Final Chapter

All Shizuo could do is gape as he looked at the raven haired male carried a basket full of sweets and slowly dumped in on the table. "izaya" he whispered as he looked at him, he was wearing a white button-up shirt, the sleeves were rolled up his arms and he wore dark jeans his slender form is hugged by the pink apron and his raven locks had grown a bit longer in the sides of his face, crimson eyes under the dark lashes also he got a bit taller. It really is izaya but why can't he move? Now that he finally found the raven why is he hesitating? Looking back again he saw Izaya busily arranging the muffins on the counter, shizuo only chuckled as he saw the raven adjusting the cake from right to left and from left to right, still a damn perfectionist!

"oh.. it seems I would have a new rival now" Chigake chuckled as he stared at Shizuo.

"huh?" shizuo blinked and looked at Chigake.

"don't huh me, it's clear you want him, its written all over your face!" Chigake pointed out as he looked at the raven busily arranging his shop.

"this is his morning ritual, just arranging his shop would take an hour"

"so why doesn't he have a.. girlfriend or a boyfriend?"

"well.. he doesn't really talk much but I think he already had someone special but that doesn't mean I gave up on him"

"someone special?"

"yeah, I asked him before why he named the place 'bitter-sweet smile' and why a pastry shop when he could gain more money in the onsen that he now practically owned. He just answered me that.. it reminded him of someone that really loved sweets he said everytime he makes them he remembered that person. He named it that was because he said he was the bitter and that person was the sweet, I don't get his logic really, but im jealous on that person"
Shizuo smiled sincerely, he recalled back when izaya lost his memories he can't count how many times the raven caused storm on his kitchen just trying to make muffins.

"he always looks like that when he is alone.. Contemplative so I'll go there to cheer him up!~ so watch me close heh" and before Shizuo could even protest he saw Chigake strolling towards the shop. That damn bastard, Shizuo glared daggers at the back of Chigake, he can't go in and talk to Izaya with him. He just has to wait then.

"im still close.. im so- ah Chigake" Izaya smiled as he set the basket on the table and crossed his arms. "my shop is still close you know"

"I know, I just wanted to check you Manya-dono~"

"I told you to drop the honorifics" he mumbled and resumed on wiping the glass containers near the counter. "and if you are here to persuade me about going out my answer would always be a no" he added and Chigake chuckled as he crossed his arms. Tilting his head to the side and glanced at the window seeing shizuo standing there and glaring at him, for some unknown reason. He fixed his gaze back at izaya.

"yeah, yeah I know.. im just checking on you like I said and of course for this!" he smiled and grabbed a tart .

"hey that's not free!" he glared before setting his baking materials on the table checking if he left something.

"so Manya! See you around kay? I'll be back" he smiled and waved as izaya rolled his eyes. Chigake only laughed at the childish behaviour and headed back to Shizuo.

"saw that? He was smiling!"

"yeah I saw that" shizuo grumbled and took a deep breath, before he felt a pat on his shoulder and Shizuo looked at chigake.

"go in there and try" Chigake smirked and irritated Shizuo he was practicing what to say to izaya and then this guy.. fine then.

"fine, so you better watch" a malicious smirk crawled on his face as started to walk towards the shop. His hands trembling as he reached for the door. What if izaya doesn't want to see him? Ugh! Just push the damn door!

a small ding of the bell indicates that someone went it, izaya's back was facing him arranging his things, izaya sighed chigake can be annoying sometimes.

"told you be back when im officially open for business" Shizuo smiled, he missed that voice so damn much.


Izaya's eyes comically grew wide as he froze on his place dropping the measuring cup he was holding, he knew that voice and it belonged to only one person he knew. Turning to face the voice he was met by a pair of honey colored eyes.

A small smile was visible on Shizuo's face as he took big strides towards the former informant, izaya took a step away as well but stayed still as Shizuo pulled him in a bone cracking hug, it was tight yes, but it certainly held the feelings that wanted to be unleashed.

"izaya.. Izaya.. godamnit izaya!"

"shi.. shizu-chan l..let go I can't breathe!" izaya used his strength to push away the beast.

Chigake gaped as he looked at the scene inside the shop, no one even hugged the raven like that.. it was a blunt act!

"what are you doing here!? How did you find me?" izaya inquired as he stared at Shizuo, his heartbeat beating loudly, he didn't felt such rush since he left Ikebukuro.

"by winning a lottery ticket..izaya.." Shizuo then placed both his hands on the raven's shoulder as he bent a bit down to stare at him. "why? Why did you leave! Why did you left me! without anything to say, why?" he started shaking him and izaya shrugged him off with no avail.

"b..because.. because.."

"because what!"

"because I don't know what to say to you! I don't want to face you!" he shouted back at the blond as he covered his face with his hand trying to fight back the tears threatening to escape. All he did for two years is to run away and he didn't even predict this will happen. "after I regain my memory I don't know how to act around with you anymore, I can't keep my usual façade, I can't keep the Izzy who became your lover, I can't keep my mask on.. I don't know anymore, Im confused" he murmured as he leaned on the table looking down.

"izaya.. that was long time ago… yes, I was mad raging mad but still.. it was hard, I tried my everything to control it"


"I wanted to murder you so bad, to rip every single part of your body but then I thought if I really did that.. I won't be able to see you again besides if you want me to die you should have put that poison all in one go but you didn't"

"because I want to see you suffer an-"

"your excuse is lame" shizuo sighed and looked at izaya. "izaya how about we try again?"

"huh?.. you are so stupid! You should have left me alone! I was fine as I was now!" izaya grabbed the muffins and started to throw it at the blond, Shizuo avoiding it and starting to get irritated. "im fine, I can manage on my own I don't need you!"
Growling Shizuo grabbed the rolling pin and smack it on the raven's head, not that hard but it was still painful.


"you damn liar! It was obvious! Why do you keep on lying!" another smack.

"ouch! Stop that! You brute!" Izaya growled and grabbed the kitchen knife.

"why do you keep that pride of yours up above the fucking clouds!" Shizuo threw the rolling pin out and grabbed the small arm of the raven before pulling him in a heated kiss. All izaya could do is stand there and let the knife fell on the floor, his eyes fluttered close immediately as he felt the soft lips of the blond, and god it had been two years, two damn years and he can still feel the heat creeping up on his cheeks, his arms automatically wrapped around Shizuo's shoulder. Shizuo smiled as he ravished the mouth that he missed, the taste that he longed. Every corner and place is all branded by Shizuo he pulled the raven closer by his waist as he deepened the kiss tumbling over the muffin stand Shizuo dragged izaya around the shop until the need for air is required both of them pulled away. Izaya looked at shizuo with is half lidded eyes before looking down, shizuo cupped his cheeks and looked at him.

"izaya.. just.. just give up, give your everything up to me"
izaya stared at Shizuo and looked down tears started to pool on his eyes as he looked up back to him. "Shi..shizu-chan.. i..i give up.. I'll give up myself to you" he murmured and rested his head on the broad chest as he clutches the fabric of his blue shirt.

"Izaya I love you.."

"I..I love you too" it was small, faint but he heard it right and clear, a smile went to show on his handsome features, he finally received a sincere answer, not from the Izaya who lived with him after that accident, And it felt right. His arms tighten around the lithe form as he hugged him close, it seems that his three days would be extended.. for how long? That is uncertain for the moment he only wanted to be with Izaya even if he had to stay in this town and start again, no need to twist everything because shizuo already realized he doesn't want a twisted life..

a new start..

a new place..

and a new tomorrow that surely Shizuo would enjoy 'and for all Manya-dono's suitor? You can all go to hell and rot Izaya is mine.'

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