Chapter 1 : When It All Began

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Kohona,Hokage's Office,mid afternoon

"Sarutobi-sama,Jiraya-sensei,Orichimaru-sani have called you three here today to inform you all that you are all going to be Naurto's foster family."
The man known as the Yellow Flash of Konoha,or otherwise know as the Yondaime Hokage said.

"What?! Naruto is born already?! Why did'nt you tell us?!" exclaimed the three renowned shinobi, who despite their reputation, was grabbing Minato Namikaze and getting ready to punch him for all he was worth. Minato shrank back into the Hokage's seat like a small kid caught with his hand in a candy jar.

"He is not due for at least another day! For Kami's sake! I was just informing you guys, no need to act so rash!" Shouted the current hokage.

"Ohh, then why did'nt you say so erlier then?" replied the snake sannin. Causing Minato to sweatdrop at the sannin's unusal antics.

"I was trying to do so,you baka..." sighed Minato.

The three shinobi in the room,excluding Minato,loked at the current head ofmthe village hidden in the leaves in suprise,they looked at each other,then nooded,
and pushed Jiraiya forward.

"Hey,why look so glum? You are gonna be a father in a few day's time,so you should cheer up! hahas" Laughed Jiraiya as he lightly clapped his apprentice on the back.

"It's nothing much actually,its my first time being a father,i'm not sure what i shold do if Naruto was to start crying,etc. you know pretty much what i mean,u wrote the Make Out Tatics after all,including one which was based on me and Kushina's love life" Replied Minato,without much enthuism in his voice. When Minato said 'make out tactics' it caused Jiraiya to grin widely,but his grin wavered for a moment after hearing the part about him writing based on Minato's love life.

"Sorry about that,but i just could not help myself,i am a suoer pevert after all" said jiraiya,suddenly in his 'indroduction' pose,this causing Orichimaru,
Sarutobi and even Minato to sweatdrop at his antics.

"Anyway,back to the business at hand,i would need jiraiya to go and mantain his spy network outside of Konoha's walls,this being so,as i would not want the world to know of me havinga child yet,at least until he reaches the stage where he can protect himself from enemies" stated the fourth hokage.

"then,what about us? why did you call us here,believing in speaking for the both of us" asked Sarutobi,looking in Orichimaru's direction,seeing the snake sannin give a curt nod,aknowledginghis question about the both of them.

"i would need you guys to help defend the village in the case should the kyuubi break free from kushina,it would no doubt be going on a rampage if it did break free,
agree?" seeing the three shinobiin the room pale at the complications of the kyuubi breaking free.

"well,ok,then,what of our duties as naruto-kun's foster family then?" asked orichimaru,voicing the thoughts of both jiraiya and sarutobi.

"sarutobi-sama would be naurto's foster grandfather,seeing as both me and kushina no longer has any parents,and that naurto would need a grandfather figure to look up to.

isit alright with u,sandaime-sama?" seeing sarutobi nod his head in agreement,minato continued: "tsunade-hime will be naruto's godmother,if kushina is not able to take care of naruto,jiraiya sensei,you would be naruto's godfather,in the case that i am notaround to take care of little naruto. And orichimaru-san,you will be naruto"S goduncle,in the case if both me and jiraiya-sensei are not around to be able to take care of naruto,is it alright with you guys?" asked minato seeing the two of them nod their heads in reply,he then said: "well then,you are all dismissed." all three nooded and sunshined out of the office,leaving minato to deal with the paperwork that all kages regularly fought against. Sighing outloud,minato namikaze started on the stack of newly arrived paperwork.

Konoha,night of kyuubi's attack

"no! fuck it,we are too late sarutobi sensei,minato was right,the kyuubi had indeed escaped from the damm seal!" orichimaru gave a cry if grief when he and sarutobi arrived at the place where the sealing had taken place. Both minato and kushina were slowly dying,minato from having his charka slowly drained by the shinigami he summoned for the sealng process,and kushina slowly dying from bloodloss.

