Jasper & Bella Possesion

Chapter 5

A Start of a New Life

WE pull up to the house and I start to get butterfly's in my tummy I think Jasper realised I got a bit nerves but he got out of his side and opened my door picked me up and said welcome home darling, I got all giddy and giggled a bit.

When we got in to the lounge room I seen furniture that weren't the Cullen's, Jasper whose furniture? Jasper chuckled ours darling I made sure it was all here for when we got home, those were the calls I had to take care of today.


The house is so beautiful so different to when the Cullen's had furniture here, It looks like my style and Jasper's, so but comfy.

Jasper show me our room please and then the rest of the house, Jasper picks me up a runs to our room oh man it has a king size bed built in wardrobes a his & hers two dressing tables with his & hers stuff like for Jasper his brush and comb and personal stuff got put there and mine had my favourite brush, hair ties, head bands, and a whole heap of other stuff.

The draws to my dressing table had stuff in it already so I looked in to the first draw, there where lace undies & g strings & bras in it with a note, I open the note and it was from Alice fuck she is weird. Ok here is what the note say's.

Dearest Bella

I know I have caused problems for you and my family but I want to make sure I sort it out because we are all still family, so I know you don't like this sort of stuff but the next draw over is full of cotton bras and undies for you as well I just thought you might want to have times where you want to feel sexy and I know cotton undies don't do that, that is the only reason I bought them.

So your built in has going out clothes in brand names on one side then the other you got your target brand as well, same as shoe's brand name and target brand so it's up to you what you want to wear this is just a small way to say I am sorry my sister Bella please try to forgive me.

Love your sister Alice

P.S. I didn't buy Jasper's clothes it's up to you and Jasper now he still has what he used to have but if Jasper and you want to go and buy more you should be able to know what Jasper likes because really he is just like you but a boy.

I walk in to the built in and I can see what Alice meant by how she set out the built in and it all smells so new.

I walk in to the bedroom again and lay on the bed just thinking of life since I meet Edward and how it has all ended so far.

I don't hate Edward any more I pity him and hope we will be able to get on with life and with the family.

As I am laying there Jasper comes in and say's so what do you think darlin?

I love it Jasper it is us and not anyone else. Have the other room's been set up for the family as well? Yes but if you don't want the family here we can say no.

No I want them to come but I just worry someone will try to spit us apart, no baby we are forever, I giggle at what he said and Jasper smirked at me and asked me to see the rest of the house I say yes and he picks me up and takes me to his study, this has all ways been like this mum did it for me and I love it the way it is so kept it that way, are you ok with that darling?

Yes Jasper its beautiful here I can see why you like it, Next room please ok here we go he carry's me at human speed and pushes open a door to another study and this is your study/rest room for you only both our rooms are sound proof but not bedrooms or rest of the house.

Ok so what else then he takes me to the basement I look around he has turned it to a games room for his brother Emmett and himself if I'm thinking correctly the he takes me over to a book shelf and reaches for Withering Heights one of my favourites but instead of taking it of the shelf he pulls and all of a sudden the book shelf swings out and there's and big metal door with pin code and hand scanner for prints, what's this Hun? Jasper smiles at me I like it when you call me Hun, I let out a small laugh and said don't try to change the subject, what's this?

Well it is a safe room for you while your human ok Bella so you have somewhere safe if I am hunting and don't get home quick enough you got someplace to stay safe for me.

Ok Jasper I will use it if I have to, does the family know about this room here.

No they don't and what I have done is installed a device that sucks all the odours and scents from the room every hour and replaces it with fresh air like an air conditioner, Oh ok I understand so if I came in to the room and had to go the safe room what happens about my scent then, well there's a button in there let me show you….

Waiting while Jasper opens the Safe room….

Waiting….. Come on


Finally the door opens and theirs a fridge & freezer, bathroom & toilet, bed and lounge chair, T.V. and stereo unit is what I seen in the open then Jasper calls out to me Bella come see this.

