Welcome to my first fanfic. I hope you like it. My brother is helping me with it and my friend is beta reading it. Well read on.

"Hello Finn and Jake, I'm glad you can come. I have to ask you a favor." Said Princess Bubblegum. "I'm glad I could make it. What do you want?" questioned Finn.

"Well I wanted to tell you about the visitors coming to the Land of Ooo. They are from the Land of Aaa." said PB.

"But Princess I thought it was just a land the Ice King made up." exclaimed Jake.

Then PB said "no, the Ice King was the only one who could go to Aaa because of the magical items he has." "Ok, then when are we meeting them?" asked Finn.

"We are meeting them tonight, on the beach," exclaimed PB, "Can you guys make it?" "Yes Princess, we will be there," said Finn

"See you tonight guys," said PB.

*In a different dimension called 2nd Earth*

"Ryder you are the only kid who can learn all the ways of magic, but you don't use them, Why?" asked Ryder's mom.

Ryder: wears a white t-shirt, a superman jacket, Black Converse, dark jeans, leukemia awareness wristband, and a "Live Strong" wristband because his father died of leukemia cancer. "Because mom I like using healing and summoning magic," said Ryder.

"But Ryder…" his mom said before she was cut off by a portal spawning in the middle of the room and sucked Ryder in*In the dimension of Earth*

"Jimmy I can't believe you'll be 14 next week!" exclaimed Alex, Jimmy's best friend.

Jimmy: has a black and grey striped jacket, wears a white t-shirt, Nike high tops, and carries a magnum and a Swiss army knife, "I know I can't wait to get my job permit," said Jimmy. A portal appears in front of Jimmy and Alex, but suddenly Jimmy gets sucked in.

End of chapter 1. So, how did you like it. The second chapter is coming really soon.