I came up with another story I just need to write this so badly…..

I love him..
I love his face, his body, his twisted smirk..
I love his voice, his scent, everything,..
I love everything about him..
I love that flea
Orihara Izaya.

So how.. did it come to this…

a tall blond was staring at the rising and falling chest of the lithe form before him, the sounds of machines filled the silent room. Every beep and thump would make the blond release a sigh of relief, he made his way to the form and sat on the bed. A frown was visible on the blond's face as he ran his fingers on the delicate skin of the sleeping raven.
"what happen to us?" he whispered and pushed back some strands of the raven hair that was covering the beautiful lashes of the informant. It pained Shizuo to stare at the informant so weak and covered with bandages, his head, arm, hips and ankle.
"how did this all begun?"

Ive beenin love with my enemy Orihara Izaya for such a long time it was still back in high school, but I never told him what I felt never did showed him any hints instead I just coat my own words of love with hate. 'I hate you! Izaya get out of ikebukuro! I don't want to see your face!' everything I said was the opposite of what I really wanted to say. I chase him because I know he likes it when I do so, but I do not intend to kill him, I was satisfied with it he doesn't need to know .but something happened that twisted everything. I accidentally confessed. I expected nothing else he laughed and laughed and laughed at me and I accepted rejection already but then. Izaya told me he wanted to try it out with me and it made me so happy, right now im together with Izaya for three months now. We are living together in my apartment, and we are happy, we cuddle , we whisper sweet words, we love each other. At least that's what I believe but none of it was happening. We are together but we are distant, I can easily tell Izaya is just putting up with it, we never cuddle he sat opposite to me and was having his own world, we never whisper sweet words, I never heard any from him, and when I start speaking he makes excuses and not hearing me out and I know it's one sided love. He never loved me and never will, and the last thing he said before the accident is….

'I would never love a monster such as you, the mere thought of it makes me sick!'

The blond's pondering was momentarily shaken by the sound of the machines. Shizuo looked at the sleeping informant and the flower vase that was recently being replaced. No one visited the raven since the accident except him. Which made Shizuo's heart ache more, no one cared, no one cared about Izaya and still he was amazed how the raven survived to live like that, maybe because of his twisted brain. Did they not care because he was twisted or he became twisted because no one cared? What would Izaya be like when he was not twisted? Shizuo wondered. Would he be kind? Or would he still be the flea ?
"ugh" the blond flinched as he felt a grip on the informants small hands, tightening his grip on his figers.
"I..Izayaa?!" the blond shot up from his seat and faced the slowly waking raven. Red auburn eyes slowly looked around, momentarily dazed as he looked at Shizuo. the blond was smiling, he was happy, really happy that Izaya had finally woken up, but the things happened before the accident made his heart ache, he was not ready to face Izaya , yet if he wouldn't who would? The doctors? Nurse? Nobody was around and it would make the informant sad if he knew no one waited for him to wake up. Shizuo doesn't care, he can leave after izaya is fine right? Then go and move on? Yes that is what he should do for the meantime he need to settle with the raven today.
"izaya.. im glad your awake."
the informant blinked and looked at him with confusion as he tilted his head. Shizuo smiled, but that smile vanished when the informant finally spoke.

"who are you?"