I walk over to Jasper and he shows me a the light switch for the room ok it's a light Jasper so what well guess what happens when you turn on the light, I don't know just tell me I hate surprises, Jasper chuckles and say's when you press the light switch the door shuts straight away and it turn on the cleaning device for not just down here but the whole house so when it cleans house it sets of a lavender smell through the house it's really strong so wait for the scent unit to do a clean before you open the door.

The whole house has infra-red and can tell if vampires are in the house through a camera system so all you do is turn T.V. on and watch there is a phone that reaches my phone an well as soon as the door is opened my phone will start to beep a good awful tone it screams out DANGER, DANGER to me and I will be straight home to protect you.

Then before you open the door press this green button and it will suck out the lavender scented room so you don't choke on the smell.

Thank you for showing me and I love that you want to protect me as well, but I am hungry it's feed the human time now, Jasper chuckles and races me to the kitchen puts me on a bar stool and says what does the love of my life want to eat?

Bella blushes bright red and giggles saying she would like a bacon and cheese omelette with herbs and spices not a problem replies Jasper.

Dinner is served and I am moaning and groaning while I am eating and jasper is arching his brow at me with a smirk on his lips, then he says you know Bella I was just wondering if I could get you to make noises like that Bella gulps down the last of the food and says I'm going to have a shower now Hun when I'm finished I will call out.

Bella walks away swinging her hips in a slight sway that was very much a turn on making me groan, I say just loud enough little tease and she giggles and runs up the stairs.

I start the dishes and sit down to read my English assignment and write what I have at the same time.


Meanwhile in the shower

I walks in to the shower turns it on and wash my hair in strawberry shampoo and conditioner, then I rub strawberry body wash on to myself then I wax my legs. Under my arms and wax my pussy nice a bare once I'm waxed and clean I rub strawberry body lotion all over brush my hair and braid it, thinking to myself I am ready now I just got to get the nerve to call jasper here to pay me some attention, how should I do it? Hmm.

I hear Bella call out to me so I go up stair's to see what she wants and when I walk in to our room she is on our bed naked and waiting for me to walk up to her I groan Bella we should wait my love I don't want you to do something you're not ready for, Ohh but I am ready I want to feel you please if I don't want to go further I will tell you I want this.


To make love to my Bella, WOW just one of my day dreams, but it's here now for the taking.

Bella are sure darlin? Yes Jasper please…..

Jasper pounces on to the bed and scoops Bella in to his arms and kisses hard on the mouth then he gets gentle again and kisses down my jaw to my collar bone going further down his lips latch on to my nipple and his left hand pinches my nipple while I fumble to get his shirt off, Jasper chuckles and asked Bella Do you want me to take of my shirt Bella? Yes and your pants and shoes as well, I chuckle and remove my clothes while Bella is pouting, I kiss Bella and say when you got clothes to take off you can take mine off while I take yours off ok.

Yesss Bella hissed, come on Jasper stop teasing hurry up.

I pounce back onto Bella and she giggles out loud then when I settle on top of her and feel her naked body undermine I let out a moan when my hard cock rubs on Bella's tummy I start to kiss her again on the lips until she pulls away to breath then I move down he jaw to her neck Bella lets out a moan and grabs my hair and pulls me closer to her I move my head to her nipples again and suck and pinch the taking in turns on each nipple suck hard bite gently and the lick Bella gasps out more Jasper more please I need….. Ohh please Jasper I know what Bella needs I move down to kiss her belly then move down further Bella starts to squirm you don't have to do that jasper, Ohh but I do Bella I want to taste you ohhohh ok but… but… jasper she whispers to me, yes Bella can I taste you to I haven't done it before I would like to try please, Ok Bell hang on I lay on my back and tell bell to climb on to me a put her hot wet pussy over my face, Bella blushes so red that when she slowly moved on my face I lick whats in reach awe man she fucking yummy got to get more I pull her on me quicker and slide my tongue in to her and Bella moans a low strangled moan but before I could go any further she asked Jasper what do I do she blushes more pretty red and waits for my answer, Put your hand around the base of my cock, Bella puts her hand there ahh Jasper my hand don't all the way are you sure you will fit, Jasper chuckled yes my Bella I will fit I promise my sweet, ok Jasper what else do I do? Like I said rap you hand as much as you can at the base of my cock and squeeze just a bit, Yes Bella feels so good now open your mouth and wrap your lips around the head of my cock and suck and lick as you would a lolly pop and you can use a bit of teeth.


