The hooded man walked towards the ruins. It was a once beautiful place, by the looks of it. There were bones and remains from the ones who lived here. He didn't know who they were. His clothing was strange, black cloak and an iron mask, revealing two dark slots, that were probably used for the eyes. He had a book in his hand, but burned and torn apart.
"That's not readable. I want to know more of this place. The books are burned and destroyed on the upper floors. Deeper?" The figure told itself and walked towards a staircase that led to an underground valley, giant house in the middle, with a river running around it's back. The figure walked silently towards the ripped open doors and looked at the interior. It was a grand house, with destroyed paintings and portraits on the walls, musical instruments laying broken on the floor. Once beautiful, a red carpet lays decayed on the floor. Something interests the man, as he walks to a table with writing instruments, a jukebox on the left side and a pile of discs on the right. The thing that interested him was the big book in the middle and the portrait on the wall in front of it. It was a tall man with purple coat, with iron mask similar to his, eyes yellow. He was waving and holding a book in his right hand. The figure cleaned the book from the dust. It had a smiling spider on it, wich was strange. He opened to see what was in it. The book said :

Dear... Diary. That's how she said YOU were called. Or were you just a book? I don't know, but of what I've heard, you are a container for memories and a book at the same time. But it seems that none shares their "diaries" with others, wich means it is... Private? Was that the word? I don't know, but of what the spider queen told me before giving it to me is that i am allowed to talk to you... As if you were real. Well, hello. My name is Yoric. I am more than a thousand years old. Probably as old as that... Zilean. Yes, Zilean. He is a time mage, by the way. So, you might want to know where you are now. Well, pretty much in my room, wich has a carpet, a bed and a bookshelf. Also a closet and a guitar. Nothing more, but it's nice and tidy. Also, I asked the summoners for a special table for you. It seems you will be my only... Friend. So, my day has been fine. I fought a few battles, most of them victories, but some looses. It doesn't matter, because I am still the same. We live at the Institute of War, a magical place, protected by spells and guardians of metal, higher than Mordekaiser. I suppose that YOU are going to listen to me, unlike others right? Ok, so the last battle I had was interesting. You sure want to hear it, don't you? My summoner was a great player, I remember him summoning me seven times. His way of leading me is strange, letting me do whatever I want, wich leads to immediate victory. But he saves me with a weak heal or helps me kill my target with the spell they call "Ignite". Of course, he didn't need to do it a lot. He is good, better than most I've met. But let me tell you more. My team was composed by Draven, The Star, as girls call him. He is high, more than six inches, strong and flexible. He was melting the bottom lane. I was alone on the top lane, beating Maokai, the tree, and leading the charge in team fights. Annie, the dark child was on the middle lane, protecting it but not leading and winning it. Our support was the lady of luminosity, Lux. And also, my friend and ally, Hecarim. He was cleansing the "Jungle" as summoners call it. And we won, because it was a strong team composition. So, the interesting part was the one I told you a little ago, that i was left to fight on my own will. Bah, I think I will go eat something now, Bye. Wait, I can take you with me, can't I? It wouldn't hurt.

Here we are, diary. In this moment a few champions are looking at me, wondering why am I typing in. Well, pretty simple, I am letting you know all of my surroundings. The cafeteria is a beautiful place, free food and drinks for our hungry throats. There are big pillars holding the windowed sieling that allowed all of the sunlight or moonlight come and shine upon us. There are a hundred tables, with four to eight seats. Almost a thousand chairs. And the track for food choise. Where do we sit now, Diary? Well, yes. On that table with the Lady of Luminosity and her brother Garen. But what will I eat? Why not some ribs. Yes, ribs would do.

After eating my ribs, Garen and Lux started talking, not planning on leaving. And I decided we stay too, Diary. At least they are friendly. Garen is talking with Lux about someone. I will write it down here...

L: Hey big 'bo, tell me, how are you planning on getting out with Katarina? I mean, we all know you like her. Well, at least Demacians.

