him as she walked over to him. It didn't take him long to notice the bruise on her neck and couldn't hold back a grin. To see her with a mark after sucking the area reminded him that she was his. Just as he was hers, with a matching one from her.

He offered her his arm after equipping his sword and guided her down to the main floor. "I need to go and deliver something."

Marian furrowed her brow in confusion. "Deliver something?"

"A parchment," he answered as he headed to the door that led to the stables.

She was still curious. "Parchment?"

Guy chuckled, stopping where he was and glanced over at her. "To give back lands that are no longer mine." He saw how surprised she was to hear his news.


It took all of his control to not go to her and kiss her senseless. But he didn't need to since she came up to him instead and kissed him anew. She was happy that he was going to give back Robin's lands. She still cared for Robin, but Guy felt no doubt towards her since he knew he had her. When they pulled away, Guy caressed the mark he made on her neck and gave her a small kiss before heading out.

Marian wanted him to stay for a while longer but knew he needed to deliver the parchment to Robin. She found herself loving Guy even more to give back Robin's lands, even though she didn't know the entire history of why he wanted Robin's lands other than what she had heard. Marian looked down at her ring with a smile, noticing how it glistened slightly from the torches that had been lit. She set out to the kitchen to see what the cook would have out when Guy came back for dinner.

Meanwhile, Guy was mounting on one of his other horses since his stallion was still resting. The one he was now on was his stallion's brother. While he was not as fast as his brother, he had stamina to make up for it. With a click and a nudge of his boots, the stallion obeyed his command and went in a gallop.

He figured that Robin would be at the camp and headed in that direction with the parchment safely kept in his saddle bag. The moon was bright enough for Guy to not use a torch since the canopy of trees wasn't so thick.

As he came near the camp, he could hear singing and clapping. Guy realized that people were dancing while he got closer. He decided to stay on horseback and guided the stallion forward before calling out to Robin.

Robin, who had been dancing with a woman, turned to Guy. When Guy beckoned for him to come over, he turned back to the woman and apologized before making his way over to Guy through the crowd. "Gisbourne, decided to drop in?" he asked with a boyish grin, not noticing the mark Marian had left on Guy's neck.

Guy took out the parchment and handed it to Robin after moving his horse so that he would be closer. "This is from the sheriff stating that you are not longer an outlaw and that your lands will be yours again."

Robin's eyes went wide and looked at him in disbelief. "What?"

"Open it and see for yourself." Guy watched the younger man open it quickly, almost tearing it. He noticed how Robin's eyes became larger than before.

"This...is..." Robin rubbed his forehead and gazed up at Guy. He couldn't believe it! His lands, his home - all his again! And no longer an outlaw as well! He once again had a home! "I'll be sure to give my thanks to the sheriff."

Guy gave him a nod before guiding his stallion around. As he made his way out, he heard Robin shout out the good news to his friends. He hadn't bothered to correct Robin that he had been the one to give back Robin's lands. Robin would soon found out anyway. At that thought, Guy's lips curved in a smug grin.

When he arrived back home, Marian greeted him with a hug matched with a kiss on his cheek. Guy chuckled at her attempt to tease him and pulled her back by the arms up against him to claim her lips in a heated kiss. He felt her press herself against him, her fingers messing up his hair before they pulled away.

"Dinner is ready," she told him with a smile as she fixed his hair.

"I am sure the cook would not mind if we skip dinner." Guy nuzzled her with his mouth and nose on her cheek. He felt her shiver and smiled, giving her a kiss on the bruise he created on her neck.

"Your stomach would," pointed out Marian with a little laugh since his stubble was tickling her neck. She put her hands on his shoulders to push him gently, but he wouldn't budge. He just kept on kissing her neck all the way up to her chin and then to her mouth. She closed her eyes with a soft moan, kissing him back with the thought of dinner gone from her mind for several minutes before breaking the kiss. "Please, Guy. You have been out the entire day, you need to eat."

He took her hand into his own and headed to the dining hall. The food was already laid out with some candles lit. He chose a chair close to the door and had her sit by him. Guy managed to eat some food before distracting Marian. He kissed her cheek with his arm around her waist so that he could brush his hand against her hip, successfully distracting her from the food on the plate in front of her. Marian managed to scoot away but Guy just followed after her. The maids that were cleaning the windows nearby had to hold back their giggles.

"Guy, please, I'm trying to eat - and you have not taken a single bite." But her words fell on deaf ears since he kissed down her neck to her shoulder, even though there was fabric in thew ay. "Guy!" She tried to shout at him, but he was tickling her with his hand on her hip. Marian turned to him and his lips crashed down on hers, causing her to fall down on the bench.

Guy immediately pulled her up with an apologetic grin, which only grew wider when Marian shot him a glare.

"Thank you." She situated herself and grabbed the eating utensils. "Now, please eat," Marian asked softly.

He leaned over to kiss her on the cheek and slowly moved his mouth to her ear. "Very well." Guy pulled away finally and began to dine upon the meat that the cook had prepared for them. The whole time he was thinking of when they would go to their room, and when the time finally came, he pulled her up gently and headed to their room.

Marian had to pick up her skirts as she kept up with him, winding this way and that through the castle before finally going into their room. They panted for air from the small run, but it didn't stop them to kiss each other. It stimulated the kiss to be deeper than ever before since they had to pull away to catch their breath again.

They made their way to the bed to once again spend the night in each other's arms. Only this time, they did not make love after a round of kissing and touching. Instead, they held each other as they drifted off to sleep.

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