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"Yorick." The man opened his yellow eyes. He wasn't sleeping, for the undead can't fall to sleep, more like meditating. Someone was knocking on the black door that led to his room. The gravedigger stood up, sihting, and opened the door to reveal Karthus, The deathsinger. He was also a lich. Karthus was wearing his origional outfit, the red robe with long sleeves. It also had dark lines going through it. The skull that served for a face looked... Concerned. But that feeling disapeared when Yorick opened the door. The deathsinger smiled and offered a hand. The gravedigger shook it with a slim smile.

"Ah, Yorick, how long has it been since I've seen you? One month? And how are you, my trusty friend?" The lich started, asking and telling. Yorick invited him with a wave of his hand and walked in his room, wich was in an awful condition. His beautiful guitar lew broken from yesterday, his closet was open and was full of scraps, at the end but not final, his bed was head down. Karthus didn't seem to notice, but it sure had some effect. Yorick sat on the edje of the bed, offering his friend to sit, but the lich shook his head.

"What is it, Yorick? You are not the same anymore. You have changed, That Oppera made you differend. I doubt you can even play the simplest note from the PENTAKILL intro, can you now? " Karthus said, his face emotionless as allways. Yorick didn't care right now, because he was still infected by that... Mozart. Karthus noticed this and sihted.

"Seems as if you are DEAD to the band and our music. " He proclaimed, shaking his head. Yorick bursts in laugher as he hears the sentence. He thought that if he was alive, tears will fill his eyes.

"Death is only the begining!" He said, still chukling. Karthus looked at his old companion and shook his head. The lich turned and walked out of the room.

"You shouldn't have gone to the Oppera." Was the last thing Karthus said. The door was left open, that until the gravedigger closed it. He sihted and thought. His thoughts were strange, riddled. He decided to write in his diary, for half an hour. After the time being, Moori opened the door and walked, towards Sona's room. He wanted to know more of Mozart and his music. The Maven's door was just the same as he remembered. Yorick knocked on the wood, lightly, then stepped backwards. Moori heard sheets moving, then the sound stopped. The door opened to reveal Sona in her sky - blue dress. Her golden eyes looked at him with concern. He waived and smiled. She returned the smile with a warm smile of her own, inviting him in. Yorick nodded and walked in her big, purply - golden room. A queen sized bed lew in the right edje of the room, her etwahi next to it and a huge closet infront of the wall. There was a painting of her smiling next to an adult woman who also was smiling, two books and a scroll. Moori pulled a chair and sat in front of the bed, where Sona comforted herself. She took the scroll and nodded to Yorick. He looked at the rool of paper and rode what it said. 'Hello Yorick. What is it?' The scroll said. The letters disapeared after he was able to read them. Moori shook his haid and sihted.

"Sona, I need to know more for Mozart, listen to his music... Feel the magic!" Yorick told the Maven. She was concerned from what he just said. Sona was worried for her friend. Yes, she knew of the power that Mozart possesed, even after death it was so strong. She had to be carefull for whom she shares the disks she earned from her loved one. Yet Yorick was her friend, she knew that it wasn't a mistake to trust him. Sona looked at him and was surprised to see that he was praying.

"Please!" He asked, looking at the beautiful Sona. The Maven sihted and showed him the scroll. 'Ok, Yorcik, I will give you the discs. But please be carefull, for they hold a great deal of magic.' That said the scroll, the letters disapearing again after he was able to read them. He nodded hapily and smiled, because he was so happy of the fact that he would be able to listen to Mozart's music. The Maven left her bed and walked to the closet, wich she opened and revealed twenty or more dresses. Under them rested a box. She took it and walked next to Yorick. Sona handed him the box and smiled. The gravedigger opened it and saw a colection of discs. Mozart's music.

"Thank you, Sona. May you always be happy." He told her and walked out of the room. Just then he sprinted to his own and placed the box on his bed.

"Now, let's..." He realized. Yorick needed a juke box to listen to the music. He silently cursed and walked out of his room.