Chapter Nine

"Oh my god Santana. Just get to the good part already." Rachel pants as she grabs the back of her head and lifts the Latina's head from her neck with a handful of hair.

"Patience Baby." Santana says taking a slow lick up the side of Rachel's neck to breath in her ear. "It will be worth the wait I promise?

"Santana Maria Lopez i have been waiting for weeks. Get on with it for fucks sake. You never used to be cruel." Rachel says with a scowl as she pushes the girl off her to straddle her hip.

"What are you gonna do about it Midget." Santana says raising a brow as she bumps her hips up making contact with the smaller brunette's centre making her moan loudly.

"Give it to me or I will take it San." Rachel says grabbing Santana's hand and holding them above her head.

"So take it Baby I am yours. I have always been yours. You know that." Santana says as Rachel lets out an emotional breath and buries her face in the Latina's neck "Don't go to sleep there sweetheart you have a job to finish." Santana says getting no reply she tries shaking the smaller girl.

"Rachel ..."



"Rachel Barbara Berry wake up right now." Now that has Rachel sitting up in bed.

"San I swear I didn't fall asleep Baby." The little brunette says rubbing a hand over her face eye's still closed.

"Well honey I think you did. And I am not Santana." Came the voice of her father Leroy.

"Dad, Daddy? What wrong?" Rachel says looking over at her alarm clock. "It's 2am."

"Well we seem to be having a little issue at the moment sweetheart." Hiram says crossing his arms over his chest.

"Daddy you know I am all ears usually but whatever issues the two of you are having at this time of the morning is not my problem and quite frankly I really don't think I should know about it. So unless the house is on fire or we have an intruder I am going back to sleep. GOODNIGHT." Rachel say with a scowl and buries her head in the pillows waving them off.

"Well missy." Leroy says pulling the blankets off her. "It IS your problem. SHE is your problem. Now drag you grumpy little booty out of bed and deal with it."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Rachel growls as she scoots to the side of the bed frustrated because she knows her fathers are not going to let her go back to sleep any time soon.

"Language little one." Hiram says as he makes his way out of the door. "I swear you potty mouth has been getting worse since you and Santana broke up."

"This had so better be worth it, I was having a really good dream." Rachel says as she reaches the bottom of the stairs and her jaw drops at the sight in front of her.

"A little help here Rach." Brittany says from her position on the floor with a Latina sobbing into her shoulder and a blonde bawling in her lap as she tries to calm them both down. "They won't stop I had no choice."

"Rachel? Where is she? Is she here? I miss her little hobbit face. Aww Britty she has the cutest little chipmunk cheeks, I just wanna mush them together or maybe pinch em. Can I pinch em B?" Quinn says lifting her head from her girlfriend's neck giving her a beaming smile that made everyone's heart melt as Brittany uses her now free hand to wipe the trail of snot and tears from Quinn's chin and wipes it on her pants.

"Shut the hell about my midgets cheeks Fabgay." Santana growls from Brittany's lap. "She hates us remember.\?"

"No. She hates YOU!YOU did this! All because you couldn't come out and say the most obvious thing in the world. That you are gay for Rachel. God San a blind person can see how much you love the little troll. All she ever wanted was for you to admit it." Quinn says smacking the back of her friends head.

"I told me mami and papi. What more do you want! It is a little hard to come out as a couple when she is flirting with other girls and moving on and hates me. Oh God she hates me Q." Santana howls at her friend burying her face back in Brittany's now unoccupied lap forgetting where she was and Rachel's heart broke at the sound of anguish coming from her ex-girlfriend.

"Oh San." Rachel says just loud enough for Quinn to hear as she spins around spotting the Diva.

"Rachel." She sobs forgetting about her best friend and girlfriend still on the floor as she drunkenly crawls over the brunette latching onto her legs and clinging while pleading. "Please, Please take us back. We miss you sooo much. I promise no more names .No more Manhands, Rupaul, treasure trail. I will make San tell you she loves you every day. Because she does you know, she loves you so much she sleeps with one of your sweatshirts on and she made her Mami buy the fabric softener you use so it will smell like you and then she cries cos it doesn't work cos nothing smells like you Rachie." Quinn mumbles into Rachel's leg rubbing her cheeks against it like a cat much to Rachel's disgust. "You smell like Jasmine and cookies and…. and rainbows and sunshine."

"My god Brittany how much did you let them drink." Hiram says as he pulls Quinn of Rachel " Pull yourself together Quinn."

" I Didn't Mr B" Brittany says. "I fell asleep and when I woke up I found them in a fort they had made under Puckermans kitchen table like this. the only way I could get them to calm down a little was to bring them here and then the saw you guys and the started bawling again." She says stroking Santana's hair as the girl sobs uncontrollable into her pants.

"Santana Maria Lopez stop that this instant." Rachel yells finally getting the Latina's attention walking over to the emotional girl kneeling down I front of her.

"Rach. Is it really you?" Santana says lifting her head from Brittany's lap rubbing her eyes as if she were dreaming turning her head enough for Rachel to see the scratch down the right side of her face. "

"Oh San what happened." Rachel says taking her face in her hands to examine the scratch. "Have you been fighting again?"

"Only with your rose bush. She wanted to pick you a flower and ended up falling in. Sorry Mr B." Brittany says pointing to half of the rose bush clutched in Santana's hand.

"I picked you a flower Baby. " Santana says holding out the bush for Rachel as blood ran down her hand from the thorns.

"Jesus Santana." Leroy says as he picks up the Latina and carries her into the kitchen as everyone else follows Quinn still crawling on her hands and knees. "For crying out loud Quinn get up off the floor."

