One day in Central Park Zoo, Kowalski was working on his latest experiment, the cure-a-tron 6000. "Eureka!" Kowalski shouted from his lab.

"Kowalski, what's all the racket?" Skipper asked

"I introduce, the Cure-a-tron 6000!" Kowalski introduced.

"What does it do exactly?" Skipper asked

"It cures dieases" I replied. Kowalski tested it out and blasted it at Skipper. From his look, he did not feel well from the result. "Skipper, are you okay?" I asked

"Yes Sara, I'm fine?" Skipper replied with attitude.

"How do you feel?" Kowalski asked

"I don't know. I feel dizzy, and my vision is blurry" He replied. From I could tell, he was gonna pass out.

That night, Skipper was sleeping very funny; he was turning left and right, he kept mumbling, and grumbling, and sometimes he would wake up constantly. The next morning Rico, Private, Kowalski and I noticed Skipper was gone. "Um Wheres Skipper?" Private asked

"I have no idea. He was sleeping last night" Kowalski replied. All of a sudden there was a black out. "Ughhhh" Something Mumbled.

"What was that?" Private asked

"Rico, Flashlight!" I ordered. He hurled out a flashlight. It was only Skipper;only this time, he looked different. He was greenish black, he was limping, and he talked just like Rico. "Skipper?" I asked. He mumbled in response. "Thats, not the normal Skipper" Kowalski realized

"ZOMBIE?!"Private asked

"Uh, Yup" Rico replied. We all ran and screamed into the mornimg and the rest of the zoo animals were zombies. "Um Kowalski, how many people did you test on?" I asked

"The Population of New York" Kowalski replied

"Oh ok...YOU WHAT?!" We all screamed

"I had no choice" Kowalski told me. The Zombies spotted us and started to limp slowly toward us. We ran into the city and hid in a nearby alley. "Ok, stay here until dark rises and we'll go from there" I said. everyone agreed.

At night, we got up and now we had to face with humans. They looked even weirder than Skipper, tattered clothes, falling body parts. Ugh It was gross. They spotted us and we ran and hid they same process came to us. Private fell and Rico tried to save him and they both fell to zombieism. Kowalski and I ran until we reached a dead-end. The Zombies followed us and limped toward us. Kowalski and I were hugging each other. "If we die. I just wanna say, this was your fault!" I told Kowalski.

"That's a nice way to say goodbye" Kowalski replied and we both put our heads down just not to look. Just when we were gonna turned into Zombies, we fell into a trap door that we were sitting on. We fell into a large room with our foes. " , Clemson, Hans?" I asked

"Savio, Red Squirrel?" Kowalski asked.

"But, Why?" I asked

"Because, well, we were genorous enough" Dr.B replied. It was weird at first, then I could see why they saved us. It was because if we turned into Zombies, they would have no one to fight at all. At least, thats what I think.