Jasper can't stay away from Bella he doesn't know why he just needs to see her, then he reads Alice's letter and realises Bella is his mate and his first stop is Bella's bedroom window. What is Bella going to do?

This is after Edward dumps Bella and before he comes back.

Jasper & Bella

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Chapter 1

Bella's Point of View

Today sucks Edward left me, I get lost in the forest and had a breakdown on top of it, while lying there feeling sorry for myself I got bored and must have fell asleep and got woken up to some strange dude picking me up and walking, you would think I should be scared but my thoughts were running along the lines of hopefully I die soon. No such luck we come through the trees and who do I see but my dad and half the town looking for me awe man that blows now everyone will know my problem. Time to pull on my big girl panties and grow up and forget about fuckwad….

1 Month later Jaspers Point of View

I got freaked out but what sucks is know one believes me you think they would remember HELLO EMPATH HERE! But no Edward thinks of how this is my fault, You need to remember that Bella is his singer but NO! he don't care, Alice thinks I am a blood thirsty monster and told me to FUCK OFF her words not mine, Rose & Emmett didn't say anything just hugged me and said sort your head out brother and mum and dad just looked like someone kicked their puppy, What & mum dad seems to forget they never had human blood and I was raised in the newborn wars.

So I done what Alice said and left, I went to see Peter and Char they believe me too but they always did over the Cullen's well over Alice or Pixie as Peter calls her and Edward well Peter calls him all sorts of names so it's fun to listen to when he is on a Edward and Pixie bash.

So getting back to the important stuff I went back on the sly to check the family just to make sure they were ok cause yeah I know stuiped as it may sound I miss my sister Rose and brother Emmett and I miss mum and dad too. I couldn't see anyone what the fuck is going on. The house has been packed and my personal stuff was still here and a note from Alice…. awe she left me a note should we read it ok here goes.

Dear Jasper

When the accident happened at the party and I called you a blood thirsty monster it's not true I should have told you but I didn't want to be lonely but here goes, I had a vision before the party that I would meet my soul mate and I didn't know how to face you but decided to push you way being nasty instead of truthfully but you should know one more thing Edward is not Bella's Mate she was his singer and he didn't want to share her with her mate, So now I think I made all this confusing but here goes again when we moved to Forks I got a vision you would meet your soul mate what I didn't know was it was Edwards singer, so while this shit storm was happening I pushed and prodded Edward to keep Bella away from you cause I didn't want to be lonely. I know I am selfish but I didn't know I would love Bella like a sister and it hurts me I have fucked up your life and Bella's, I hope you forgive me. Go see our Bella and help her she needs it I have checked on her against Edwards wishes and if she don't pull up soon then she will hurt herself then, Start with friends and then your charm will win you over.

From one whom you used to love and hopefully call a friend. Alice Cullen.

Well shit now isn't that a whole can of worms, Looks like I need to see Bella.

Bella's Point of View

present day/night

I am sitting in my room doing my homework when I get this feeling like I am being watched I look around see no one and then get up to look out the window, Silly thing is I wasn't hoping it was Edward I was hoping it was Jasper, I don't know why but when I was with Edward he controlled who I spent time with but he did it on the sly and his excuses where always to protect you my Bella but I didn't think he thought that for some reason since he left I thought about all the times together and I have to say I only got my way once when we went to see my mum, it was strange even though Jasper never hurt me like Edward hurt me he kept his distance and Alice was always hovering it was like she was keeping me from being friends with him…

oh Jasper I miss you so much. I look up and sitting in front of my window was Jasper smiling like he was happy to see me, the only thing out of my mouth was a breathy Jasper he shot in so fast I forgot how fast they where.

Jasper's Point of View

Fuck was Bella a site for my vampire eyes when Bella looked up and seen me I thought she was scared of me but all I felt from her was happiness and tiredness. My Bella has not been sleeping, I shot through the window and grabbed her in the most solid but gentle hug I could do without hurting her I whispered in her ear Bella I am sorry for leaving you please forgive me?

Bella had tears running down her face but all I could feel was her happiness and love… What love how she was/is Edwards girl hmm well I will get to the bottom of it.

Bella's Point of View

I don't need to forgive you Jasper not your fault everyone else's fault you're an empathy of course it would happen like that, but Bella I nearly killed you.

No jasper you didn't I remember it happening you tried to help me and fuckwad couldn't control his blood lust and you felt it. Ohm Bella I am so glad you see it the way I see it. Edward, dad & mum looked at me like I was a monster, Edward blamed me for him leaving you he told me you said I was a monster and you would not forgive me and Rose and Emmett gave me a hug and told me to go see some friends of mine till i was better. Bella kissed Jasper on the cheek and as she pulled away she blushed and it was sooo pretty.