Welcome to the last and final chapter of this fanfic. I hope you have all enjoyed it, I know I have. I have enjoyed everyone who has commented...and everyone who followed for the whole fic. Thank you so much for the feedback and support. A lot of bumps got in the way but this was a great focus for me to keep me sane in a way. I will be writing a few more Science bro fics...along with other avenger fics...as well as supernatural, which I have just gotten interested in. So stay tuned for more.

Chapter 10:

Tony groans, waking up slowly to a familiar sight. He was back in his room at home. Strange? Last thing he remembered was Hulk rescuing him. Shouldn't he be in the hospital? How long had he been unconscious? A few days maybe more from how he felt. Bruised but all of his wounds had mostly healed.

'Good to see you conscious sir.' The AI's voice made Tony wince, his head pounding as he threw back the sheets and sat up. Looking around he rubbed his temples, running his fingers through his hair.

"Glad to be conscious. God my head is killing me. How long have I been here? and how did I get here? Not that I am complaining but I seriously expected to walk in the hospital." Tony jumps when the door opens. His wide eyed look of fear turning slowly into a huge smile.

"I brought you here. Looked after you myself. I...never leave without me...never again, never. Tony do you understand?! You could have died...who knows what they put you through and you left. Walked right into it, without any protection! You should have woken me up...talked to me." Bruce walks over to the bed, his voice rising with each step. Tony flinched, bowing his head.

"I know. I'm sorry. I didn't th-"

"No you didn't Tony. You just ran straight into a trap...an obvious trap." Tony moves over for him to sit down, looking slightly embarrassed as a bit of anger jumped in. "Yes it was a trap! A trap to get you. No way would I ever bring you with me. I would go through what I did to protect you, I would do it a million times to keep you safe and away from them. I love you Bruce...don't you get that." Tony growled, getting right up his face. A small squeak past his lips when he was pushed down on the bed, rough lips pressed against his. Relaxing back into the bed, he wrapped his arms around Bruce, returning the kiss, turning it more gentle and loving. The need still there but not as dominating as Bruce had started. Running fingers through his hair, he worked his hands down to the hem of Bruce's shirt, pulling it up and over his head. The shirt hit the floor when it's owner sat up, helping to remove it before leaning back down to kiss, while he worked on both of their clothes, which hit the floor beside his shirt. There wasn't much talking, mumbles of more as Bruce snapped his hips, filling Tony in one movement, his hips already picking up a rhythm before Tony could catch up with what was going on. His mind filled with sparks of pleasure as he arched up into Bruce, eyes snapping open, breath catching in his throat.

"Fuck Bruce." Tony breathed out, his body processing and reacting before his mind caught up, driving Tony crazy with please. Heat coiling low in his gut as Bruce continued to shift into him, eyes a lucid green. The low growling Bruce was doing in the back of his throat was driving Tony crazy and it showed in the way he dragged his nails down the man's back, head thrown back. With a hoarse shout, Tony arched hard off the bed, coming hard, splattering his and Bruce's chests. The rest was a white blur, he heard his name growled before a sharp thrust that slammed his breath out of his chest. Bruce pulled out and collapsed next to him. Both panting heavily, a happy grin slowly appearing on Tony's face.

"Now that was great sex." Chuckles the minute Bruce starts blushing, rolling over to kiss him, laying his head on the crook of Bruce's shoulder. "it was awesome, not going to lie." Looking up at Bruce he give a small loving smile. "I love you Bruce..."

"I-I love you too Tony...now shut up and go to sleep." Another chuckle and a pleased sigh and Tony is settled down, falling fast asleep. Bruce smiles, stroking his hair, wrapping his arms around him. "Thank you Tony."