"no,orichimaru,the kyuubi had not escaped from the seal,but a man wearing a spiral mask with a sharianganin it appeared,and forcefully pulled out the kyuubi from the seal,and placed a genjutsu on it to attack and destroyed the hidden leaf,but minato-koi managed to drive ff the man." kushina spoke between gasps of breath.

"orichimaru,the man told me something before he left,he said that he was the leader of a group of S class missing ninjas." orichimaru let out a gasp when he heard the word 'akatsuki' minato continued: "he also told me to be prepared to face him at a later time,when he comes back even stronger,as he claims that he had not fully mastered his shariangan,however,it seems that i will not live to see that day." minato became quiet at this,as he was thinking about his son.

"akatsuki...minato,this is big news,akatsuki had offered me a position among them,if i was to leave kohona,i told them i would consider the offer,however,i did not think of deserting the viallge at all. from what i have heard,the akatsuki are gathering the tailed beast to do something on a large i go and gather intelligence on them for naruto-kun's sake? i just realised i love him as much as you do,seeing as i am his god-uncle after all..." orichimaru replied with a small smirk,but the smirk was a little forced.

"alright,orichimaru,you and sarutobi go and work out a plan,after this incident,now is the most important part i got to tell you,both me and kushina allow you to perform experiments on him,but only good changes,that will not cause him much pain,as i believe he will need the kyuubi's power,and all the help he will need to defeat the masked man who released the kyuubi from the seal." minato said,his statement shocking both sarutobi and orichimaru to the core. Kushina on her part,as she was going to die within a minute,just gave a samll nod,and with that,Kushina Uzumaki,the red death of kohona,passed away with a smile gracing her baeutiful features,or what most thought,as Kushina had just merely entered a coma,due to the trauma and bloodloss.

"dammit kushina! why did you die before i did?! why?!" Minato wailed out with grief in his voice.

after over a minute had passed,minato finally calmed down,he said to orichhimaru: "orichi,did you get a team or anysort when u were offered a position in the akatsuki?"

Orichimaru replied: "yes,indeed,i was not offered a team in akatsuki,i was going to be paired with Akasuna no Sasori,Sasori is not a bad guy,hahas." orichimaru gave a small smile at that.

"Akasuna no Sasori ehh?" mused minato. "Well,could you get him to teach Naruto the skills of puppetery,and human puppets? i hereby,on my position as the yondaime hokage of konohagakure,willingly give up my body,and kushina uzumaki's body to be used as human puppets for naruto to use,hopefully our bodies will help naruto in defeating the masked man." and with that,minato namikaze died from chakra drainage,but before his life was completely snuffed out,the shinigami he summoned,promptly cut his life line,
swallowed his soul.

Konoha,2 days later,hokage's office

orichimaru and the newly reinstated sandaime hokage,hiruzen sarutobi,had just finished discussing their plans on hiw orichimaru was to defect konohagakure,in order to join Akatsuki in order to gain knowledge of their plans for the tailed beasts.

"so,u completely know how to follow thorugh on the plan right?" asked Hiruzen.

"yeah,so i am really gonna become a mad scientist in search of immortality,to help naruto-kun ehh?" replied orichimaru.

"yeah,thats it." replied hiruzen.

"ok,i have started the process already,i will come back in a few years time to start implantig the akatsuki cells into naruto-kun's body,so you will act as per normal,and regard me as a traitor to kohona,and want to kill me at all costs,ok?" said orichimaru.

"ok,i get it already,now go and do ur whatever mad scientist things you gotta do." hiruzen dismissed orichimaru with a wave of his hand.

'I hope orichimaru does not lose his love for naruto...' thought hiruzen.

Konoha,orichimaru's lab

'I hope naruto-kun is able to use the cursed seal of the heaven without drawbacks,as this is the only thing that allows me to track him,and is not able to be removed.' Orichimaru thought aloud.

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