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This time Naruto made sure that his head was the only thing sticking out of the wall, so that he could leave before another such accident happened.

He was in a dark room, an empty bed, three solid walls and the last one bars. A shudder went down his back, memories from Orochimaru's lab crawling back into his mind, before he suppressed them. This was a cell, but who was the prisoner?

He spotted her a second later, leaned against a wall. She was wearing a gray shirt, gray pants, and no shoes. Her long white hair was filthy, it seemed that she hadn't washed in a while. She was very thin, almost skeletal, and his eye told her that she was not doing well. In fact, it seemed like she was preparing to knock on death's door.

Without thinking, Naruto slipped out of the wall, and was next to her in an instant. Her left arm had scars, going in horizontal lines, as if she had tried to slit her wrist multiple times.

He gently shook her. "Hey, are you okay? What's wrong?"

The woman didn't answer, her eyes glued to the wall. Naruto followed her eyes, and his own widened.

On the wall was a picture, painted in what had to be blood. The woman had apparently used her own blood as paint, and drew a picture of a face with nothing but her fingers.

It was crude, but one could clearly identify of a face with sharp teeth, a hitaite of Kiri under a kinda onion hairstyle that reminded him of Ao's hairstyle, and three curved lines under each of the small, perfectly circular eyes.

"Kisame." The woman muttered, her voice raspy.

Naruto blinked, wondering what feelings would motivate one to pour one's life into a picture. Was it hatred or love that kept her going? His thoughts were interrupted by someone rattling on the bars. Naruto hid in the shadows, but the man hadn't even noticed him. He was focused on the girl, and as Naruto could smell even from where he was, dead drunk.

"Eh 'ou bitch!" The drunk slurred out. "Nobody there to shave 'ou thish time. Now 'ou're hickup my whore."

He unlocked the door, stumbled in, and closed it again, his free hand fumbling his belt.

Naruto's mind was going a mile a minute. The woman was in no condition to defend herself, she was weakened, starved, underweight, and barely conscious. In her condition, there was a chance she wouldn't survive the ordeal this bastard wanted to put on her. The woman needed help, and the scum, who's face in Naruto's mind overlapped with that of Orochimaru, needed to die. Before he could decide on an approach, his left arm had shot up, his index finger extended and pointing at the sleazy guard.

"Ey, who te 'ell are...?" Was as far as he got, before Naruto's finger, suddenly brown, shot forward like a spear, piercing the man's heart. His right index finger had pierced the woman, but not only did she not seem in pain, but Naruto felt something pump into her.

"A little something I came up with. Now we'll see if it works, and she's compatible with your flesh." Kyuubi commented, though Naruto didn't understand what she was referring to.

The man twitched a few more times, before he slumped together. Then it happened. He seemed to thin down, as if he was a leaking balloon. At the same time, Naruto could feel his body was breaking something down, making it into its own, before leaving him to pour into the woman, who had turned completely brownish gray, her body rippling.

By the time Naruto stopped, the warden was little more than a dried up husk that actually crumbled to dust when Naruto gave it a kick.

The woman was still rippling, but a few minutes after Naruto removed his finger from her, that too stopped, and the woman regained her normal color. Only now, she didn't look like a living corpse. Her skin had a healthy color, though the scars were still there, and she had gained weight, her body now curvy and seemingly at peak condition.

The woman hadn't noticed anything, and still looked at the drawing. "Kisame..." She muttered again.

Naruto gently patted her. "What's your name?"

The woman didn't look at him, but his question had reached through the haze of her mind, together with the gentleness of his actions, loosening her tongue for the first time in years. There was just an instinctual trust to the voice. "Yume. Yume Mugetsu."

Naruto nodded to himself. That was something. "Why are you here?"

Yume blinked. "The war. Ambush. Kisame...information. Has to stay secret."

So the woman was a POW. Good to know. But from what war?

He picked up the clothes of the warden, looking for ID. When he found it, he rushed to the bars, and stared out. There it was. A spiral in a leaf. This was a Konoha-prison! He would need to have some words with jiji.

