Sarah took another swig from the bottle of Glenfiddich she was keeping by her side. The empty dorm hallway was quiet, the only noise was that of the lone girl slumped against a wall drinking her headache away. She tilted her head causing her neck to crack satisfyingly. she heard the faint click of footsteps approaching. The hallway was dark but Sarah could hear it was someone approaching her. Her blurred vision could finally make out the shape of a woman with long blond hair. When she came closer Alex could see her prim and tidy appearance, over-manicured eyebrows frowned at Sarah in distaste. "Sariel Tannin I presume." The woman spoke through her sneering mouth. Sarah nodded drunkenly and took another swig from her bottle before replying.

"My reputation precedes me I see." She used the wall as her crutch to stand, rather ungracefully. Then she held out her hand to the blond. "And call me Sarah, please." The woman stood looking at Sarah's hand as though it offended her. Sarah wriggled her fingers a little to try and make them seem more enticing, but withdrew her hand when the now silent woman still refused. Sarah cleared her throat. "Ahem. So what can I do for you? I know I'm not supposed to drink in the hallway but my roommate is currently in the throws of passion, which is rather awkward so-" Sarah paused as the woman was still mute and staring. Quicker than any human could the woman grabbed a hold of her shoulder tightly enough to bruise and when she blinked her eyes turned pitch black. Sarah cursed inwardly "what do you want with me demon?" The demon's sneer turned up into a cruel smile.

"The King of Hell would like a word with you."

With that, a great loud rushing noise came from outside. The weather had turned immediately from tranquil to a chaotic storm, thunder crashed, lightning stabbed at the ground and the wind battered the walls of the university. The hall where Sarah was trying to release herself from the grip of the demon woman began to glow bright orange as though they were in the centre of a great flame.

By the time Sarah's sight turned from burning lights back to normal she had been transported from Oxford to a derelict and dilapidated warehouse. Still squinting Sarah began to make out the octagonal table she was sat at, it was underlit and glowing blue through the frosted glass. There were other people looking just as frightened as she was, along with an equal amount of guards. Focusing Sarah could see the guards were in fact demons. Sarah's own demon guard walked away from behind her and joined the one spoke acknowledging her presence so she assumed the other terrified people were in the same predicament. The room was silent except for the muted torturous screams coming from a distant room.

Sarah noticed she still had her bottle of Glenfiddich with her but she put the stopper in. For what seemed an age no one moved. Sarah, who was to say the least feeling a bit tipsy, felt the need to walk around. So she did so. She could literally smell the fear coming from the people around the table, so Sarah tried to liven the situation. "Ahem, so how about them Yankees?" A few of the people around her shifted uncomfortably and a demon in the corner sniggered. But her speaking seemed to open up conversation between the rest of the company.

"What's happening here." One burly man with swept back blond hair asked, his accent thickly Swedish. An Indian looking woman interjected.

"I was at home cooking when the sound of an awful storm came and this blinding light flashed before my eyes." The others nodded in agreement and murmured how the smash ad happened to them. Sarah stopped and leant on the table listening.

"It was Aliens did this I'm sure of it." The statement came from overweight balding man wearing a security uniform and a name tag saying 'hi my name is Larry' with a nauseating smiley face stamped on it. The middle aged woman opposite him nodded in agreement.

"It must be, I mean, I know it sounds crazy but you hear of these things happening." Sarah had heard enough, despite the direness of her situation the idiocy of these people was just too tragic to bear, so she took herself to a dark corner and sat down with her scotch bottle.

After a long while Sarah felt as though she were bordering on sobriety and stood closer to the group (although to too close, she lent on a pillar nearby,) as they had fallen silent again and the distant screaming had stopped, meaning the poor should being tortured had died, or been left alone for the moment. The doors of the warehouse creaked open and a rather well dressed man emerged from them. Sarah deduced both from his confident manner and the aversion of the guards' eyes if he looked directly at them, that he was most definitely in charge. A little boy Sarah had not noticed before quickly scooted out of the man's way as he approached the group. He was handsome, Sarah thought. His completely black suit and coat matched his equally dark features especially his eyes.

"I hope the ruckus down the hall wasn't too off putting." He said in a gravelly voice,he was well spoken and very English in accent. He placed an ancient looking tablet upon the luminous table which caught Sarah's curiosity. But she remained where she was, he hasn't noticed her yet.

Crowley surveyed the group before him and had to admit to himself; they seemed a sorry lot indeed, but he was never one to make quick assumptions in his career. He continued to address the crowd before him. "The construction standards aren't what they were during the inquisition." He smiled to himself at his witty quip but looked upon a sea of blank faced humans shifting uncomfortably. "I see, no niceties, alright then. I suppose you're all wondering why I convened this motley group." He spoke a little more, most of the conversation going over the sorry groups heads, but Crowley noticed one young girl in her twenties listening intently, the corner of her mouth even twitching at his witticisms. She at least seemed to be intelligent. "Well then." He clapped his hands together and a delicious array of food appeared on the table. "We will get down to business after breakfast." He pulled up a seat and began to help himself. The others who had eyed the food suspiciously now did the same as he wouldn't have eaten it if it was poisoned. Sarah was incredibly hungry seeing as she had only had scotch for dinner the previous night, so she took the only seat that was available. The one next to Crowley. Everyone ate in silence. Crowley couldn't help but notice the girl next to him. Her hair was oaken brown and wavy, and her features similarly dark. She wore a collared shirt and blazer with jeans and converse trainers. she looked like an atypical student, but something was different that he couldn't quite put a finger on. He noticed she looked longingly at the syrup for the pancakes but they were far too out of her reach, Crowley snapped his fingers and the bottle appeared before her. To his surprise she barely flinched, whereas the others could not have been more shocked. He looked at her until she met his gaze.

"Thank you." She wriggled the syrup. And then said quietly so only he could hear. "Your Kingliness." Crowley then laughed deeply. 'this one is going to be interesting' he mused to himself