"No can do Mr B. Gravity can't get me down here!" Quinn says with a hiccup and she finally stops the tears as Brittany picks her up and sits her on the table next to Santana. "Now Mr B we are here to get Santana's girl back what do you say. Yay or Nay. "She says holding up her hand for a hi five only to be distracted by the blood seeping from the palm of her hand. "Ohh red is such a pretty colour don't you think?"

"She tried to help San with the flower!" Brittany says taking the girls hand in her own.

"My Lord." Leroy says." Rachel get my first aid kit please." He tell his daughter who is standing there in a staring competition with Santana. RACHEL NOW." He yells getting her attention and she runs over to get the first aid kit from under the sink. "Hiram for god's sake will you please put the camera down and help me out. Here you take care of Quinn's hand and Rachel and I will fix Santana up. Lord knows how long it will be before I can go back to bed otherwise.

"But Honey this is gold." Hiram Groans before putting his camera down on the bench and walking over to Quinn.

"You Know Papa L You really shouldn't take the lords name in vain so much. I have met your mama and she wouldn't be very happy." Brittany says shaking her finger at him.

"My dear sweet Brittany. My Apologies, but the lord is truly testing me tonight in the form of these two. Please help me fix them up. I have been awake for over 27 hours. And my patience is running a little thin." He says hand Brittany some tweezers and alcohol wipes for Quinn's hand as he watches Rachel clean Santana's hand and hand cooing to her softly when she pulls a pulls a thorn out.

"No worries Mr Surgeon man." Brittany says as they get to work.

"Righto that should do the trick." Leroy says and he finishes bandaging Santana's hand.

"Look S we are Twins." Quinn says holding up her bandaged hand and the two hi five hissing in pain as they realised their mistake.

"Fuck that Q.I always knew being related to you would hurt." Santana says staring at her sore hand which she was really starting to feel now that she was sobering up.

"That is enough of that you two. Now. It is 3am I am exhausted. Quinn, Brittany I am putting you girls in the guest room. Rachel, Santana will be with you and if I hear any funny business that will be the last time any of you stay over here. Do make myself clear. "Leroy says as he pack up his first aid kit.

"Yes Sir." Chorused all three girl with their heads down. Even though Rachel had done nothing wrong she still felt guilty.

"Now Quinn and Santana do you girls need any help getting upstairs?" Hiram says arching an eyebrow.

"It's ok Mr B me and Rach will be fine. We are stronger than we look. Right Rach?" Brittany says nudging Rachel who was staring at the ground blushing.

"Umm Yeah Sure. Go to bed Daddy I know how tired you are and I am truly sorry for keeping you awake." Rachel says giving her father's a kiss and a hug. "You too Dad. Have a good sleep."

"Ok. Goodnight girls you know that we love you all and you are welcome here anytime but please keep the visits to a decent time and preferably sober ones in the future." Leroy says as he and his husband make their way upstairs.

"Umm Rachel." Quinn says quietly as Brittany helps her up and moves to where Rachel has a half asleep Santana in her arms.

"Yes Quinn." Rachel huffs as they all start making their way upstairs towards Rachel's room."

"I am really sorry for the way I have treated you. You are amazing and mega hot and you have the voice of an angel and we seriously suck for even making you doubt that for even a second. You are a better person than San and I combined and we love you. Can we please be friends again?" Quinn mumbles with her head down.

"Of course know I forgave all of you a long time ago. Now you all need to go to bed because I am wrecked right now." Rachel says as they reach the guest room which is right besides Rachel's.

"Umm Rach." Quinn says again looking up with a blush.

"YES Quinn." Rachel growls and readjusts her grip on Santana who is now sound asleep snoring lightly into Rachel's neck.

"Can we sleep in you room. It's just we missed you so much and you have a king sized bed and is so comfortable so I know we will all fit." Quinn says as Brittany just looks away trying to hide her laughter at just how cute her girlfriend was being at the moment.

"If that is what it takes to finally get some sleep yes. Now hurry up before I drop San she is like a dead wait" Rachel says as she starts moving again and waits for Brittany to open the door for her and they all enter heading straight for Rachel's bed and laid Santana down gently shaking her arms trying to get some feeling back as Brittany sits Quinn beside her friend and makes her way to Rachel's draws and opens the third draw down and finds all of the clothes that the girls had left behind from previous sleep overs. Taking out some pj's for all of them she makes her way back to the bed to help Quinn get dressed as Rachel changes an unconscious Santana.

"Thanks so much for this Rachie.I don't know how much longer I could have dealt with them both. Quinn has been just as bad as Santana. It's almost like you broke up with both of them." Brittany says and shushes Quinn as she blonde goes to argue and ignores her girlfriends pout. "Baby you know it's true."

"I didn't break up with anyone Britt, She broke up with me!" Rachel's huffs as she Slides Santana under the covers and crawls in besides her smiling softly when she snuggles into her side then freezes when she feels someone snuggling her from behind. "Umm Quinn?"

"I really did miss you Rach. And I am drunk right so I don't care if you pick on me in the morning." Quinn says sleepily pulling Brittany's arm over her waist so all four of them are wrapped up together with Quinn and Rachel in the middle.

"Just Go with it Rachel. It's the onsly way we will get any sleep. Heaven forbid anyone deny Quinn Fabray her snuggles." Brittany says kissing the back of Quinn's neck. "Good night I love you guys."

"Love you." Quinn mumbles

"Goodnight." Rachel says staring at Santana brushing dark hair of her forehead and pulls her closer as she feels sleep over take her. "Love you."