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Chapter 10

Caroline smirked as she felt Klaus shifting in the airplane seat uncomfortably as the plane started to level out at a safe altitude. He had flown thousands of times, but he never enjoyed the floppiness it gave his stomach.

"The big bad hybrid is afraid of flying?" Caroline said through a giggle. She felt afraid, but trusted Klaus to help her.

"I'm not afraid, I just don't like the way it makes me feel." He muttered, pulling his seat belt tighter. He sighed, looking toward her. His intentions were never to look weak in front of her.

"It's okay, I'll keep you safe." She said, taking his hand in hers, looking into his eyes, trusting her eyes to hell him how sternly she meant those words. She bit her lip, looking up at him from beneath her eyelashes.

"And I'll keep you safe." Was all Klaus could respond with before Caroline took the opportunity to kiss him gently on the lips. He reveled in taste of her lips and the way her body pushed against his.

Caroline pulled away and leaned forward in her seat, pulling a magazine and a pack of gum from the bag sitting in front of her. Coughing, Caroline took in a piece of gum before offering him one. Klaus took it from her before grabbing his ipad. Caroline sifted through the sale catalog, her interest peaking every now and again.

"Klaus." Caroline suddenly said, turning toward him, her eyes wide.

"Yes, sweetheart?" Klaus responded, looking up at her with concern.

"Do you think we would maybe have time to visit the Mall of America while we are?" She asked him, biting her lip.

He looked at her, smiling, then looking back at his ipad laughing.

"I'm serious…" She said, closing the magazine and turning towards him.

"I don't doubt that for a moment." He answered, his fingers moving over the screen.

"Nik." She said several minutes later, using the nickname affectionately. She wasn't sure when she won the rights to use it, but she enjoyed it.

"Yes, Caroline?" He asked, without looking up at her.

"What are you doing on there that is so interesting?" She asked, trying to look over past the privacy screen on the ipad.

"Nothing." He answered, closing the case over the ipad.

"Klaus…" She said, before reaching over him, trying to take the ipad from him. Before she could grab it, he lifted it up from her in his other hand, watching her lips fall into a pout.

"What are you keeping from me?" She responded, giving him puppy eyes.

"Really, love, its nothing. Tell me more about our plans to see the Mall of America." Klaus said, smiling amusingly toward her.

She glared at him before sitting back in her seat, crossing her arms. She huffed and then uncrossed her arms, wanting to get her way.

"Caroline." He answered quietly into her ear, responding to her body language, stroking his fingers over her arms.

"I'm sorry." She responded through a cough, looking at him. "I'm just tired. It's been a really long week."

"Here, this will cheer you up." He said, handing her the ipad, flipping the cover back.

"What's the code?" She asked him. He shooked his head, motioning for her to close her eyes. When she did, he punched in his code and she immediately heard music playing.

"Oh my god." She nearly shouted. She placed her hand over her mouth, looking at him with wide eyes. Never did she think she would see what her eyes were taking in.

She looked down at the ipad, her eyes scanning over the high scores listed before her for Angry Birds.

"Oh, keep quiet." He said, pulling the ipad away from her.

"The original, most feared and ferocious hybrid plays angry birds." She whispered, grabbing the ipad back, pressing the home screen. "AND words with friends?"

"Call it a guilty pleasure." He answered, smiling at her amusement.

"Who even plays words with friends with you?" Caroline asked, opening it. She honestly felt shocked, she was sure when he revealed whatever it was he had been doing on his device that it would have been diabolical or evil in nature. While he did things she wouldn't do herself. She had grown to accept the way he did things.

"Elijah, Stefan, and these random people who make terrible words." He answered, his eyes tracing over her face lightly. He was trying his best to not stress the concern he was feeling after talking with Elijah before their departure. It would just be his luck, Caroline was in his life, with the risk of getting taken out of it.

"You are something else." She smiled, handing him the ipad back. They fell silent while the flight attendant made her rounds, providing Klaus with a glass of scotch, and Caroline a glass of wine.

"How are you feeling?" Klaus asked some time later. They had spent the last hour of the flight quietly reading. Klaus on his ipad, Caroline flipping through several magazines they had picked up in the airport.

"Fine, why do you ask?" She answered, without looking up, her eyes fixated on an article in vogue.

"You mentioned that you were tired earlier and you've been coughing." He responded, putting his ipad away as the plane started it's decent into St. Paul.

"Stop worrying." She said to him, her voice lacking any concern. She rested her hand on his thigh, stroking his knee before she closed her magazine, looking at him. "Seriously, I feel fine."

Klaus only nodded, leaning back taking Caroline's hand from his knee. He never imagined he'd feel this concerned about another person. This baby vampire had him completely captivated.

Within the hour Klaus and Caroline had landed, picked up their luggage, and were waiting for one of the rental employees to pull up with their car. As they reached the desk for the rental car, the weather had shifted, the clouds turning gray, the raining pounding down within minutes.

"We're going to meet with Elijah and the witch will join us early tomorrow morning." Klaus spoke with her, as an Escalade EXT pulled up in front of them.

A young boy jumped out of the car, walking over to them, talking with Klaus about technicalities. The young boy grabbed Caroline's luggage and put it in the covered bed, before repeating the actions with Klaus' luggage as well. Klaus opened the door for Caroline and grabbed the keys from the boy. As Klaus walked away, Caroline glared at him.

"What?" He asked her, unsure of her discontent.

"Tip him." She said, quietly. He went to protest before Caroline reached for her bag. He rolled his eyes, shutting her door and walking to the boy, he handed him a 5 before getting into the car beside Caroline.

She smiled at him, leaning over to give him a kiss before pulling away quickly and coughing into her jacket. Klaus momentarily watched her, before reaching over and rubbing her back gently, unsure of how to help her. She sat up straight and reached into her bag, dragging out her phone. Klaus' hands found the steering wheel and he pulled out of the airport and headed north.

"I hope Elijah likes me." Caroline said quietly from the passenger seat after 20 minutes of playful banter with Klaus over tipping the boy.

Klaus looked over at Caroline before laughter escaped from his lips.

"Why is that so funny?" She asked, looking at him bewildered. "Seriously?"

"A wolf poisoned you, potential when a very dangerous venom, and you are worried about Elijah finding your company enjoyable." He laughed.

"Well, the first, and last time that I met him I was kind of helping to stake you…" Caroline's voice dragged off quietly, her eyes fixated on the road ahead of them.

Klaus merely smirked before turning onto a dark road.

"Klaus, watch out!" Caroline suddenly yelled, gripping the side of her seat, screaming.

Klaus slammed on the breaks, the car swerving to a stop suddenly, and their backs slamming against the leather seats of the truck. "What? What is it?"

"There was a man, in the street." She said, horrified jumping out of the car, running to look for the disheveled body of the man she believed they had hit. Klaus watched her momentarily as she was spinning around, confusion sprawled across her face. He turned the car off, studying her as she looked around.

He got out of the car, flashing to her side.

"Klaus, I swear, I saw him, we hit him, I felt us hit him, I could hear him screaming." She whispered out of breath. Her hands were over her mouth, as she was fighting back tears.

"Love, there wasn't anyone there. I promise, please, get back in the car, its raining." He almost shouted through the rain, as she looked back to the parked truck, its aesthetics still perfectly in place, no evidence of a crash.

She nodded at him and walked back to the car. Klaus flashed and opened the door for her, before returning to his own seat behind the wheel. He looked at her, studying her face, her eyes seemed blank and confused, and her lips had fallen into a soft line.