"… Feli… Please pull me out…" a young boy begged from behind a mirror. The boy, named Luciano, was stuck in a non-existent world, unable to touch or feel. Tears streaked down his cheeks, his purple eyes focusing on the boy opposite him. His only hope of getting to the other side was if his counterpart Feliciano pulled him over into the real world. But Feliciano, a boy of equal age and looks, was hesitant.


Luciano had tricked him once before and that had ended horribly.

One of Feliciano's friends had gone to sleep forever because of Luciano. Feliciano knew he couldn't trust him. However… He couldn't hate him. Luciano had always been there for him. He looked after him, protected him from bullies... He had even helped him smile in bleak moments and kept boredom far, far away.

Luciano was like a guardian angel and a brother, all rolled up into one.

And according to Luciano, because Feliciano was growing up, the connection between the two would soon be lost forever. They would never see or hear or talk to each other ever again.

The thought of not having Luciano around was unbearable.



He was also mean. And cruel. And dangerous. Feliciano's grandpa had warned him never to go near anything or anyone dangerous. But that was exactly what Luciano was! He hurt people and didn't care for anyone at all! Sometimes, Feliciano wondered if Luciano even cared about him.

The boy sniffled.

The only way to save Luciano, to not lose him, was to bring him into the real world… But… Feliciano wasn't sure if that was a good idea.

Who would he be putting in harms way if he saved him?

He clutched his fists, trying to stop them shaking.

"I-I'm sorry Luciano… B-but letting you in here… It… I can't! You're dangerous! You hurt people! I-I don't want to not see you ever again, but… But I don't want anyone to get hurt because you're here! I-I'm really sorry Luciano…"

"W-wait! Feli! Come back! No! Don't go! Please don't leave me here! Please don't! Feliciano! Feliciano, please come back! Feliciano!"

"… I-I'm s-sorry… I… I really am…"

Feliciano left the mirror untouched.