A month before the accident

-certain street in Ikebukuro

A blond bartender was strolling the streets of Ikebukuro As he went along with is employer Tom Tanaka, following the dreadlock guy he remained silent and pocketed his hands on his pants. With a sigh he pushed his blue tinted glasses up and blinked a couple of times as another wave of nausea hit him again. With a groan he saw the place waved and he stood still for a moment. These past few days he always encounters such throbbing headaches and the feeling of throwing up.

"Shizuo? are you alright? You look pale " his employer noted as he looked at the blond.

"im fine Tom-san lets go and finish the job" Shizuo sighed and continued to walk staggering a looked sceptical and followed the swaying blond.

"Shizuo I think you need a break today go to Shinra or something I noticed this past few days that you look so pale and exhausted."

Shizuo groaned and stopped as he looked back at his employer. "im not sick that is ridiculous.. i.." he rubbed his temples as he saw two dreadlock men standing in his front. Why are they two? Walking backwards the ex-bartender slipped into the darkness.
panic shot through Tom's system as he looked at the blond who was lying unconsciously on the ground. Fishing his phone he was grateful that he got the underground doctor's number that Shizuo had given him for emergency such as this.

Meanwhile the informant was on one of his meetings when his phone vibrated on his jacket pocket, finishing the phone he looked at the name displayed and
raised a brow. "shinra?" he murmured and excused himself as he walked out of the building.

"Shinra? Why did you call?"

"Izaya, Shizuo is here he fainted im still examining him and it seems dangerous" SHinra said through panic and ended the phone maybe he went back to the blond. A smirk graced on Izaya's feature as he went to stroll towards the underground doctor's apartment. There will be a show today he knew that and he can't wait to participate on it. finally he will be able to let go of the invisible chains that the blond on him, it bend and break now. Arriving at the apartment he opened the door to Shinra's place and as he reached the living room he was met by a strong punch that made him fell on the floor, wiping the corner of his lips he saw the blood and looked up to see Shinra glare at him with pure hatred.

"I never thought you would cross this line Izaya" he spat and clenched his fist. Izaya stared at his friend dumbfounded, he expected the punch, but not from Shinra, but to Shizuo or Celty.

"whatever you mean Shinra" Izaya stood up and dusted himself.

"I thought you love him! You are together for long! Shizuo was happy! And how could y-"

"do you really expect me to love a monster such as him? No! im bound to my humans and not to some monster" a smirk was present on the informant as he saw Shizuo standing on the doorway on the other room without the other noticing him. "ah right, how could I love him, I was just playing with him and it did well"

"so poisoning him is another game for you?"

"yes.. I do poison his breakfast every day, day by day I poured small amount to see the effects, to see him suffer.. and it was fun! It was so much fun!" Izaya laughed and looked up at the ceiling as he saw Shizuo's pained expression he was free, he can leave the apartment now, he can be back to his humans, he can do what he wanted but why.. something is wrong. He felt empty it wasn't as satisfying as he expected there was something lacking and he felt other emotions swirled through him but before he could continue his laughing fit a loud slap was heard inside the room. Izaya blinked and looked at the dullahan whose shadow was starting to get spiky.

[leave before I kill you]

"AHAHAHAHA! Then why don't you do it!" the informant challenged, and without hesitation Celty raised her scythe and made a strike but she halted his movement as Shizuo stood in front of Izaya.


Izaya growled and started to walk towards the door to leave not even bothering to look back at the voice calling his name.

"Izaya there is something I want to ask you if you will just listen to me ro-" the voice faded as Izaya went and ran away from the apartment.

-2 months after the accident.
-in a certain room apartment on Ikebukuro

Izaya woke up and rubbed his eyes blinking a second he realized he was on Shizuo's bed, sitting up he looked around to find the blond but there was no sign of him. Deciding to stand up he froze and stared in awe at his wrist and looked at his ankle. He was chained, a long chain was on his ankle and to the bed posts, his hands were cuffed the chains were long enough for him to move freely but still out of the doors reach, looking at the locked door of the room a thought was only swimming on his head.

"why are you doing this Shizuo?"

The door slowly opened and Shizuo walked in carrying a tray with breakfast and stared as Izaya as he walk and sit on the bed, a frown was visible on his features he felt bad of course.

"Shizuo.. why?" Izaya said as he showed the blond his cuffs, Shizuo looked away and placed the tray on the nightable and buried his face on both of his hand.

"im sorry Izaya, you left me with no choice, I need to do this, I don't want you to get hurt again like last night of you try to sneak out." Shizuo sighed and went to crawl at Izaya on the bed cupping his pale face and stroked it softly. "I don't know what would happen to me if I lost you"

"Shizuo…" Izaya looked down and leaned on the touch and took Shizuo's hand on his own and kissed each finger.

"I won't leave you, I promise" he smiled and cupped the blond's face and leaned in for a sweet chaste kiss. The blond closed his eyes and pulled the informant close to him and started to kiss him passionately which Izaya oblige. Shizuo pressed his forehead on the other male and pulled him into a tigt embrace. "I love you Izaya, im sorry.." pulling away he looked at the handcuff and pulled out the key unlocking it.

"I promise I won't leave" Izaya stroked the blond locks and hugged him. Shizuo never felt so happy and he don't want to end this, he wanted to be like this with izaya.

"I had a dream'

"what does it have?"

"Shinra was so mad at me. but I can't make out some of the words, its just the face that he was mad and all you were there too." A frown tugged on his lips as he looked at Shizuo. "do you think that is a memory? If it is why is he mad?"

" no its not a memory, I never recalled the happened" shizuo murmured and clenched his fisven. " before looking back at the raven. "why aren't you asking what happened last night? About the man and me?"

"well because I was thinking Shizuo doesn't want me to ask in the first place.. I could just forget about it"

"thank you" the bartender smiled and went to grab the bowl of soup and started to feed the informant who was smiling happily as he chewed and leaned his head on the others shoulder. Shizuo chuckled and looked at the raven who was smiling.

"oi, how am I supposed to feed you like that now?"

"find a way~" he taunted and nuzzled at the broad shoulder his fingers were drawing circles on Shizuo's thighs but his mind was drifted to other places. Thoughts as to why Shizuo have to handcuff him just because he left, he was afraid, afraid of the reason why Shizuo have to do it, there are lot of questions in his mind. A debate was on his mind, a debate to uncover his past or just live like this but he preferred the latter somehow he felt that something bad would happen if he continue to force himself remembering his past maybe its better to be forgotten right? Maybe if he live like this there will be more peace in his mind.

"I love you too Shizuo"