He gently stroked Yume's hair. "I'll be back. Watch out for yourself, and don't let anyone take advantage of you."

Yume nodded, and Naruto knew that right now, there was nothing else he could do.


Sarutobi sighed. He had spent the entire afternoon arguing with Kushina, then after finally giving in, he had to set the gears in motion to ensure that her request was official, so nobody could later give him shit about it. But thanks to Naruto, he now had plenty of free time. It was not as much as it should be, as he now had to start the process against the cheaters, and find replacements, but his burden had dropped significantly.

Right now, Kushina was sitting in front of him, full of expectation.

At least this once, he could give her good news, and not disappoint her. "Well, your request went through, and I can already say that it's granted."

Kushina smiled happily. "Thank you Hokage-sama."

Sarutobi nodded. "Well, if that's all, then..."

Suddenly Naruto stepped out of the wall. "Jiji, we need to talk."

Sarutobi blinked. "Certainly, about what?"

Naruto's expression was neutral. "I'd like to know what crime a certain prisoner is accused of."

Sarutobi blinked, this was not what he had expected. "Sure, which one?"

"A woman, long white hair, hails from Kiri. Keeps muttering the name Kisame."

Sarutobi sighed. "I know who you're talking about. The woman was brought here by Ibiki himself. He had cornered a squad holding some of Kiri's most valuable secrets, from their codes over military operations. However, the guard that was sent along, Kisame Hoshigaki, killed them all, as he feared that they would not be able to withstand Ibiki's torture. Kisame put up a good fight, and since he was alone, actually managed to escape. The woman was barely alive, and only coincidence allowed her to live, as Tsunade just happened to be close by. She was then taken to Hi no Kuni, and Ibiki pulled every trick in the book to gain information. But she closed up, and even under torture did not even give away her name. She even managed to block Inoichi, though that jutsu also shrouded her in what Inoichi describes as mental darkness. She's barely aware of her surroundings, and her knowledge is even beyond her grasp. Not that it matters, by now all information she had is outdated and useless. The most complex thing she does is paint Kisame's face on a wall of her cell. It was cleaned multiple times, but when the guards realized that she wouldn't stop, they just let her. We would have returned her to Kiri long ago, however with the country still embroiled in war, there's just nobody to contact."

Naruto nodded. "I see. Would it be possible to move her somewhere else? Just a few minutes ago, I... prevented a rape. The culprit won't be seen ever again."

Kushina frowned. As a woman, rapists were something she hated more than anything else. Also, Naruto was finally making some human contact outside of her, which she was trying to encourage. "Hokage sama, I wish to take the woman under my protection until she can be returned to her country."

Sarutobi frowned. Handing over prisoners like that was against protocol, but under the given circumstances, perhaps not the worst choice. Also, he'd order a thorough investigation of the prison workers, and while he was at it, all other institutions. After all, if corruption had spread both within the prison and the Hokage tower, then it could have reached other places as well, and eventually endanger the entire tree that was Konoha. "I'll see what can be done." He promised.

Naruto nodded, and left the tower with Kushina.

"So Naruto," Kushina asked "did you meet anyone interesting?"

Naruto thought of Yugito, Samui and Karui, and a slight blush reddened his cheeks. "Yes. And mom?"

"Yes Naruto?" Kushina answered, her mother instincts telling her that something she could tease her son with would follow.

"I was more or less forced into promising another meeting with this girl. Do you mind if I go?"

Kushina wiped away an imaginary tear. "My little sochi, already going on dates. He's such a little heartbreaker already."

The reaction was immediate. "Mom! I was serious."

Kushina laughed. "I know. When we're home, you'll have to tell me everything."

Knowing this was a battle he couldn't win, Naruto gave into his fate. "Yes mom."


As for Kyuubi's actions, it's not kindness or a wish to help, it's raw curiosity that drives it. She didn't help Naruto to be nice, she just wanted to see if what she came up with worked it was also due to Juugo's DNA, which also helped with the process. That it helped a human was just a good side effect.

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