G: Off, Lux pull it off. I don't like talking for my personal life with you. And Yoric here...

L: Oh, come on! Can't you see he is writing something? Nothing on the matter 'She giggles here. I feel like one of those...Paparazzi.'

G: Ok, I don't kinda know how to invite her out. I have no experience with girls. Can you help me? 'His face reddens, why may I ask?'

L: Of course big 'bo! Everything for my brother. You know, we girls like flowers, jewels and people being nice to us, not forcing us to talk about some stupid war or things like that. Also, be careful not allowing your smell get to her. Use a Deodorant.

G: Hey, what's wrong with my smell? It's just fine! 'To be honest, I don't smell anything so...'

L: You don't feel it 'cuz it's yours! You have gotten used to it. But we, who are not with you all day kinda dislike it. Deodorant will help. Also, change your clothes at least once! I mean, everyone else changes their clothes once in a while, but you keep the same outfit on, it's kinda boring you know? And it doesn't kinda fit you! You've grown, you know? 'She pokes his nose'

G: What's wrong with my armor now? I like it, that's all I need! End of conversation. 'He swings with his right hand and stands up. Woah.'

Garen left the cafeteria. I was left allone with Lux. She then took serious interest in YOU. Why, may I ask?

After talking with Lux, I left to my room. She was suspitious towards you, so I hid you in my bag. When she asked me how long do I have you, I answered 'far shorter than I would like to' and left. Heh, I think I might type some notes for a pice on the guitar. You might like them. Even meet you with my reverends. But... They might not like you. I will try make a portrait of myself. Hope you like it.

The next page is filled with the figure of a man, tall but with a hump. His appearance was strange, a brown ragged robe with a hood covering his head, leaving only the dim light of his yellow eyes make the sign he wasn't a statue at some points. He had a lantern attached to his back and a bag hanging from his right shoulder, going all the way under his left wrist. His hands were wrapped in bandages, ligh yellow, once white maybe. His feet were in old sandals. And his flesh was... Undead. His hand was waving, while the other held a silver spade. That was pretty much to the crude drawing.

That's me, Diary. I might picture my ghouls or Omens, but they are a lot. Four or more. By now, a lot champions would go to sleep. Not me. I, no, We are going to the cafeteria and wach at the nigh sky. Probably get something to eat. I am writing while walking, letting my omen of war lead the way. He is always so kind, a real friend, but doesn't listen to me and can't understand me. Heh. Nevermind. The doorway in the Institute's living quarters is great, leaving a lot of space for big people and giant creatures, even drunken groups of friends. No, I don't feel drinking in the pub today. Maybe tomorrow. Upon reaching the door, I stop, allowing my Omen open it for us, my Diary. I am in the center of the way, looking at Diana, who is staring at the moon, kneeling. She didn't notes us, so let's sneak to the track for food. I will describe her. She has long silver hair, marking on her forehead and her suit is a strongly enchanted armor. Her weapon is nowhere to be found. After getting my food, I eat silently, not wanting to disturb her. Why don't I draw her? Why not.

Another drawing. This time it is a woman, kneeling and looking up, her cheeks covered by silvery light. Her hair dropping free on her back, while the marking on her forehead looks like glowing. The armor is made only to be in the picture, the artist focusing on the face. Her eyes were closed, her mouth limp in a slight grin. She was part beautiful, if we remove the scars and manly look, but it was easily noticable that she is a woman. Her hands lay on her knees. The drawing is pretty rude, but has some talent.

So, do you think she is pretty? I think she noticed us, but she didn't show it. Diana is strange, because she looks like she is... Hmm, talking to the moon? Maybe. It is a way of communicating with the one you represent, isn't it? Well, at least she doesn't speak it out loud, it would be strange. She is... Talking with the moon in a telepathic way. Interesting. Why, may I ask? We will be leaving, it is late.