Chapter one:

I do not own any of the characters from TVD. I am only taking them out to play a little and adding my own character. This is all AU. A story all on its own, just some of the same faces. Please read and review, but most of all, please enjoy this story! It starts out when Damon and Klaus take Jeremy and Matt to the Gilbert cabin to start his training as one of the five.

"I thought I had done well leaving our young hunter's training to you," Klaus sneered, "but clearly I was wrong."

Damon merely smirked at this, he could not bring himself to willingly turn a town full of innocents, just so baby Gilbert could kill them all. Damon was still processing his feelings for Elena. He was trying to be a better vampire, a better man because of her. She saw the good in him when no one else could.

"I am sorry for interrupting gentlemen, but actually that's my job!" Damon and Klaus were stunned. This girl had just appeared before their very eyes, with no sound or warning. She was tall and lean. Smooth alabaster skin, with long platinum hair that curled softly falling to her well defined waist. Her eyes were a honey golden brown. Her lips were plump and pouty and she smiled at their evident surprise. She wore gunmetal grey skinny jeans, tucked into black knee high boots and a dark blue halter neck ruffled top under a well fitted black leather jacket. The hybrid was furious, who was this stranger!

Damon was shocked, but he managed to hide it well. What had him intruiged, was this girl's scent. She smelled different, like sunlight. She didn't smell like any human that he knew. He was patient, he'd let Klaus deal with this, since he claimed to be in charge of this vacation.

"Are you lost perhaps, love?" Klaus said softly and dangerously, he was not in a good mood.

"Love? I like that," she said, one hand on her waist as she tested the word on her lips, "Love. With a smooth british accent, nice! I think I'm going to use that phrase and test it out."

Klaus blurred at vampire speed to stand in front of her. "Who are you and what do you want?" he's eyes hypnotizing.

She shook her head at him and wagged her finger, "No, silly hybrid! Do not try your little tricks on me! I cannot be compelled!" she said firmly.

Klaus stood back a little, scrutinizing her, "Can't be compelled," he sighed, clearly annoyed, he clenched his jaw. "Okay love, let's try the old fashioned way then. Who are you, or better what are you and what do you want?"

She smiled, "That's easy, I am here for Jeremy Gilbert. He is my hunter and he belongs with me."