I got worried I wouldn't do it right so I started slowly I licked the head first and some sticky white stuff came out it tasted salty bitter and cold but I loved it so I licked more as I was moving my hands up and down in slow movements tugging and pulling then I lower my mouth on his cock and start to suck that's when Jasper started to lick my pussy again oh god I moaned while sucking him sending vibrations on to his cock while sucking Jasper growled and it made me squirm on his face, I sucked his cock like there was no tomorrow trying to get the fluid that I decided I crave.


Oh My Fucking God Bella is amazing man her lips are hot on my cock and she taste Devine I slide my tongue into her pussy she is so wet it's running down my face I use a finger and rub her clit and she moans with her lips around my cock is bloody all my Christmas's at once yeah I know sappy huh but man she is that good, while I am rubbing her clit I start to slide my finger into her pussy one at a time to loosen her up I move gently at first then when one finger is enough I add a second finger she's moaning and groaning and I feel like I'm going to blow so I add a third finger and my Bella was bucking and making all these lovely noises.

So I grab Bella and spin her around to me so I can kiss her Bella gasps in shock because she has been moved but relaxes when she's in my arms,

I slide Bella slowly on to my hard a wanting cock she gasps at first then gets impatient and try's to hurry things along and I just hold on to her so she won't hurt herself, Come on Jasper let me do this for now no Bella you can't I will do it first, I flip us over so Bella is on her back and say are you ready my Bella yes Jasper now with a quick push in her virginity is gone Bella gasps out loud and Jasper asks are you ok Bella, yes jasper keep going I move in slowly and out at a slow pace but I think Bella wanted more when her legs wrapped around my waist and pulled me into her when I wasn't paying close attention faster Jasper move now god dame it so I fuck my Bella hard and fast I grind my pelvis into her and she cums screaming my name ohhh it sounded fantastic and she is squeezing me and that's all it takes for me to cum, I rest just above her hoping I'm not crushing her and I say I love you Bella you are my world I won't let go ever again, that's ok with me Jasper.


While lying in the bath tub Bella wanted to ask Jasper a question but she wasn't sure of the answer she was having an internal argument.

Bella what's wrong sweet thang, Can I ask you a question and you promise not to get angry, yes Bella what is it, Could we maybe have a kid or two like go to the doctors for ivf would there be any way to keep it from our family. No Bella you know the Volturi will step in and kill us or the kids for bringing humans into the world I am sorry my love. That's ok just a thought.

Last Day of School Graduation Day

It has been nearly two weeks since we moved in to our house the gossip around the school is I cheated on Edward with Jasper that's why Edward let stupid huh, yep, So I woke up this morning jasper was cooking breakfast and he say's Bella you know how your dad will be a school today? Yes why Jasper well my family will be there too. Ohhh really everyone yeah even fuckwad I'm sorry he wanted to come that's ok just stay with me at all times and never leave me alone with Edward that is a promise I intend to keep. So is the Denali coven coming to because Edward was there so he bought them down didn't he? Yes baby but no one is staying here unless you say, So dad & mum, rose & Emmett, Alice & her mate, that's it though no Edward no Denali's they can only visit here for a couple of hours and they go ok, Thank you jasper.

Let's get ready for school.